In his suitcase, inside the Azkaban.

Jerry instructed a machine in front of him,

“Record, the 285th experiment using dragon’s blood as the main material, wormwood, dew of a sap, Modified Extremis serum, and Modified Super Soldier serum.”

“Yes, the data has been recorded.”

A series of records quickly appeared on the machine’s screen, then grouped into a folder and kept together.

Jerry nodded when he heard the words, “Start experimenting with the new recipe.”

The machine immediately stretched out the manipulators that were modeled after the human arm. According to the requirements in the formula, they skillfully processed the materials one by one and put them into a container similar to a cauldron one after another.

Half an hour later, Jerry stepped forward and began to chant the spell on the liquid in the container. The strange liquid in the container turned into amber, and the machine operated the container put it into a crystal bottle, sealed it, and handed it to Jerry.

This machine is the one that S.H.I.E.L.D. gave him ten months ago. It is currently Earth’s most comprehensive and technologically advanced biological research machine.

However, in order to conduct the experiment more effectively, he used alchemy to make a large-scale magic modification on it so that it could more effectively assist him in the experiment.

In the past ten months, Jerry completely disappeared from the public eye and began to conduct his research. He refused even when Fury and Coulson asked for help a few times.

He soon learned all the knowledge in the university and also obtained several information from Dr. Banner, Dr. Hansen, and Jemma. In terms of knowledge and ability, he is no different from some famous biology professors on Earth.

With the research materials obtained from S.H.I.E.L.D., his biological knowledge reserve is actually far more than typical biology professors.

However, after a series of experiments, he found that if he just wanted to create something that could strengthen the wizards’ blood, it was almost impossible to achieve it if he just used Earth’s technology. Therefore, he combined his potion-making knowledge with it.

Finally, after repeated experimental comparison and verification, data analysis, etc., he finally successfully developed a wizard’s blood enhancer.

It’s just that the wizard’s blood enhancer always had some drawbacks when using human subjects for experiments, such as the sudden growth of a tail, ear, etc.

After his continuous experiment, continuous addition of various herbs, and more in-depth analysis, observation, etc., all those bad side effects were finally removed. The one he is holding now is the No. 1 blood enhancer that he feels is the most perfect one.

However, it is still necessary to carry out more human experiments to be fully confirmed that it’s safe to use.

“Nagini, come here.” Following Jerry’s call, she quickly appeared at the door, transforming into a humanoid appearance.

“Master, what are your orders?”

“Go and bring an experimental body here.” Jerry waved his hand, and she left immediately.

Because of the need to study the wizards’ blood, Jerry collected the blood of normal wizards as research specimens and also collected Nagini’s blood for comparison.

Through research, he also figured out the Maledictus’ blood, and while making the blood enhancer, he tried to make a bottle for Maledictuses. It turns out that the effect is not bad.

After taking the blood-reducing agent, Nagini can freely transform herself between her snake and human forms, just like an Animagus. It’s just that Animagus can only become an ordinary animal, while Nagini’s body is a magical creature.

Since Nagini’s magic power is not low, and she has strong abilities in all aspects after turning into a snake, he also contracted her. He appointed Nagini as the warden of Azkaban, cooperating with the Dementors and guarding the Death Eaters inside.

Five minutes later, Nagini walked into the laboratory with a woman.

“Master, this is the last one.”

“I hope this time is a success. Otherwise, I can only go to the world of “Harry Potter” again.” Jerry muttered as he watched the woman that Nagini brought in.

The woman Nagini brought in was the only Death Eater in Azkaban, Bellatrix Lestrange. There are not many Death Eaters left in Azkaban. In order to prevent accidents, Jerry cast Obliviate on each of them before conducting any experiments.

The wizard’s blood enhancer must use wizards as experimental subjects, and there is no way to use ordinary humans for experiments. Therefore, only when he felt he had a better result by using a Death Eater to conduct human experiments.

It’s a pity that the previous ones all had some problems. Either they didn’t have an effect, or weird organs started to grow. Bellatrix is the only Death Eater left for the experiment.

Ordering Nagini to put Bellatrix on the bed, Jerry put the No. 1 blood enhancer into the needle and injected it into her body.

With the injection of the serum, Bellatrix immediately let out a howl of pain. Immediately afterward, her veins started to burst, and she began to struggle violently. After a while, the metal device used to restrain her hands and feet was forcibly broken by her.

Seeing this, Jerry’s eyes suddenly lit up, “There is no change in appearance. She seems to look a lot younger, her wrinkles have disappeared, and the strength enhancement effect is obviously much better than the previous one.”

When experimenting before, no Death Eater could break free from the restraints. Although Bellatrix lost her memory, it might be the pain just now that made her feel disgusted with Jerry and Nagini. After breaking free, she rushed towards them immediately.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Jerry casually threw a spell at her.

She didn’t evade at all, but after the spell hit her, she continued to charge at Jerry as if the spell had no effect at all.

Jerry was not surprised but delighted when he saw this because it meant that the effect was proven to be successful.

“Expecto Patronum!” Immediately afterward, he summoned his Patronus.

Under Jerry’s control, the Patronus grabbed Bellatrix’s hands, and she began to break free. Jerry was observing from the side and found that Bellatrix’s power at this time was actually comparable to his second-form Patronus.

Bellatrix’s strength is no different from that of ordinary humans before the experiment, and although the strength of his Patronus in the second form is not as strong as the first form, it is still very strong.

If injected with the enhancer, His strength will be stronger than Bellatrix’s.

Seeing that Bellatrix and the Patronus were fighting, Jerry used a pistol and then shot Bellatrix’s thigh.

The bullet hit her thigh with precision and caused almost no damage. It bounced off the skin on her thigh.

“It seems that ordinary pistols won’t break her defense.” Jerry nodded, then pulled out a rifle and shot another one.

This time, there was an obvious bloodstain on her thigh. Obviously, the rifle was enough to break the defense. Finally, Jerry summoned a sniper rifle and put on an armor-piercing bullet for the last experiment.

The armor-piercing bullet directly penetrated Bella’s thigh, but it quickly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the bullet was squeezed out.

Obviously, modern weapons such as sniper rifles are enough to cause damage to her body. Still, because the enhancer contains part of the self-healing ability of the Extremis serum developed by Dr. Hansen, the wound will automatically heal itself.

“Now, let’s test the most important point, the increase in magic power.”

Throwing away the sniper rifle, Jerry began to attack Bellatrix with magic and finally attacked with a lightning strike at a 50% magic output.

Bellatrix already had magic resistance like a dragon. But Jerry is not an ordinary wizard. With his current strength, if he uses his magic with all his strength, a dragon wouldn’t stand his magic, let alone Bellatrix.

After being stunned, Jerry carried Bellatrix, used Obliviate to erase her memory just now, and then began to test her magic level.

The original intention of developing the enhancer was to increase the total amount of magic power so that he could get stronger and stronger.

“Level 310?!” Seeing the results, Jerry suddenly showed a smile.

If he remembered correctly, Bellatrix’s power level was only level 132 before injecting it with the enhancer, but now it is almost the same as his power level. It can be seen that the enhancer has basically achieved his goal.

Of course, Bellatrix’s level is a little bit lower than Jerry’s.

Bellatrix’s level was high, but that doesn’t mean she is immortal like him. Just like Dumbledore, Voldemort, and Grindelwald, their magic power level is estimated to be at least in the 400 range.

Jerry can live forever because when they practice meditation, they improve their magic power and subtly improve how their body works.

It is set at level 300 because if they have been practicing meditation and reached level 300, they passed the minimum requirements of attaining longevity.

Jerry is a special case.

When he practiced meditation, he had a wizard’s blood in his body and magic power, but his power level was very low.

However, in the world of “Cardcaptor Sakura”, because he absorbed Eastern and Western magic, he improved his original meditation technique and turned it into a new one.

As a result, not only did he speed up his training, but his body transformation speed was greatly enhanced. Therefore, when he was at the 300th level, he was able to make his body attain longevity.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of level represents the amount of magic power. Level 300 magic power can last forever, suitable for those who want to meditate to attain longevity.

After all the test results were completed, Jerry did not immediately inject the enhancer but drew a tube of Bellatrix’s blood and asked Nagini to send it back for further observation.

Although the effect of the No. 1 blood enhancer is good, to be sure that it has no side effects at all, Bellatrix’s blood needs to be tested more and verified with time. If the blood analysis is good and she remains okay after a month. He can safely inject himself with the enhancer.

In a short period of time, he will no longer focus on researching the enhancer.

Maybe if he spends a few more years to continue his research, the effect of his enhancer will be better. But he thought it would be better for him to spend that time on something else for now.


A month later.

After confirming that Bellatrix’s blood analysis was okay and her condition was normal, Jerry injected himself with the enhancer.

The result was unexpectedly good.

His body’s strength, physical and magic defense, as well as the total amount of magic power, have all been greatly improved. Because he’s already strong enough, his injection was way better than Bellatrix’s injection a month ago.

He also found that the total amount of magic power in the body has increased a lot, and the speed of gathering magical energies also sped up.

After he had injected the enhancer, he also injected Nagini with it.

Although all the Death Eaters’ memories were wiped out by him, all of them were enhanced with his previous experimental enhancers. It may result in a bad situation knowing they’ll grow into something strong.

Therefore, it is important to strengthen Nagini, as he doesn’t stay in the suitcase every day.

He originally planned to kill all these Death Eaters after the experiment was over. After all, every crime they committed was enough to be sentenced to death. But after thinking about it, the Death Eaters’ memories have been wiped out by him. They have also become his human experiment subjects, killing them is a bit unreasonable.

In the future, he plans to make a small world in his suitcase that belongs to him completely, and these people could be the first people that settle in this new world.

“Time to start researching new magic.”

It took nine months and nearly 300,000 red stars until he finally researched the wizard’s blood enhancer.

Now, what he needs is to put the focus of time back on magic, improve his magic power, and learn new magic that he has never seen before. It just so happened that the cooldown had already ended, and more than 900,000 red stars were still left.

Leaving the suitcase, he opened the panel and selected the world of “Cardcaptor Sakura”.

There are still 31 Clow cards that he has not studied. There are many magic principles in them that Jerry finds interesting.

If he remembered correctly, Eriol Hiiragizzawa should also appear soon. He is the one who inherited the memory and magic of Clow Reed. If he can communicate with him, he will definitely obtain something.

The scene in front of Jerry turned into the magic house full of various magic books.


“Huh, when the Infinity Stones came out of the main world, they became ordinary stones.” Jerry took out the Reality Stone the first time he re-entered the Cardcaptor Sakura world.

As he expected, the power that turned the illusion into reality no longer exists in the stone.

According to the information he learned from Ancient One, the Infinity Stones are the six elements when the universe was born. Each stone represents the most fundamental part of the law and power of the universe.

They can never be destroyed. It’s not that the six stones can’t be destroyed, but the laws they contain cannot be destroyed unless the entire universe is destroyed.

The power displayed by the six stones also comes from the universe of the main world. Once it is taken away from the main world like now, it will lose its power and become a normal gemstone.

Fortunately, Jerry never thought of relying on the Reality stone for power but only used it to learn it and improve his own magic.

After putting away the stone, Jerry took a book and began studying it. Since the enhancer was successfully made, he devoted his time to learning more about magic instead of continuing to do various experiments as usual.

However, this time, his research direction is not Western magic but the contents of the books that Syaoran brought from his family before about making Eastern magic weapons.

Compared with Western magic, Eastern magic actually has its own uniqueness. Like the magic sword in Syaoran’s hand, it can be turned into a jade necklace through a spell and carried around his neck.

He mainly focused on improving his power and making up for the shortcomings of his physical body, so he didn’t spend much time studying the technique in Eastern magic.

Now that he can almost be regarded as a relatively balanced wizard, he can naturally take some time to study other things. He always felt that he was constantly developing and evolving the suitcase as time passed, which worried him.

Although he also strengthened the suitcase’s defense ability through alchemy, its body is only a wooden box. If it encounters an enemy with high magic power, it is likely to break in the middle of a battle.

In the suitcase, he has all his personal things over the years. Once the suitcase is destroyed, everything inside may disappear.

Therefore, he wanted to see if he could turn the suitcase into a magic weapon with strong defensive capabilities through Eastern magic. So that it was easier to carry and no longer had to worry about being damaged.

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