Seeing that things were completely out of control, Pierce hurriedly pressed a button in his pocket that had been prepared in advance.

Outside the glass window behind Pierce, a man with a mask came from the sky and then used his mechanical hand on his left to smash the window and landed next to Pierce.

“The Winter Soldier!” Seeing the person coming, Natasha immediately called out the figure’s name.

It’s a famous assassin in the world. In the past 50 years, he has successfully assassinated more than 20 important people. Even Natasha lost the first time she fought him five years ago. When Fury was seriously injured, he successfully left after fighting Steve.

After the Winter Soldier arrived, he immediately pushed Pierce away and raised the gun in his hand to suppress Jerry and the others.

“Don’t let him run away!” Seeing Pierce being pulled by a helicopter outside, Fury hurriedly shouted.

Without waiting for Steve and others to rush over, Jerry directly cast his magic, “Expelliarmus! Sectumsempra”

He saw that as soon as the Winter Soldier raised his gun, it suddenly flew out by itself, and then the rope pulling Pierce out of the window was also torn.

He had no choice but to use his arm and punch the Wizard. As a result, his powerful mechanical arm also flew out.

Immediately afterward, his face was hit by the shield that Steve threw, flipped to the ground, and locked by Natasha’s legs.

Pierce saw that the Winter Soldier was captured in an instant and had no hope of escape. He wasn’t scared, looked at the time on his watch, laughed, and sat on the ground, “You lose.”

With Pierce’s laughter, there was a sound from the window. Hearing this voice, Fury’s eyes changed drastically, “He’s stalling for time.”

Everyone came to the window and looked far in the direction from which the sound came. The S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters is built on Theodore Roosevelt Island and surrounded by a large river called the Potomac River.

However, the water of the river suddenly separated to both sides, revealing three huge holes. Inside the holes are three aerospace aircraft loaded with countless Earth’s most advanced weapons.

It turned out that S.H.I.E.L.D. carved out the entire bottom of the Potomac River and secretly transformed it into a base for the development of Project Insight.

“It’s too late. In ten minutes, all those who are identified as threats by Zola’s algorithm will be eliminated, including all of you. Hydra will eventually rule the world.” Pierce struggled to get up and sat in his chair.

When he discovered that Jerry and others had invaded the building, he ordered the Hydra agents to intercept them while letting the remaining agents start the aircraft and directly start the plan.

He’s been waiting in the office until now to make the plan go smoothly.

Fury saw the aircraft take off from the river, turned around angrily, and kicked Pierce sitting on the chair to the ground, “I’ll smash your head right now.”

Pierce didn’t get angry. He just laughed and said, “A new, more orderly, and perfect world is about to be born. My ideal has been achieved. I have nothing to lose. Do you think I’m afraid of death?”

In order to protect the concept of human beings, the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will not hesitate to sacrifice themselves to complete the task. The Hydra agents will also commit suicide without hesitation after being caught by the enemies.

“Unfortunately, the perfect new world in your dream may not be realized.”

At this time, Jerry was also watching the flight of the aircraft. He looked at Coulson and asked, “Did Thor say anything about what had happened in Kamar Taj the last time you met?”

“No, he just said you guys had a big fight.” Coulson wondered why Jerry was asking this question.

“I didn’t expect that Thor would say nothing about it. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the aircraft, but it will be rough.” Jerry nodded, transformed his face, spread a pair of large white wings, and flew out of the window.

“It’s time to let everyone know my true strength.”

Jerry flew in the air, watching that reporters had begun to notice the situation. He took a vehicle or even a civilian helicopter to approach this side and began to cast his most powerful magic.

After this incident, S.H.I.E.L.D. will completely lose the trust of the World Security Council, and their operation will most likely be reduced or ceased. So in the future, it will basically not have any impact on him.

However, this does not mean that no one will attack him or his family in the future. After all, some people will always think that he is a threat, or there will always be people who will try to control his power and use him to achieve some of their own goals.

Now, he wants to let all people in the world know how powerful his power is and what would happen if they provoked the Wizard.

In the eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Hydra agents, Washington reporters, and ordinary people in the distance, the Wizard floating in the sky multiplied into fifteen different figures.

Immediately afterward, they saw a hundred fire dragons that were even bigger and more condensed than during the Battle of New York at the top of every wizard’s head.

“Go forth!”

Following Jerry’s loud shout, 1,500 fire dragons were divided into three groups. With each group targeted each of the aircraft that were flying in the sky.

Countless strong explosions sounded, and the fire dragons directly destroyed the three aircraft and fell into the direction of the river.

However, before it fell into the river, it completely turned into nothing. Jerry’s Fire Dragon Spell is not ordinary fire magic. When he was studying and creating this magic, he also added some principles of the Fiendfyre Spell.

However, the spell is not as easy to control. It has the risk of burning the caster away. So the fire could destroy all kinds of materials they use for the aircraft.

After showing his lethality no less than that of a nuclear bomb, Jerry Apparated and reappeared in the office where Fury and others were. At this time, Fury and others were a bit shocked.

Because according to the information about the Wizard obtained by S.H.I.E.L.D., the last time the Wizard showed the most destructive magic was when they fought against the Extremis soldiers with Iron Man.

Back then, his magic is very powerful. Its power was similar to a tactical missile because a tactical missile can easily destroy a cruise ship. However, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s aircraft is completely different from ordinary cruise ships.

In addition to the size being much bigger, the materials used in its construction are also the best in the world. However, such a powerful aircraft was directly destroyed into nothing under his magic, leaving no residue behind.

In addition, the Wizard has the ability to teleport. If he wants, he can teleport to any city at will and then instantly destroy an entire city with his magic. In this way, the existence of the Wizards is more threatening than nuclear bombs.

Because nuclear bombs can still be intercepted with modern technology. As for him, they can’t intercept him at all.

After taking out Garrett and Sitwell from the mirror dimension, Jerry asked Fury, “I kind of forgot about them.”

Most of the Hydra agents in the building have just been dealt with by him, and the remaining agents have been turned to ashes together with the aircraft. Besides, two Avengers, Natasha, and Steve, could take care of the rest.

As for the future of S.H.I.E.L.D., that’s not something he should consider. It didn’t matter to him anyway.

He felt that although he had previously thought about using force to control the Wizard, he no longer pursued that plan. He knows that the Wizard has a strong sense of justice and treats ordinary people very kindly, so he’ll leave him be.

“I’ll be going now, and there are five minutes left before my class. You may use these Veritaserum potions later for them. Of course, you owe me a lot, including helping you dealing Hydra this time.”

“I don’t ask much, except for the cutting-edge biological research equipment you promised, a copy of all your S.H.I.E.L.D. related information on biological research, experiments, and more advanced biological technologies. Is that alright with you?”

Jerry took out eight bottles of Veritaserum from the suitcase space and threw them to Fury. Veritaserum is definitely one of the most expensive potions in the Harry Potter world, but to Jerry, it is no different from the cheapest potions.

He had a lot of the ingredients to make in his suitcase, given he had a whole farm stock of it, and he could always make another one later if he really needed it. The reason why he only gave eight bottles was that he only had made that many beforehand. After all, who would make so many Veritaserum without any urgency at all?

“No problem.” Fury is quite straightforward this time around.

It is fully worthy of his request. He just destroyed kill three Hydra aircraft just now and dealt with most of their problem for today.

Jerry nodded, then drew a portal and returned to his university.

Entering the classroom on time, he found an unoccupied seat and sat down after Jerry cast a Muggle Repelling Charm and opened his panel.

Seeing the number of red stars on the panel, Jerry couldn’t help but shock.

At this time, the number of red stars on the panel actually increased by a million compared to the day before he left the university.

If you think about it, this is normal. If he doesn’t do anything, Project Insight will likely succeed according to the plan. However, it may not be able to kill all Hydra enemies, such as him. The weapons on the aircraft could kill a lot of people instantly.

If he sits idly by and the plan succeeds, Fury, Natasha, Steve, and maybe even Tony could all be killed by a surprise attack from the air. Odin and Ancient One may not care about such wars that come from human beings inside the Earth.

Perhaps it is precisely because of that he can get a lot of red stars.

The last time he stopped the dark elves from coming only got him hundreds of thousands of red stars as rewards.

With his current red stars, he will be able to conduct research on the wizard’s blood with peace of mind for a long time.

His goal this time is to improve the purity of the wizard’s blood, increase the total amount of magic power, and solve the problem of insufficient magic power when casting a lot of magic. On the other hand, he also wants to see if he can use this to increase his physical body strength.

His physical body is actually no worse than ordinary Asgardians. But if he doesn’t use magic for protection, his physical body is still vulnerable to bullets, especially those heavy weapons.

If he can make another breakthrough so that ordinary weapons cannot break through his defenses, his ability to withstand danger will greatly improve.


On Christmas Eve.

Instead of studying and learning, Jerry returned to celebrate his holiday with his family.

Unlike in previous years, only Jerry, Aisha, and Haas were for Christmas. This year, there were also Belle and her father.

Belle was found to be pregnant not long after Jerry started college, and it had been a month since then. After dinner, everyone sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV together.

“I’m your favorite reporter Lucy, and today I’m covering New York’s new superhero, Mechaman.”

“As everyone knows, the police tracked down a deranged case of human smuggling at the East River Port in Queens. However, the criminals have hostages, leaving the police a little helpless for a while.”

“But at this moment, our new hero Mechaman appeared. He drove a huge mecha, quickly helped the police to deal with the criminals, rescued the hostages, and finally disappeared into the street in a black sports car. It resembles the Transformers movie very much.”

“Let’s change the channel. It’s better to watch the talk show today on Christmas Eve.” Seeing the report on “Mechaman” on TV, Haas hurriedly picked up the remote control.

The so-called “Mechaman” is actually Haas himself.

Originally, he didn’t think about becoming a superhero. Although he wanted to be a superhero in his heart, his intuition told him not to, knowing he was a police chief.

However, in an arrest operation the day before yesterday, the police had some troubles from the criminals, and even several police officers were seriously injured on the spot.

Seeing that the criminals were about to escape by boat, he turned on the battle mode onĀ  his car and took care of them.

However, it lets him know that Little Steel can actually change its shape into police cars, sports cars, and another type of cars.

“Isn’t that good? Since the Wizard disappeared a month ago, the crime rate has skyrocketed. One more superhero is always a good thing.” At this time, Belle laughed.

She felt that with the disappearance of the Wizards and the increase in crime rates, the pressure on Haas as police chief would also increase. Haas’s work would be easier with multiple superheroes helping to deal with criminals.

“Yes, there is also The Mahjong Girl from the news I read. With them, even if the Wizard does not appear, those criminals will not dare to be rampant.” Jerry echoed.

A month ago, the video of Jerry using 1,500 fire dragons to explode the aircraft instantly was publicly shared, and the whole world was talking about the Wizard.

Half of the comments were all about praising him for saving the world, but the other half also talked about how the Wizard itself is a potential threat.

Since the Wizard was that powerful, if one day he becomes evil, who can stop him, and how can the safety of mankind be guaranteed?

Quite a few people were against the Wizard, and Jerry had already anticipated this situation.

After he showed his terrifying strength, those who attacked him before would not dare to provoke him, but at the same time, it would also make some people fear him.

Those who are afraid of being attacked by the Wizards will use this to manipulate the public’s opinion about the Wizard. Facing this situation, he chose to disappear.

It’s not because he doesn’t want to solve any more problems or there was too much pressure from the public, so he quit doing it. But mainly because he has enough red stars, and it is not worth it to waste his time fighting criminals at this moment.

Besides, whether it’s The “Mahjong Girl” or a “Mechaman” who has just started appearing, as long as they do good deeds, he will have a steady stream of red stars.

On the other hand, he knows that human nature is like this. Most people are selfish. Even if he has done so many good things and saved so many people before, when his power is so powerful that it is frightening, there will still be people going fear and reject him.

Now that he disappears for a while, everyone thinks that the Wizard is disappointed in them. He was letting everyone know the importance of the Wizard existing in public.

He had seen Maguire’s Spider-Man, and he really thought that Spider-Man was doing his duty well enough, but many people were still dissatisfied with him.

In his view, those who were acting like that did not deserve to be saved.

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