Grant is worthy of being an expert. After realizing that Jerry in front of him was just a clone, he turned the gun and pointed it again at the real Jerry, who was next to Coulson.

Unfortunately, just as the tip of his gun turned halfway, a magic light had already hit him, and then he was frozen in place like a statue. To deal with ordinary people without any magic resistance, even if he is an expert agent, one spell is enough to take them out.

However, as soon as Grant was set in place, he was knocked out with a kick and then punched in the face. May was the one who kicked him, and Skye was the punching one.

All members of the entire Coulson team were extremely upset with Grant’s betrayal. But May and Skye were the ones who were upset the most.

Because May once had a relationship with Grant. Although physical needs far outweigh emotional needs, she still had some feelings for him. Skye practiced with him, and she secretly grew an interest in him over time.

“Kill them for me!”

Seeing that Grant was captured in an instant, Garrett finally panicked. After giving all the soldiers an attack order, he immediately turned around and ran towards a certain gate on the other side of the warehouse without saying a word.

He knew that these soldiers were useless against Jerry, but he could use them to buy him some time and let him escape, especially since he had a special tool to circumvent the way Jerry teleports.

Seeing this, Jerry sneered and directly launched magic.

He saw that on the top of the warehouse, the clear sky outside suddenly had a black cloud, and then a thunderstorm slammed down from the cloud, accurately hitting every soldier who was ready to attack.

Garrett invested countless time, energy, money, and all the available data that S.H.I.E.L.D. had about Jerry’s magic. But even so, Jerry’s lightning strike was still stronger than they expected. This scene also made everyone in Coulson’s team realize the power that Jerry had.

After eliminating all the soldiers, Jerry Apparated in front of Garrett, blocking his way.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t go anywhere else.”

“How did you…”

Looking at Jerry, who appeared in front of him in an instant, Garrett was stunned. “Did the equipment break?”

Jerry interrupted directly, “Oh, you’re trying to hinder my teleportation with your thingies? My magic does not work like that.”

He didn’t know what high-tech equipment he used, which disrupted his spatial magic release to fail. If it were a mage who only knew how to release magic according to the steps but did not know the principles of magic, of course, he would be in trouble.

But as a wizard who is very proficient in the principles of space magic, he was able to solve this problem by adapting to the space here and making some corresponding adjustments to the magic.

Why can’t Apparate be used in the castle at Hogwarts? That’s because there is a very powerful Anti-Apparition Jinx in the castle, a spell that specifically targets spatial movement characteristics.

It also explains why the house elves and Dumbledore can teleport normally in the castle.

Because the teleportation magic that the elves used are their own magic, while the principle is the same, but it has altered in some way. The Apparition used by Dumbledore by using his phoenix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso a different form of Apparition.

Jerry also used the same principle to break the equipment. Likewise, when he returned to Hogwarts, the Castle’s Anti-Apparition Jinx would no longer affect him.

If you only know how to use power but don’t know the principle, you will never be able to grasp it fully.

A sharpshooter is powerful, but a sharpshooter who knows the principles of firearms and can continuously transform and adapt to various situations is the most powerful sharpshooter that can exist.

“John Garrett, it’s over.” Coulson also took a pistol, came to John Garrett’s side, and then hit his face with an uppercut.

Garrett didn’t resist. He wiped his nosebleed and squatted on the ground slowly as if he was letting it go. He knew that the wizard was here, and he had absolutely no chance to escape.

As long as he doesn’t get killed on the spot, there’s still a chance because even if he gets thrown back into S.H.I.E.L.D., it is not a big problem.


Half an hour later, the plane landed at the warehouse landing area.

Garrett, Grant, and all of the guards, as well as the kidnapped scientists like Dr. Hansen, were all put into the plane.

As the former S.H.I.E.L.D. air command, the plane can accommodate more than 200 people at most, and Clairvoyant’s people are around 100 people, so there is no need to worry about overloading.

“Jerry, could you please use magic to send this traitor and me back to the headquarter first?” On the plane, Coulson asked Jerry with a bruised Garrett.

Jerry glanced at Coulson in surprise, “Of course, it’s not too much trouble anyway. What kind of information did you get? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Clairvoyant’s organization was destroyed, and the leader was caught. But looking at Coulson like this, there seems to be a follow-up.

Coulson sighed, “This guy is an expert. It is difficult to get some information from him. But do you remember the Baron Wolfgang guy he just mentioned?”

“Oh yeah, who is that person?”

When standing next to Coulson at the time, he saw Coulson’s expression change drastically when he heard the name, only to be interrupted by Grant’s attack.

Coulson explained with a serious expression, “Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, also known as Baron Strucker, was born in Strucker Castle in Bavaria, Germany, at the end of the 19th century and was once the backer of Hydra during World War II. According to S.H.I.E.L.D., he died during World War II. “

“But now not only is he alive, but also has a connection with Clairvoyant. It is interesting, and I tried to get more information about it.”

Hearing this, Jerry immediately understood Coulson’s concerns, so he turned to look at Garrett and cast Legilimency directly.

“Huh, I can’t see anything.”

He penetrated Garrett’s mind through Legilimency and found that he had nothing in his head this time. Most of them were only random words that randomly kept appearing repeatedly.

As a torture expert, after learning through Grant that Jerry has the ability to access information through his mind, Garrett took precautionary measures. Garrett is now self-hypnotizing himself, forcing important memories to be buried deep in his brain so that Jerry can’t read them.

Because he knew that if Jerry had all the information in his mind, he would never escape from his situation.

“Since Legilimency won’t work, I guess I’ll have to use the other way.”

Jerry didn’t care. After all, he didn’t spend much time on Legilimency that much. He immediately stretched out his hand and took out a vial.

He was able to rely on self-hypnosis to resist Legilimency’s reading because Garrett had the corresponding training. But he would definitely not be able to resist the effects of Veritaserum.

“Jerry, let’s go to the headquarters first and find the director. I think the director also wants to hear the information he knows.” Seeing that Jerry took out the Veritaserum he had told him before, Coulson immediately proposed.

Jerry thought about it for a while and felt it made sense, so he put away the Veritaserum. However, just as he was about to open the portal, there was a sudden wave of fluctuations in his mirror, and someone was urgently contacting him through it.

“It’s really rare for Captain Rogers to call me.” Looking at the mirror, it was the mirror that was distributed to Captain America after the Battle of New York.

This is the first time he has used the magic mirror to contact him.

“J, Fury has been attacked and is being taken away. We need your help!” As soon as the magic mirror was connected, his voice came over from the mirror.

Before Jerry could answer, Coulson nervously leaned over,

“Captain Rogers, what’s going on?”

“Coulson? You haven’t…” He suddenly looked surprised when he saw Coulson appearing in the magic mirror. He didn’t know about Coulson’s resurrection.

“I think it’s more appropriate for us to meet and talk about it” Jerry positioned himself through the mirror and reached out to draw a portal.

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