Ten o’clock in the evening.

“Ah, shit. I shouldn’t have made that move.” Grant watched his king being mated and couldn’t help but groan angrily.

Coulson smiled cheerfully, “The strategy that pays attention to playing chess is to look at the overall situation and cooperate rather than just relying on one piece to determine the outcome. Your way of playing chess is wrong, and the technique still needs to be done.”

As a special agent who is particularly good at commanding teams, Coulson is very good at playing chess. At least when he plays with Grant, he can win all the time.

“Ah, well, I’m done. I’ll sort out my things first.” After losing, Grant decided to stop there to prevent his brain from exploding.

Seeing that Grant had enough, Coulson showed a trace of regret. He had just started, and his opponent had already given up. It’s a pity that the whole team, no one wants to play chess with him, except Grant.

But then, when he met Jerry, who was sitting there reading, his heart suddenly moved,

“Jerry, would you like to have a game with me?”

“I don’t know much about chess, so I’m sure I can’t beat you.” Jerry looked up and smiled, and politely declined.

However, Coulson obviously did not want to give up and continued to invite,

“The owl is still moving. Come on, let’s play only a few rounds.” He still had some thoughts in his mind about Jerry’s use of magic to erase his memory. Maybe he can get his revenge in chess.

Jerry looked at Coulson and finally said helplessly,

“Okay, as long as you let me play with my own pieces.”

“No problem.” Coulson agreed without thinking.

Whether the player is good at chess mainly depends on the player’s skills, not the relationship with the pieces. He doesn’t believe that changing his pieces would do anything. Seeing that Jerry was going to play chess with Coulson, everyone put down their work and gathered around.

“Jerry, Coulson is very good at playing chess. No one in S.H.I.E.L.D. can outmatch him except for the director, so I don’t think you should play against him.” Seeing that Jerry got up and sat opposite Coulson, May kindly reminded him.

Jerry’s meal just now reminded her of her father’s cooking when she was a child, so she didn’t want to see Jerry being defeated by Coulson again and again like the others.

Fitz, Skye, and Jema nodded in agreement. Coulson also dragged them into playing chess, but after a few rounds, they never played with Coulson again.

“It’s fine, as long as Coulson agrees with me to change the pieces.”

Jerry smiled, put all the black pieces on his side aside, and then took out the wizard chess pieces he had specially made with alchemy from the suitcase space and placed them on the chessboard.

“It’s finally time for us to appear. Our big sword is already hungry and thirsty!” The chess pieces that had just been put into the chessboard to represent the pawns pulled out the big swords from their waists.

“Time for the knight to make a return!” After the pieces representing the knights were put on the chessboard, he drew out his spear. The black horse under him jumped high and neighed.

“War is inevitable on this battlefield.” The chess pieces representing the bishops waved the scepter in their hands with a sympathetic tone.

“Thousands of troops and horses are here. Now we’re onto something” The chess pieces represent the rooks towering tall from both sides.

“People may come and go. Let us go forward.” The queen chess piece with a beautiful face let out a long sigh full of sorrow.

“Death is like the wind. With me, my soldiers, kill them all!” The last piece representing the king wore a golden crown, touched the beard on the corner of his mouth and shouted.

Looking at Jerry’s pieces on the chessboard, they opened their jaw. Even May, who had always been expressionless, was surprised.

“Jerry…your pieces…seem to be different?” Coulson stuttered.

Jerry replied with a natural expression, “Oh, they are called Wizard Chess. They are the pieces that wizards use when they play chess. Don’t worry. Although they look fierce, they won’t move if it’s not their turn. They move according to the rules of chess so we can play normally.”

“If that’s the case, then there’s no problem.” Coulson breathed a sigh of relief.

Coulson is playing against Jerry. It is understandable that the chess pieces are strange. Just like some people use gold as chess pieces, and some people use diamonds as chess pieces because of personal preference. As long as he plays chess according to the rules, he can win.

After realizing that Jerry’s pieces were only “lively”, Coulson concentrated on his first move and cautiously moved his pawn two squares forward.

He had just finished his move, and the pawn on the opposite side also stepped forward two squares by himself.

“Jerry, is your pawn-“

“They all know the rules and can walk without my command.” Jerry smiled.

You still have to obey the wizard’s orders to move in wizard chess, but Jerry is not good at chess. After he made this chess, he showed them a lot of chess manuals and videos, and let them learn the strategy themselves.

Over time, this chess does not need Jerry’s command and can play against the opponent by himself. Because they have absorbed the essence of many of the world’s top chess masters, their skills are quite brilliant.

Jerry used this to play against Ron several times and won against him every time.

“What’s taking so long, eh?” At this time, the pawn seemed very dissatisfied with Coulson’s delay in taking the next step.

Seeing this, Coulson hurriedly started to move his pieces. Six moves later, Jerry’s pawn kicked Coulson’s pawn to the ground, then dragged it out of the game.

Ten steps later, Jerry’s knight shot Coulson’s rook off the board.

In this way, Coulson suddenly realized that most of his pieces were taken down. What was even more irritating was he was losing in terms of materials. Based on the board itself, Jerry seemed to have the upper hand here.

“Hey, where’s Jerry?” Coulson tried to look around and realized that Jerry was no longer there.

“Just halfway through the game, he went back to read. When he left, he said if you want to continue playing after the game, these pieces can play with you forever.” Skye pointed to Jerry, who was reading over there.

Coulson turned his head to look at Jerry, who was concentrating on reading, then looked down at the wizard chess piece on the chessboard that had been in place again. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth.

“I can’t believe it. I can’t beat his pieces!”

At twelve o’clock midnight, the plane was still flying high, and it was obviously still very far away from the target.

“Jerry, your pieces.” Coulson’s mouth twitched, and he came to Jerry, holding a pile of chess pieces.

He played twelve games with the wizard chess pieces for two full hours, but he didn’t win one game. He had been defeated and completely lost his confidence in playing chess, and he didn’t want to play anymore.

He wanted to get revenge on Jerry by playing chess, but he didn’t expect the one who got beaten.

Jerry looked at Coulson and then at the pieces he was holding, “Well, you can take it. Think of it as an apology gift for me erasing your memory.”

With his current level of alchemy, this kind of wizard chess piece can be easily made by him, and it is not a precious thing. Hearing Jerry’s words, Coulson’s originally dejected face suddenly showed a look of surprise.

“For me? Do you want me to have these pieces? Isn’t this expensive?”

“Not really, you don’t like it? If you don’t like it, I can just take it away from you.” Jerry said that he was about to reach out and retrieve the pieces.

Coulson quickly stepped back, “No, no. I like this gift very much. No one will play chess with me in the future, so I would probably play with them.”

Although he was almost crazy after being defeated by these wizard chess pieces, it didn’t mean that he didn’t like them.

This is a chess piece with its own thoughts, like a living creature, and superb chess skills. No one in this world except Jerry can have such a magical chess piece. Either way, this is an extremely precious gift.

“Glad you liked it. It’s late. You can rest. If the owl finds the target, I will call you.” Jerry stopped joking and started talking about business.

Coulson shook his head: “Let’s take turns monitoring it. You’re going to suffer if you guard it alone.”

“No, in my current situation, I don’t need sleep anymore.” Jerry looked down and turned the book to the next page.

After reaching immortality, his body has fundamentally changed. Not only can he control the age changes of his body at will, but he can also survive for a long time without eating and sleeping.

“Ah, well then.”

Hearing Jerry’s words, Coulson was surprised. After all, there are so many magical things about wizards, and the fact that they don’t need sleep is nothing.

However, Coulson and the others didn’t want to return to the room to rest, but they were neatly dressed and temporarily rested on the sofa and carpet in the hall.


Five in the morning.

“Wow, that far?”

After sensing that the owl outside finally began to descend, Jerry closed the book and woke Coulson and others who were sleeping around.

“May, where are we now?” Coulson asked May as soon as he was woken up.

May returned to the front cockpit and checked the positioning,

“Our current location is Alaska, but not in the city. But in the remote mountainous area.”

“Fizz, scan to see if there are any buildings below. May, don’t rush to land. If Clairvoyant’s base is nearby, defensive weapons must be waiting for us. Mike, you are injured. Stay and take care of Ace. The others bring their own equipment and go down with me to capture Clairvoyant.”

After confirming the location, Coulson quickly assigned tasks to everyone except Jerry. However, Fitz didn’t take long to receive an unexpected answer. It turned out that after scanning, there was no base and no buildings at all, just a piece of wasteland and mountains.

Coulson obviously didn’t believe the scan results, and after asking May to park the plane in a safe area, he led the team members to the location displayed by the computers.

“Jerry, is the owl tired and just stopped here to rest for a while?”

Coulson looked at the bare hillside. Jerry’s owl was walking around with a letter in his mouth, thinking it was tired from flying. After all, the area was deserted, and there was no base.

Jerry stepped forward and put the owl into the suitcase, “It’s not that it’s tired, it’s already found its target, but it’s blocked from the outside.”

The owl’s magical ability allows it to locate the recipient’s location accurately, but if the recipient blocks all the entrances, the owl can’t deliver the letter.

After being told by Jerry, he immediately understood what Jerry meant, “You mean, Clairvoyant’s base is in this mountain?”

Jerry nodded, confirming Coulson’s guess.

According to the principle of owls sending letters, if Clairvoyant were hiding in the secret base built inside this mountain, the owl would, of course, not be able to deliver the letter.

“If the base is hidden in the mountain, how can we get in? We don’t have a machine that can blast away the mountain now.” Fitz looked at the mountain, completely covered with stones.

Coulson looked at Jerry. Jerry didn’t talk nonsense and pointed his wand toward the ground not far away,

“Defodio!” A magic light shot out, and a huge hole exploded. The bottom layer below the hole revealed a thick layer of steel plate.

At the same time, in the base.

“Sir Garrett, Agent Grant just sent a signal. The enemy has discovered our base and is coming here!” An unusually tall young agent reported to a middle-aged agent who appeared to be in his forties.

The middle-aged agent waved his hand, “Execute the plan.”

“What about Agent Grant?” There was a hint of hesitation on the face of the tall young agent.

The middle-aged chief agent sighed and said, “There is always someone who is willing to sacrifice for a great cause. I believe Grant will understand that. Hail Hydra.”

“Hail Hydra.” The tall young agent looked solemn, turned, and trotted outside.

The middle-aged agent named John Garrett, a field agent expert, one of the highest commanding officers of S.H.I.E.L.D., and also a Hydra spy, code-named “Clairvoyant”.

Like Coulson, he was an agent brought out by Fury. It’s just that he didn’t believe in the ridiculous ideas that Fury spread about “S.H.I.E.L.D. is the last line of defense for the world’s security”, and “use life to protect the safety of the earth” like Coulson.

Maybe he did believe it for a while when he was young and passionate. But until he was seriously injured on a mission and was rescued by Hydra, he felt that the ideas of S.H.I.E.L.D. were nonsense.

Of course, he also mocks the ideology that Hydra used to fool the agents below, “The world needs to be managed by Hydra, and it needs to be supervised by Hydra to be better”.

He joined Hydra for one purpose, to use the resources of Hydra to strengthen himself, completely repair his dying heart, and gain a new life again.

His original intention is to combine some of the Extremis virus, the incomplete version of the super soldier serum, the Gamma rays, and other things to develop and create a completely new serum for super soldiers.

As for why Coulson was kidnapped? That’s also because he wants to know what method Nick Fury used to bring Coulson back from the dead and see if he can use it on his dying body in the same way.

He doesn’t have the ability to predict the future at all. Just because he is one of the highest commanding officers in S.H.I.E.L.D., he has almost most of the authority needed and can get the information he needs.

He didn’t expect the Wizard to intervene in this matter, making the whole thing deviate from his original plan.

Fortunately, the entire organization of Hydra has studied the Wizard and has also made various responses to the various abilities displayed by the Wizard.

Even Hydra made a counter technology to deal with the Wizard. Thanks to Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who is obsessed with capturing superhumans and researching superpowers.

In order to deal with teleportation, Dr. List invented a quantum device that can interfere with the nearby space in a short time, making teleportation ineffective. The only pity is that this time, in order to solve the problem, he has to sacrifice Grant Ward, whom he spent a lot of effort to train him.

But this is nothing as long as he can complete his plan. Let alone Grant. He would kill his own son if that were really necessary.

“Ten missiles are approaching here, and there are at most less than twenty seconds to reach here.”

Just as Jerry used his magic to dig open the surface of the stone mountain to reveal the hidden base inside, Fitz’s hand suddenly sounded an alarm.

“What, missile? Who fired the missile?” Coulson looked surprised.

They are very away from anything. Something like this in the middle of nowhere is something that he didn’t expect.

Fitz replied in horror, “It’s S.H.I.E.L.D.!”

“S.H.I.E.L.D?” Except for Jerry, everyone was stunned at this moment.

At this time, he stretched out his hand and planned to draw a portal to take everyone out of there to avoid the blows of these missiles. It’s just that his portal just collapsed halfway through.

“Hey, why did the space around here suddenly become so unstable?!”

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