Jerry pushed the door open and walked inside to see his bags waiting for him next to the bed closest to the entryway. It has green silk drapes and silver thread embroidery on the bed cover, and the bed is a classic four-poster bed.

Similar to the windows in the last room, those in this one could see outside and hear the soft sound of the water rippling on the lake. The sound of the gradually shifting lake water should be incredibly relaxing as you try to sleep.

It makes sense that the prefect just claimed that among the four houses, the Slytherin common room is the best.

“Don’t worry, Crookshanks. I’ll let you out right away.”

Jerry quickly raised his hand to soothe him when he saw Crookshanks meowing at him from inside the cage on the table next to the bed. He also quickly moved forward to open the cage. Jerry never put Crookshanks in a cage while he was living in the orphanage since he is incredibly intelligent and can get food on his own.

When Jerry opened the cage, Crookshanks meowed in excitement before transforming into a flash of yellow lightning and sprinting toward the room’s window.

“Stop, Crookshanks!”

Jerry suddenly recognized something and shouted at Crookshanks with a twitch in his heart. But it was already too late.

Crookshanks was peering out the window when he saw him. Diverse species of fish, both large and small, were swimming around with enthusiasm before they ran into the window’s central invisible magic barrier. It feels as though your skull is slamming into a sheet of translucent glass.

As Crookshanks descended from the barrier, his already uninteresting visage appeared to grow much more uninteresting.

“I retract my previous statement that you were a smart cat.” Despite being amused and powerless, Jerry covered his forehead when he noticed this.

Crookshanks’ body is far more robust than that of a typical cat. It is clear that this impact is irrelevant.

The cat appeared to start to question its own existence as it stood up once more in a state of mild uncertainty, sat down on the window, used its paws to scratch the invisible magic barrier, and cocked its head to gaze at the fish swimming outside.

When Jerry saw this, he lost interest in it and instead began packing his bags and picking up the class schedule from the table. There were some recognizable yells and curses coming through the room’s door at this point. Draco and the others were the ones who noticed Jerry’s name at the door.

“Hello!” Jerry gave a warm welcome to the Malfoy group as they came in through the door.

He still believes that the connection between them can be somewhat relaxed, given that they are both Slytherins and share a room.

“I’ll tell you right now that I don’t fear you. The director of Hogwarts is my father. I will urge my father to kick you out if you dare to hurt me once more. Wizards should fight using magic. We should use magic to fight fairly once we’ve learned it well!”

It was clear that Draco had made a decision outside. As soon as he opened the door and entered the room, he took Goyle and Crabbe and had them stand five meters apart from Jerry while yelling angrily.

“I truly don’t like to use violence, so no problem there. You won’t get anything from me as long as you don’t try to provoke me.” Jerry accepted without hesitation as he shrugged.

The three eventually exhaled with relief after realizing this. Only three of them were under the age of eleven.

The three from the first book were on the train when Ron’s mouse bit them, causing them to flee in fear. It is obvious that they are not as fearless as they first appear to be.

The three no longer feared Jerry as much after formally agreeing to live in peace and started packing their personal belongings and beds one by one.


When the three of them went to bed at night, Jerry silently got up and left the room with the magic book. He didn’t use up too much energy this day, thanks to his physical health, unlike other young wizards who were worn out after it.

Just that he was completely unprepared for the accident of being sent to Slytherin. Everything that was previously planned must thus be abandoned, and new plans must be made.

In contrast to Gryffindor, in the house of Slytherin, he must be superb, excellent in all respects, and crushingly excellent if he wants to get the highest benefits conceivable.

Similar to Voldemort when he was a young kid.

Even though he was a half-blood and was also born in a Muggle orphanage, Voldemort managed to flourish in the Slytherin house, where family history and bloodlines were highly valued. As a result, he came to be revered by all Slytherins. Because he is simply too good.

Although he was born into poverty, Voldemort was incredibly clever and attended Hogwarts when he was a student. His parents passed away, yet he remained wise and brave. He was a model student for the school. He had a courteous, reserved, and ravenous air about him. Almost everyone thinks highly of him.

The Dean of Slytherin at the time, Slughorn, adored him so much that he even informed him about the illegal Horcruxes he inquired about.

Jerry looks up to Voldemort because he wants to learn as much magic as he can at Hogwarts. He just won’t be able to because of his limited capacity for learning. It’s not awful to be ranked in the middle level, especially considering that his grades dominate the entire grade.

He therefore intends to modify his approach and employ a significant number of red stars in order to hasten the learning process. His first intention was to utilize red stars as frequently as possible to keep track of time in the wizarding community and to use them to learn some crucial spells.

He must now use lots of red stars to outperform everyone in every topic and become the top student if he wants to learn from Voldemort. He may only enter Slytherin in this manner. He must first capture Snape’s attention. He won’t be in Snape’s eyes if he isn’t good enough.

After entering the Slytherin common room, Jerry sat down on the sofa in the light of the lounge’s green lamp, activated the “Refreshing” ability, opened the book, and started to memorize the “History of Magic” that would be discussed tomorrow.

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