At the university.

“Dad, you can go back now. I’ll just go in by myself.” Jerry took out his suitcase from the trunk and waved to Haas, Belle, and Aisha in the car.

It was the second time in his life that he went to university, and it was a top university in the world. Originally, Jerry thought he would be a little excited.

However, when he walked into the university, he looked at the students around him with different skin tones from all over the world and the tall and unique school buildings around him. Only then did he realize that there was not even a little bit of nervousness in his heart.

His mood was much more excited than his current mood. But soon, he understood why.

Because in his previous life, a world-renowned school was indeed somewhat unattainable. Even with his family’s economic conditions, no matter how hard he worked and how good his grades were, it was impossible to get into it.

One, his family is in the countryside. Parents and relatives do not know any way to study abroad. Second, there is no money at home to send him to study abroad. But in this life, it’s a completely different experience.

He has been to Hogwarts, a school specializing in learning magic, to Asgard, the realm of the gods, and to Kamar Taj, the holy land of Earth mages.

He studies magic, improves magic, creates magic, pursues the universe’s fundamental laws, and can even easily destroy a country if he wants to.

With his current strength, walking in an ordinary university feels normal compared to anything. He came to the university to dabble in biology and find a way to research the wizarding bloodline.

Maybe he’ll find a way to do that in just a few years or even a month.

It was no different from the high school and junior high school he had attended before, but his classmates around him had evolved from a bunch of little kids to young and beautiful adults of 18 or 19 years old.

“Hey, Jerry. Here!” A familiar voice suddenly sounded in front of him.

It was Thor, Jane, and Darcy.

Jane is a professor of astrophysics at Columbia University, and Darcy is a teaching assistant, and the three live in the staff dormitory. When they knew that Jerry was admitted to the university and was going to attend today, they were waiting for him.

“You guys really know how to catch everyone’s attention huh.” Jerry pulled the suitcase and came to the three of them helplessly.

Because of Thor, many freshmen who come to sign up now have their sights set on where they are.

Thor often goes to the university because Jane and the students in it have long been accustomed to him. But these freshmen are still very curious about Thor. However, they had already seen a lot of photos on social media of Thor and Jane in various places.

“I’m already very low-key. I’m not wearing my armor. Even my Mjolnir has become an umbrella. There’s no way they would know.” Thor raised the umbrella in his hand with a proud look on his face. He had lived for fifteen hundred years but never knew what a low profile was.

“Who smashed the TV last night because of watching a horror movie?” Hearing Thor’s bragging, Jane rolled her eyes.

“Come on, don’t say that!”

Thor hurriedly interrupted and changed the subject, “Jerry, let’s go. Jane said it would be much faster for her to take you to the admissions process.”

Thor is not afraid of ghosts. It’s just that watching a movie is different from reality. Under the atmosphere and music, he was scared because of it. In the end, the ghost even crawled out of the TV. He subconsciously wanted to protect Jane and threw the hammer out.

“I didn’t expect that the Wizard would actually be a student of our college. Unfortunately, you are not majoring in astrophysics. Because I’ll be the one teaching that subject.” Darcy, on the side, saw Jerry’s face full of excitement.

Although Darcy is studying astrophysics, it does not prevent her from becoming his fan. When she was in New Mexico two years ago, she asked Jerry for an autograph. It was only then that she always thought the Wizard was a girl.

Now that she learned that the Wizard was a boy, she was even more excited instead of being sad.

“Jerry, do you have a girlfriend? How do you feel about me?” On the way to the school registration office, Darcy held her chest out proudly and spoke very directly.

Jerry is her idol. He saved her life some time ago. As a very bold and straightforward girl, of course, she wants to see if it is possible for her to be his girlfriend.

When faced with this kind of confession, Jerry was stunned for a while before smiling slightly under Darcy’s gaze, “Sorry, but I’m only fourteen.”

“Well, that’s not a problem. I can wait.” Darcy replied.

Jerry shook his head directly, “I have a favorite person.”

Jerry doesn’t plan to fall in love now, especially, it doesn’t conform to his view of love, so he refuses very decisively.

“Well, I guess I’m out of their league.” When Darcy heard Jerry’s rejection, she seemed to sigh as expected, but she was not too sad.

From Darcy’s point of view, Jerry agreed that it was the best because the chance of turning an idol into a partner is very slim.

“Told you so.” Jane told Darcy in a sarcastic tone.

Jerry quickly completed all the admission procedures and started his college career. It’s just that, unlike other people’s college life, Jerry’s college life is much simpler.

That is learning, learning, and learning.


Two months later, In the lab.

Like most of the students, Jerry walked into the lab with textbooks and notebooks in his attire and started today’s practical class on researching animal cells. Today’s practice class is a joint practice class.

At the beginning of the class, he heard some chatter around him, but it was not about the content of this class.

“Wow, is he the ‘Ghost Jerry’? He looks different from the photo I’ve seen before.”

“By the way, is he really that amazing?”

“I won’t lie to you. If you don’t believe me, try it. After class, I’m sure you can’t find him!”

The so-called “Ghost Jerry” is the nickname given to him by his classmates, and in the past two months, it has spread throughout the school. Some students from some clubs suggested that he put into “one of the strange stories of Columbia University”.

Jerry had heard about it, Darcy and Jane had told him, but he didn’t care. He does not live in the dorm after the semester starts. He still lives in his villa in Queens. Because he Apparate, he doesn’t have to worry about being too far from home.

Every time it was almost time for class, he would Apparate near the classroom where he was going to study, walk into the classroom with everyone, and start attending the class.

In addition to the school’s classroom, he will occasionally appear in the library, looking for some professional books he needs to assist in his biology study. But in order to prevent trouble, he used a Disillusionment Charm.

Making him like a firefly in the dark night. Even if he is studying silently, not participating in any activities, not interacting, and not expressing himself deliberately, it is still impossible to ignore his presence.

Every time Jerry walks into the class, especially when he sits there to study and take notes seriously, he always attracts the eyes of many people in the class.

Most of the girls in this country are like Darcy, and they will seize the opportunity to take the initiative to get to know them as soon as they meet them. However, they were surprised to find that every time Jerry walked out of the class, it was difficult for them to find him again.

Like a ghost, he only appears in the classroom during the lecture.

It’s been like this for the past two months. Naturally, it will be spread as a funny topic in the college. But this funny topic turned into a serious rumor around the college.

As a result, “Ghost Jerry” became famous throughout the university.

When mentioning “Ghost Jerry”, you will find that not everyone has seen it but definitely heard his legend. It’s just that for Jerry, he really doesn’t care about these things.

Even for his classmates, he didn’t memorize their names because he felt there was a high probability that he would not interact with them again in the future.

For Jerry, although college life during the day is boring, his nightlife is still interesting.

After returning in the evening, he basically opened the mirror dimension. He practiced and experimented with magic in it or went to Kamar Taj to find Ancient One to talk about magic.

Occasionally, he will take some time to study the Reality Stone in his hand. As a newly appointed Guardian of the Reality Stone, it would be bad if he didn’t know about it. Well, he really doesn’t know much about it.

After all, the Reality Stone was sealed for five thousand years. Even if he asked Ancient One, she wouldn’t know how to use the stone’s power, and the Reality Stone is one of the most difficult stones to master.

Its ability can be described as very unreasonable. It ignores the basic rules of all science and magic in the universe and realizes ideas, fantasies, dreams, illusions, etc. You can have whatever you want, just like Transfiguration.

It’s just that the Transfiguration Charm must follow Gamp’s Law of Transfiguration, and the Transfiguration must also follow the fact that the creatures in the painting must be real creatures.

Reality Stone ignores these laws completely. You can do it as long as you can imagine it, and its power depends entirely on your imagination. Of course, the premise is that you know how to use it and how to activate the power contained in it.

You can see that Malekith has owned the stone for so many years, and at most, he has researched a method to use the stone to stimulate its own power.

The six Infinity Stones contain all the fundamental laws of the universe and possess infinite power. However, in order to use their power, in addition to knowing how to use it, you must also have sufficient strength to control them. Otherwise, it’s no different from six broken rocks in your hand.

Many people and forces in the universe have obtained the Infinity Stones, and as a result, they are often killed and stolen by those who do not have Infinity Stones but are powerful.

Look at Odin. After he got the Tesseract, he just put it in the treasure house. Ancient One just used the Time Stone to observe the past and the future. Even without the stone, she is the powerful Sorcerer Supreme.

Therefore, Jerry has never put his main energy on the Reality Stone but just took the time to study it to see if he can comprehend the laws it possesses so as to make his Transfiguration a step further. He felt that observing and comprehending was more useful than controlling it.


After the professor announced that the class was over, Jerry was the first to pick up his books and walked out of the laboratory.

There are many similarities between these experiments and potion making he studied at Hogwarts, except that the experiments used modern instruments, and the potion-making used magic items.

During this time, the research and study of biological experiments also played many positive roles in his potion-making, and some fantastic ideas often popped into his mind.

This class was the last class of the day, so the moment he walked out of the classroom, Jerry took advantage and Apparate from the spot.

Just as Jerry disappeared, a few young female college students rushed out of the laboratory. However, when they searched for a while, they saw no sign of Jerry at all.

“Sure enough, it is ‘Ghost Jerry’. He runs too fast. I can’t even see his shadow’s going!”

They have heard the legend of “Ghost Jerry”, and have also seen the photos of Jerry that someone secretly took in class. After seeing Jerry for the first time today, she wanted to chase him after class. As a result, she personally verified the legend of “Ghost Jerry”.

“I told you that you will not be able to catch him. I have tried 23 times myself, and I have given up without any success.” Afterward, a tall girl with brown hair walked out of the class.

Jerry was about to open the mirror dimension in the villa’s living room, but the magic mirror around his waist suddenly emitted a magic wave.

“Could it be that Thor asked me to drink again? Didn’t I lend him all Hufflepuff’s gold cups for it?” Jerry sighed helplessly, then reached out and took out the magic mirror around his waist.

During this time, in addition to learning various biological knowledge and researching magic, he would be asked by Thor from time to time and asked him to drink.

The main reason is that after he sent away the dark elves last time, Heimdall didn’t give Thor access to the Rainbow Bridge to return to Asgard.  Thor can’t return to Asgard for the time being and can’t enjoy Asgard’s wines.

Jerry’s Transfiguration can turn white water into all kinds of fine wine, including Asgard’s wine. He can produce wine if there is wine in the world.

When Jerry was busy with his stuff, he would often contact Jerry with the mirror and call him to drink with him. Jerry had no choice but to take out the Hufflepuff’s cup, show its ability to conjure various wines automatically, and temporarily lend it to Thor to get rid of him.

“It’s not Thor. It’s Coulson. Did something happen?” Seeing that it was Coulson who was looking for him, Jerry had a hunch that he could earn some red stars again.

Perhaps it was because he had learned divination at Hogwarts before. Although he was still unable to make predictions, he felt that his own prediction ability was getting stronger and stronger.

Just like when he attacked the spaceship before, his intuition told him to lead Thor to the front, and sure enough, he escaped the fate of being sent away by a laser cannon.

Seeing Coulson contact him this time, his hunch tells him that something good is coming.

“Coulson, do you have anything to do with me?”

“Jerry, I need your help!” Coulson looked at Jerry with a smile on his face in the magic mirror and said in surprise.

Originally, he thought disturbing Jerry would make him unhappy because he knew he had been busy with classes recently. However, it seems that he seems to be in a good mood now.

“Let’s just meet and talk.”

With the help of the magic mirror, Jerry teleported directly to Coulson’s side. In an office of the plane, Coulson looked at Jerry, who appeared instantly with a look of relief on his face.

“What’s going on?” Jerry pulled out a chair from under the desk and sat down gracefully.

Coulson didn’t waste time and began to tell the situation, “Things have to start with my first mission when I first set up the team…”

“A mysterious organization led by ‘Clairvoyant’, which is using ordinary people to conduct experiments developing and perfecting a virus. He wants to use this to make a large number of super soldiers.

“Why do I think this so-called centipede virus is a bit similar to the Killian virus? “

Jerry remembered that the soldiers he helped Iron Man last year also exploded when they were emotionally unstable, and now came another one.

Coulson nodded, “So I suspect that they kidnapped Dr. Hansen because, after our investigation, Dr. Hansen is currently missing.”

Maya Hansen, the creator of the Extremis serum, originally wanted to use the Extremis serum to help the disabled recover. But was deceived by Dr. Killian to create the Extremis Soldiers.

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