“I am Thor, the God of Thunder, fighting for the glory of Asgard.”

As Thor entered the spaceship, he let out a mighty roar and skillfully employed his hammer to deflect the laser gun blasts from two dark elf soldiers.

However, before his roar had even subsided, a powerful laser cannon struck his silver armor, propelling him backward and crashing into the metal wall of the spaceship.

The spaceship defense system automatically locked onto and attacked the intruder.

“Bombarda!” Jerry swiftly threw an explosion spell at the laser cannon concealed within the wall, reducing it to a pile of scrap metal.

“Thor, are you alright?” Jerry is concerned about Thor.

“I’m fine. The armor on my body is forged from Uru metal by the dwarf king. This laser weapon is useless against me.” Thor rose from the ground, dusting himself off and confidently standing tall.

The armors worn by Odin, Loki, and Thor were crafted using the Uru metal and combined with the exceptional training skills for which the dwarves were renowned throughout the universe.

They were particularly effective against energy weapons such as lasers and magic. Even if damaged, they would gradually repair themselves over time.

The laser cannon had made contact with Thor’s armor, yet it had caused almost no damage. However, armor made of Uru metal did have its weaknesses.

They were less effective against physical bludgeoning and penetration by sharp weapons. For instance, if Jerry were to attack Thor using ordinary magic, his armor would likely block it.

Unless Jerry aimed for an unprotected area, such as Thor’s face, or employed powerful spells like the Patronus and slammed Thor into the ground, it would cause him some damage.

Fortunately, Jerry had Thor by his side.

Seeing Thor emerge relatively unscathed, Jerry silently thanked his decision to have a formidable ally act as his shield.

If Jerry had been the first to enter, the laser cannon had a high probability of tearing him apart.

Laser beams moved at incredible speeds, leaving little time to cast the Protego Charm as a defense.

Moreover, always wearing the Protego Charm made it cumbersome to cast other spells.

“There’s more coming!”

A metal door opened nearby, and dozens of dark elves wielding laser guns charged toward them aggressively.

“Expecto Patronum!”

Jerry first summoned the second form of his Patronus, then encased himself in a Protego Charm.

They needed to be cautious, as who knew how many hidden laser cannons or other advanced technological weapons lay in wait.

For now, Jerry ensured his own protection by entrusting the attack to his Patronus and Thor, who was impervious to harm.

The dark elves fired lasers at Thor and Jerry. Jerry’s spell blocked all incoming attacks, while Thor wore a one-armed head guard and hurled his hammer at the enemies.

Observing this, Jerry controlled his Patronus to fly in tandem with Thor toward the dark elves. In moments, all the dark elves who had launched the assault lay defeated on the ground.

Once they confirmed their safety, Jerry temporarily lifted the spell and had his Patronus subdue the remaining conscious dark elf.

“Imperio” To capture the king, one must first capture his men.

Given the size of the spaceships, the unknown number of dark elves, and their advanced defense mechanisms, they had to understand the ship’s structure and swiftly locate the leader.

The Imperius Curse was cast smoothly. Evidently, these ordinary dark elf Soldiers lacked strong willpower.

“Tell me, where is your leader?” Jerry asked sharply.

The dark elf replied gleefully, “Akamara Grucka…”

“Thor, what did he say?” Jerry looked at Thor with a puzzled expression.

Thor shrugged helplessly, “Don’t look at me. I’m not Loki. The dark elves disappeared for so long, and I haven’t had the opportunity to learn their language.”

“Well, that’s a reasonable answer.”

Jerry had initially expected Thor, who had lived for over a thousand years, to have some understanding of the dark elf language.

However, Thor hadn’t invested his time into learning their language.

Jerry adjusted his strategy and gazed into the dark elf’s eyes, casting a spell once more.

Legilimency allowed for the direct reading of thoughts and memories, facilitating a form of spiritual communication. Even with limited language proficiency, relevant information could be extracted.

“The mage and the Asgardian warrior are breaching our defenses and heading straight for the command center!” A dark elf rushed back to Malekith. His voice filled with anxiety.

Malekith watched the screencap, observing the mage who effortlessly opened the metal gate with magic and the Asgardian warrior who easily dispatched a dark elf warrior. His brow furrowed tightly.

“Midgard has produced such a powerful mage over the years? And why are Asgardians involved in this? Forget it.”

Jerry’s display of destroying 30 flying machines with a single spell had indeed shaken Malekith. Even during the height of Asgard’s power, there were no mages of such magnitude.

Additionally, the presence of a formidable Asgardian warrior made him decide to employ the dark elves’ ultimate trump card.

The celestial bodies were on the verge of converging. Malekith needed to secure the Aether and make it to the convergence point before it concluded.

Only then could he harness the immense power generated during the celestial convergence, fully activate the potential of the Aether, and plunge the universe into darkness.

With the support of the surging power that accompanies the celestial convergence, acquiring the Aether alone would suffice.

If he had truly mastered the power of the Aether, he would not have been so easily defeated in Bor and forced to flee.


At that moment, a tall, dark elf bypassed a group of warriors and approached Malekith. Malekith locked eyes with his deputy commander, a trace of reluctance evident in his gaze.

“Algrim, you know the consequences of being a Kurse.”

“I am willing to sacrifice myself for our fallen brethren, just as you have.” Algrim’s tone was resolute. He had made his decision.

Gazing at the approaching intruders on the virtual screen, Malekith no longer hesitated. He drew his dagger, forcefully plunged it into Algrim’s body, and then placed the Kurse Stone in his hand.

“You shall become a creature of the night, cursed by this world until you are fully assimilated!”

“By then, our enemies will be powerless to stop you, for I shall utterly crush them and create a brand-new universe for you!”

Algrim crushed the Kurse stone in his hand and let out a resounding roar. His body transformed into a Kurse warrior, adorned with a blackened visage, fangs, and horns.

His physique grew three to four times larger than before, and his body was encased in formidable scales, resembling a monstrous creature.

Meanwhile, as Jerry delved into the minds of the dark elf soldier through Legilimency, he led Thor to the final metal door leading to the command center of the spaceship.

“Is Malekith behind this door? Open it, and I shall hammer his head!” Thor’s face beamed with excitement as he tightly gripped his hammer.

Fighting alongside Jerry as a team made him feel incredibly at ease. There was no need for complex coordination. He just needs to swing his hammer relentlessly.

Their teamwork reached unparalleled levels with Jerry positioned behind him, emitting light to attract enemy fire and providing cover, and occasionally using shadows to immobilize opposing dark elf warriors.

“Alohomora!” Jerry cast an unlocking spell on the door.

The enigmatic lock, constructed using alien technology, instantly yielded to the unlocking magic. Thor kicked the door open and charged into the command center with a thunderous roar.

However, as soon as Thor entered the hall, Jerry witnessed him hurtling backward, even faster than his initial entry.

Reacting swiftly, Jerry summoned a gentle wind to soften the impact on Thor, extending his arm to block the oncoming force.

“Thor, it seems you’ve found your match!” Jerry glanced at the formidable Kurse warrior standing alongside Malekith and the dent on Thor’s chest armor.

However, he also acknowledged that the dark elf race possessed more than just advanced technology.

“I guess I was being careless,” he remarked.

Thor stood up, took a deep breath, and retrieved his hammer before charging at the Kurse warrior once more.

After a brief struggle, Thor was sent flying again by the Kurse warrior. It was evident that Thor was outmatched in terms of strength and close combat abilities.

Throughout their fight, the Kurse warrior dominated the fight.

“Anyone who dares to impede the revival of our kind shall meet their demise! Kill them all!” Malekith bellowed, prompting the Kurse warrior and dozens of elite dark elf warriors to attack Thor and Jerry.

“If they want a fight, then so be it. Dementors!” Jerry calmly retorted.

Faced with the powerful Kurse warriors and dark elves, Jerry, who had maintained the Protego Charm, remained unruffled. He nonchalantly retrieved his suitcase and opened it.

Suddenly, a swarm of cloaked Dementors emerged from the suitcase, letting out eerie wails as they charged toward them.

“Hey, there’s one who’s immune!” Jerry remarked.

The Dementors paid no heed to the dark elves’ weapon attacks, turning those they absorbed into lifeless statues slumped on the ground.

Among them was Malekith. Three Dementors latched onto him simultaneously, subjecting him to a state of utter despair and suicidal thoughts.

However, the Kurse warrior remained unaffected by the Dementors in any way.

Perhaps due to his lack of humanity or the absence of joy within his emotions, the Dementors proved futile against him.

“Thor, do you seek revenge?” Jerry inquired, observing the cursed warrior momentarily halted by the Patronus.

The Kurse warrior’s strength was estimated as similar to Hulk.

While the Patronus possessed immense power and formidable magical defenses, its physical defense capabilities were lacking, making it difficult to sustain against the Kurse warrior’s onslaught.

Moreover, Jerry intended to avoid employing any powerful spells that could cause substantial damage in the command room, as he anticipated the potential usability of the dark elf battleship after neutralizing the dark elves.

“Of course, I’ll hammer his head!” Thor declared, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

He extended his hand to summon Thor’s hammer, poised to confront the cursed warrior again.

However, Jerry intervened and grabbed Thor’s arm.

“Wait a moment; let me give you a little boost!” Jerry said, extending his hand to touch Thor’s forehead and casting the “Force” card magic to enhance Thor’s strength.

He then dismissed the pierced Patronus, who had fulfilled its role as a distraction.

“Oh, Jerry, what have you done to me? I feel like I could take on ten opponents now!” Thor exclaimed, tightening his grip on the hammer and exuding a newfound explosive power. He had never felt as physically formidable as he did at that moment.

“It’s just an auxiliary magic that enhances strength,” Jerry explained, grinning mischievously as he plucked a handful of melon seeds from the box and began munching on them.

The “Force” card magic operated by amplifying the caster’s strength through a unique method. The stronger the caster, the more pronounced the effect.

Thor possessed immense strength as the God of Thunder, and with the added assistance of the “Force” magic, his might was further magnified.

“I love you, Jerry!” Thor exclaimed jubilantly, grabbing his hammer and charging toward the approaching Kurse warrior.

With a resounding impact, Thor sent the Kurse warrior flying. Thor’s relentless barrage pulverized the Kurse warrior, who ultimately succumbed to his assault.

On the rooftop of Kamar-Taj.

Jerry released Malekith from the Stupefy spell and allowed the remaining 100 dark elf soldiers, pilots, and Malekith himself to exit the suitcase box.

He turned to The Ancient One and asked for her guidance.

“The Ancient One, what should we do with the leader and the remaining dark elves?”

“Master Carmen, as you have defeated them, you hold more authority than I do in deciding their fate,” The Ancient One responded, her gaze fixed on Jerry, eager to see how he would handle the situation.

Jerry contemplated for a moment before delivering a righteous proposal, “From their perspective, their desire to ensure the prosperity of their race is not entirely wrong. However, their actions have posed a threat to the entire universe.”

“My suggestion is to confiscate their ship, erase their memories, and send them back to their homeland, Svartalfheim, where they can continue to thrive.”

Jerry’s thoughts were to execute them all, leaving no room for future trouble. However, considering the circumstances and The Ancient One’s test, he knew he couldn’t answer that way.

Impressed, The Ancient One nodded in approval, seemingly satisfied with Jerry’s response. “I extracted the Aether from Miss Darcy’s body while you and Thor were engaged in battle. She is unharmed.”

“Thank you for your assistance, The Ancient One.” Jerry expressed his gratitude alongside Thor, Jane, and Darcy.

Subsequently, Jerry cast Obliviate on the living dark elves to erase their memories, followed by a false memory spell to implant fake memories.

Thor summoned the Bifrost and transported the dark elves to Svartalfheim.

It appeared that Odin, through Heimdall, had been informed of the events transpiring and temporarily lifted the ban on Thor’s presence.

With everything settled, Jerry stored the spaceship inside his suitcase as requested by The Ancient One.

He bid farewell to her, expressing his gratitude, before opening a portal to send Thor, Jane, and Darcy went back to Coulson’s plane.

He provided a brief account of the situation before returning to his villa.

Upon arriving home, Jerry promptly accessed the panel to assess the rewards of his recent endeavor.

As anticipated, the number of red stars awarded to him in this event involving the Infinity Stones was substantial.

His red stars had surged by 300,000 in just one day.

However, this incident also exposed a deficiency that needed immediate attention—Jerry’s magic power.

Engaging in large-scale combined spellcasting had depleted half of his magic reserves with a single use. This indicated that while his magical strength had significantly increased, his magic capacity struggled to keep pace.

Consequently, he resolved to slightly reduce his research time and concentrate on purifying the wizard’s blood.

Even with his current efficiency, it would require several decades to achieve substantial breakthroughs.

Therefore, purifying the wizard’s blood became his primary objective for rapidly resolving his magic power problem in the near future.

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