“Gather all Kamar Taj mages and prepare to fight the enemy.” The Ancient One commanded, turning her attention to a middle-aged Chinese mage who had been standing near the door.

“Yes, Master.” The mage bowed respectfully before swiftly leaving the room to carry out the orders.

The Ancient One’s sudden urgency momentarily took Jerry aback.

He had intended to inquire about the situation, but then he noticed something and turned his head in the same direction The Ancient One had been looking.

“It seems that something is approaching Kamar Taj.” Jerry remarked, his gaze fixed on the sky.

Thor and Jane followed his line of sight but only saw a clear blue sky and scattered clouds accompanied by an unexpected gust of wind.

“It’s still invisible, but I can detect it with smoke.” Jerry announced, waving his hand. Instantly, a thick cloud of smoke materialized and soared out of the living room, ascending into the sky.

The smoke detection spell is a technique magicians use to unveil invisibility magic.

Horvath had employed the same spell to counter Jerry’s Phantasm Spell.

As the smoke dispersed and tangled in the air, as if imbued with life, a colossal spaceship of thousands of meters in height and adorned with exotic technological designs materialized high in the Himalayan sky.

“Oh my God, what is that?” Jane exclaimed upon seeing the massive battleship.

As a renowned scientist on Earth, witnessing such technology far surpassing anything on the planet was both awe-inspiring and unsettling.

Frowning, Thor remarked, “The appearance of this battleship resembles the depictions of the extinct Dark Elves.” He recognized the distinctive style associated with the ancient race.

“Yes, these are remnants of the Dark Elves who slumbered for five thousand years and have now been awakened by the power of the Aether,” The Ancient One confirmed, wearing a calm smile that betrayed no signs of anxiety.

Jerry quickly grasped the reason behind The Ancient One’s call to arms. “Their purpose in coming here must be the Aether.”

The Ancient One’s response did not waver. “Indeed, the Dark Elves seek to acquire the Aether. They planned to utilize them five thousand years ago to plunge the universe into darkness, and it seems they are intent on carrying out their plan now.”

Thor, unusually serious, asserted, “We cannot allow the Dark Elves to obtain it. My grandfather intended to eradicate them precisely because they intended to use the particles to cast the universe into darkness. They must be pursuing this goal even now.”

As Thor spoke, Jerry’s heart skipped a beat.

After all, it involved the fate of the entire universe. Perhaps there might be some extra rewards in the form of red stars if he managed to thwart their plans.

While Jerry acknowledged that even if he did nothing, the Dark Elves would likely fail to realize their ideal, the consequences of their actions would be severe nonetheless.

The Reality Stone is undeniably powerful, but using it to keep the universe in eternal darkness is unrealistic.

Even if the Dark Elves were to succeed in using the stone for that purpose, it would only be a matter of time before the most powerful beings in the universe intervened, reclaimed the stone, and restored the universe to its original state.

Some individuals might not even require the Reality Stone to restore the universe on their own terms.

Moreover, both Odin and The Ancient One are still alive, making it highly improbable for the Dark Elves to utilize Reality Stone to affect the Nine Realms and Earth.

However, despite these considerations, Jerry felt that by participating in preventing the Dark Elves from obtaining the Reality Stone would likely receive substantial red stars.

The Dark Elves’ invasion of Earth with their space battleships mirrored the last invasion by the Chitauri.

At that moment, Wong, Mordo, and Kaecillius entered the hall together.

“Master, all the mages are in position. Should we engage the enemy?” Wong inquired.

“The Ancient One, since we brought the Aether to Kamar-Taj, it is our duty to protect this place. The mages of Kamar-Taj should activate defensive magic to safeguard the area. Thor and I will handle the Dark Elves,” Jerry declared, his voice resolute.

Jerry had suppressed the excitement in his eyes, fully aware that if The Ancient One unleashed her full power, he would likely be unable to eliminate more than a few Dark Elves himself.

It was better to let The Ancient One and the mages of Kamar-Taj hold the line while Thor served as a shield for them. At the same time, Jerry would focus on attacking.

However, even if they couldn’t achieve that, Jerry was determined to defeat as many as possible.

Ultimately, it would be up to The Ancient One to handle the aftermath, ensuring their safety and maximizing the acquisition of red stars.

“Master Jerry, you don’t need to worry about it. Kamar-Taj bears the responsibility of protecting Earth, not only concerning internal conflicts but also defending against invasions from alien planets and creatures,” The Ancient One reassured him.

The Ancient One’s profound appreciation for Jerry stemmed from her observations of his past and future through the time gem.

Jerry consistently placed himself at the forefront of confronting significant challenges, unafraid of danger.

When evaluating a person’s character, their actions were of paramount importance.

The Ancient One witnessed Jerry’s past through Time Stone, which was virtually impeccable.  He cared for his family, handled household tasks, and actively pursued acts of kindness.

Though he occasionally resorted to more aggressive methods, such as standing up against bullies or deceiving teachers to protect others, his motives were rooted in justice rather than personal gain.

Of course, no one is perfect, and The Ancient One herself has made her share of mistakes.  Imperfections are part of being human.

Unbeknownst to The Ancient One, most of Jerry’s acts of kindness were motivated by his desire for red stars, a fact hidden from her Time Stone’s view.

However, The Ancient One couldn’t be blamed.

From childhood to adulthood, Jerry’s actions embodied the ideals of a trustworthy and exemplary superhero, aligning with the inherent expectations people hold for wizards.

“Even so, the responsibility ultimately falls upon us. If any of Kamar-Taj’s mages were to lose their lives in this conflict, I would feel an immense sense of guilt.”

“Therefore, The Ancient One, Thor, and I will do our best to handle the Dark Elves. If we find ourselves overwhelmed, I will rely on the mages of Kamar-Taj for assistance,” Jerry stated firmly, his determination shining through.

Wong and Mordo exchanged admiring glances.

They now understood why they sincerely looked up to Jerry the most.

In the face of the enormous spaceship and formidable Dark Elves outside, Jerry was willingly facing them alone to prevent any sacrifices among Kamar-Taj’s mages.

His character was truly admirable.

“Thor, we are comrades fighting side by side. Don’t say such things. Darcy is my friend too, and I’m eager to put my recently acquired magic skills to the test.” Jerry reassured Thor with a pat on the shoulder.

If Thor hadn’t sought his help, he wouldn’t have encountered this opportunity and earned a substantial amount of Little Red Stars.

Indeed, there always seemed to be various incidents surrounding every famous superhero in the Marvel world.

As long as he remained involved, it provided an excellent channel to earn red stars.

Thor looked into Jerry’s eager eyes, and his heart swelled with emotion. “Alright, I’ll use my powers to blast the heads off those Dark Elves.”

“Since Master Jerry has decided, I won’t object any further. However, to prevent this battle from affecting ordinary people, allow me to provide you with some assistance,” The Ancient One said with a smile, raising her hands and performing Kamar-Taj’s mirror dimension magic.

However, compared to the last time Kaecillius had pulled him and Jerry into the mirror space, Jerry subsequently learned to enter it independently.

The Ancient One effortlessly enveloped the entire Kamar-Taj and the thousands of dark elves in the sky, pulling them all into the mirror dimension together.

In terms of understanding and mastery of this magic, The Ancient One’s expertise far surpassed Kaecillius and Jerry.

Inside the Dark Elf’s command room,

“Master, our battleship has been pulled into a peculiar space according to the tests. Should we activate the space jump to return?” a slender Dark Elf reported to Malekith.

“No, I can sense that the Aether is also present in this space. I didn’t expect Midgard to have a mage and a formidable one even,” Malekith responded.

As an ancient race born from darkness, though they primarily focused on technological development, it didn’t mean they were oblivious to magic.

The revelation of the smoke that unveiled the ship’s invisibility and the method used to transport the entire battleship into the peculiar space undeniably belonged to the magical abilities of a mage.

“Master, it’s merely a group of magicians playing tricks. Allow me to lead three teams, annihilate them all, and retrieve the Aether for you, ” a powerful Dark Elf proposed, kneeling on one knee.

Malekith glanced at his subordinate and commanded, “Take thirty squads and swiftly eliminate them, then retrieve the Aether.”

The stealth effect would soon dissipate, and Asgard would undoubtedly discover the ship.

Thus, their objective was to secure the ether particles and hide before the Asgardian army could respond.

With the convergence of celestial bodies and the connection of the Nine Realms, they would use the Aetger at the convergence point to fulfill their dream of plunging the universe into darkness once more.

“Yes, master!”  The dark elf quickly stood up, turned his head, and began summoning the dark elf warriors. They swiftly boarded the aircraft.

On the rooftop of Kamar-Taj, mages in their robes emerged from portals carrying various instruments.

These were the Kamar-Taj mages stationed at the three sanctuaries. He had summoned them to defend the sacred land of Kamar-Taj.

“Prepare to defend the sacred land!”

Following his commanding voice, hundreds of Kamar-Taj mages simultaneously raised their rings, ready to activate the joint protective shield to resist the artillery attacks from the spaceship.

Hundreds of mages took out bow-shaped magic weapons on the rooftops and high platforms.

On the four corners of the rooftop, several mages worked together to unleash a cannon engraved with magical runes.

Clearly, Kamar-Taj had its own defensive and offensive formations in the face of external threats.  This was not the first time they had encountered such a situation.

“They’re about to attack. Thor, let’s go!”  Jerry, who had already arrived on the rooftop, observed the spaceship.

He then saw several aircrafts, gesturing to Thor, and unfurled his wings to meet the enemy.

Although they were referred to as smaller aircraft, they were still sizable, measuring 30 to 40 meters in height, comparable to a ten-story building.

Each aircraft was equipped with a scarlet muzzle, radiating intense red energy, ready to be unleashed at any moment.

“Ahem, Jerry, it might be challenging for just the two of us. I’ll take the lead for now, and if we can’t hold on, we’ll retreat quickly,” Thor said.

Upon seeing the spaceship and the oncoming aircraft, he couldn’t help but feel a tingling sensation on his scalp. He was no longer the arrogant Thor from two years ago.

He had dared to venture into the frost giants’ lair with a few of his comrades. If Odin hadn’t rescued him in time, he would have met his demise.

He was well aware that with his current strength, even with Jerry’s formidable magic, the two of them alone couldn’t destroy such a massive spaceship and its accompanying fleet of aircraft.

However, his earlier agreement with Jerry wasn’t solely due to the atmosphere at the time or a surge of adrenaline.

He wasn’t a coward, either. Even alone, he would fearlessly charge into battle and vanquish the enemy with his hammer.

He merely wanted to provide Jerry with a reminder of their capabilities.

“Don’t worry. I have been active these past two years. Let me show you the new magic I’ve been studying at Kamar-Taj.” Jerry reassured Thor with a confident smile, patting him on the shoulder.

He then focused his attention on preparing to cast his spells. He had just received a large bag of magical items from The Ancient One, which naturally boosted his confidence.

In Thor’s recollection, the last time he witnessed Jerry in combat was during the Battle of New York.  Jerry used the Basilisk to petrify numerous Chitauri soldiers and later rode a dragon.

However, the Basilisk would only be useful in this scenario if the Dark Elves willingly disembarked their ships and aircraft.

Nevertheless, Jerry’s magical prowess surpassed his abilities during the Battle of New York.  His magic level was now much higher than before.

Jerry cast a spell with a low voice.  Suddenly, eighteen arms materialized behind him, followed by nine figures identical to himself emerging from his back.

The Images of Ikonn was an advanced spell of Kamar-Taj.

It allowed the summoning of identical clones to assist in battle, capable of wielding the same magic as the original caster.

Currently, Jerry was still a novice in using this spell, able to manifest only nine clones at most, and their presence lasted less than ten seconds.

However, he believed that dealing with that aircraft required more than a single person.

After summoning nine clones, Jerry didn’t hesitate. The main body and the clones simultaneously shouted a spell.

With nearly half of his magic power depleted, a thousand roaring fire dragons materialized in the sky above Kamar-Taj.

The sight of numerous fire dragons, each measuring at least ten meters in length, stunned the Dark Elves aboard their aircraft, the Kamar-Taj mages, and Thor, who had been poised to strike with his hammer.

A thousand fiery dragons roared and danced, filling the sky with their intimidating presence.

Jerry pointed at the oncoming aircraft, and thousands of fire Dragons immediately charged toward their targets.

With the aircraft on the opposing side and a thousand fire Dragons, each aircraft was fortunate to be targeted by more than thirty fire dragons.

Even if the aircraft unleashed energy cannons and managed to intercept a few dragons, they would still be directly hit by at least twenty of them.

Explosions reverberated in the air as each aircraft transformed into a spectacular display of fireworks.

The aircraft were not constructed from ordinary metal; they were designed to endure normal operations for five thousand years.

Ordinary shells found on Earth would struggle to pierce through their defenses.

However, Jerry’s fire dragons were magical, infused with potent fire spells. Their power far surpassed ordinary flames.

With their vast numbers and controllability, the aircraft could not evade the fiery onslaught.

“Jerry, your magic is incredible! Bring down a dozen more ships!”

Witnessing Jerry’s spells in action, Thor felt a surge of hope for victory.  He eagerly urged Jerry to unleash more attacks.

However, Jerry responded, “What are you thinking? It’s not that simple. Before they can react, let’s blast an entry point into the spaceship. Once inside, we can deal with them directly!”

As the nine clones dissipated, Jerry regained his energy.

He rolled his eyes at Thor, then pointed in the direction of the battleship. With a powerful flap of his wings, he swiftly flew towards it.

Though he had greatly improved his magical power, surpassing the 300-level mark, he could only execute two combined magics, like the ones he had just performed.

Although high-level magic consumed significant magic power, it wasn’t an issue for Jerry.  The main concern was the spell itself, especially when ten of them were released simultaneously.

The consumption of magic power was like water flowing rapidly, equivalent to consecutively casting a lot of spells at the same time.

With his current magic power, he could release a maximum of 2,000 fire dragons.

Therefore, he could only perform such a large-scale explosion twice, like the one they had just witnessed.

“Yes, let’s enter the spaceship and fight them!”  Initially aware that Jerry could only unleash one more attack, Thor felt slightly disappointed.

However, when he heard Jerry’s plan, a renewed sense of victory washed over him.

Indeed, their chances of success out there were slim. Even if Jerry wiped out 30 aircraft, the enemy could send in another 30.

With such a massive spaceship, who knew how many aircraft it concealed?

At that point, the weapons on the spaceship and the aircraft would unleash a barrage of attacks, and the Dark Elves wouldn’t have to expose themselves.

Both Jerry and Thor would suffer greatly. But entering the spaceship could change the situation entirely.

Without the aircraft and the spaceship’s weapons, they could face the dark elf soldiers directly, significantly improving their odds of winning.

Even without Jerry, Thor believed he would have a chance alone.

“Blast it for me.”

Thor swung his hammer and swiftly approached the spaceship.  Concentrating his power, he summoned a lightning bolt and brought it crashing down upon the spaceship.

Thor’s Hammer created a large hole in the spaceship’s surface.

It was large enough for both of them to pass through with just one strike.

Compared to the enormous spaceship, the hole was no larger than a human size, so it didn’t affect the vessel’s functions in the slightest.

“Nice work!”  Impressed by Thor’s hole-blasting feat, Jerry followed suit and leaped into the spaceship.

In truth, Jerry could have opened a portal inside the spaceship to enter, but he feared that the moment he stepped through the portal, he would be met with attacks from the ship’s weapons or the Dark Elves within.

He entrusted Thor to take the lead since he had no knowledge of the Dark Elves’ weapons and abilities.

With Thor’s formidable physique, even if he were subjected to the dark elf’s weaponry, it likely wouldn’t pose a significant threat.

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