“Who would that be? Belle, is it your friend?” Haas turned to Belle in the kitchen.

If his friends from the police station came over, they would usually call him in advance. Hence why he thought it was Belle’s colleagues because they sometimes came over during the holidays.

“Malika and the others didn’t say they were coming today. Could it be Anne and Susan?” Belle poked her head out of the kitchen with a puzzled face.

“Aisha didn’t say they weren’t going to be here today. I’ll open the door. Maybe it’s a salesman or something.”

Haas was about to get up but was pressed down by Jerry, “Dad, it should be my friend, or more precisely, the boss of my summer internship company.”

“What? Your boss? Did you find a job ahead of time?” Haas obviously didn’t expect Jerry to be so fast.

Jerry shrugged and walked to the door, explaining, “Well, he said he’ll meet me. He suggested that I go to his company to experience it for the first time, saying that it would be very helpful for my study.”

“Really? I want to see which person dares hire child laborers.” Haas was clearly wary of the guy trying to trick his son into working.

Although there is no law against child labor in the country, he hates businessmen who employ child labor.

“Tony, it’s up to you next.” Opening the door, Jerry gestured towards Tony, who was wearing a suit and sunglasses.

Tony took off his glasses and winked at Jerry, “Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

“Good morning, you are Mr. Haas Witt? I heard Jerry mentioned you before. Let me introduce myself. I am from Stark Industries.”

Haas was instantly stunned when he saw Tony Stark walk quickly from the door to him.

After a while, he said in disbelief, “You are… Tony Stark. This is unbelievable. Your suit is amazing! Oh, man, I’m a big fan of you.” Hass never imagined that the person who hired his son to work was Iron Man.

“Haas, what’s the matter? Who’s there?” At this moment, Belle stuck her head out of the kitchen again.

Before Haas could reply, Tony turned his head and waved, “Hello, Mrs. Witt, I played golf with Mr. Pizarro last month, and he’s really good at it.”

Belle’s father, Pizarro, was a supplier of raw materials for Stark Industries. Of course, Tony knew about him, but he did not expect Pizarro’s daughter to be the Wizard’s stepmother.

In this way, with the information he learned in advance, Tony quickly chatted with Haas and Belle. At this time, Aisha also walked down from the second floor.

“Who is he?” Looking at the back of the stranger chatting with her parents, Aisha asked Jerry.

“Tony Stark, Iron Man!” Jerry briefly said that he was going to Stark Industries for a summer job.

“Jerry, that’s great you’re going for a job in the summ… I mean, that’s too bad!”

Aisha’s eyes lit up when she heard her brother was not home for the summer holiday. Because it meant that she didn’t have to worry about studying her homework, she could start her magical adventure plan with Anne and Susan.

Seeing Aisha pretending to be sad, Jerry’s mouth twitched.

“Don’t worry, I will not be at home during the summer. I have prepared something for you and more test materials for you in advance. I will give it to you in a while. I hope you’re going to work on it and take it seriously.”

After a while, in the living room, everyone sat down.

Tony was the first to turn to the topic and said, “Mr. Witt, Mrs. Witt. Since I met Jerry by accident, I think he is a genius like me. I don’t think his summer vacation should be wasted like this. He can go to my company to practice and study there, which will be more helpful to his future study in the university.”

Haas originally against Jerry’s part-time job idea, now turned his back on his attitude and replied with a little excitement in his tone, “Of course, it’s a one-time opportunity to work for the Stark Industry.”

Jerry shook his head secretly from the side. He knew that Haas was a big fan of Iron Man. He was helpless if the man himself asked for his permission.

In Tony’s eyes, Jerry is a mysterious and powerful figure. A single magic can bring a cruise ship to the sky and be ruthless against his enemies. So, helping him with a favor like this is no problem.

This is exactly what he needs. He is afraid that there is no way to convince Haas to let him take this summer job if it’s not because of Iron Man.

The key point is that he doesn’t want to use black magic on his family. In the long run, finding Tony is the best way at the moment.

He doesn’t have time to relax at home, and there is still a lot of Kamar Taj’s magic waiting for him to be studied.

Originally, he shouldn’t be rushing it and didn’t need to be in a hurry. With his current strength, he was considered strong enough on Earth.

But Ancient One took him to the multiverse, saw the Dimensional Gods, and let him know the strength gap between himself and those Dimensional Gods.

Sure enough, as soon as Tony appeared, Haas did not hesitate at all and agreed to Jerry going to Stark Tower to work during the summer vacation.

However, just when things were about to be settled, Belle suddenly took a shot and pinched Haas’s waist below, “Jerry is still young, and some things are best not to be rushed. After graduating from college, you can get your internship there later.”

Belle is not a fan of Iron Man, and as the daughter of a big company, she has long heard of Tony’s name for a long time, and her impression of him is not very good. She didn’t want Jerry to become a person like Tony.

She also felt that Jerry was too young. He should be staying and enjoying his holiday rather than getting a part-time job, especially if they aren’t even short on money.

Pizarro is Belle’s only daughter. After Pizarro’s death, his huge inheritance belongs to Belle, and money is not going to be a problem at all.

Haas was pinched by Belle, and knowing that she did not agree, he began to hesitate. While idols are amazing, what his wife said makes some sense.

Upon seeing this, Tony immediately put a suitcase in his hand on the table, “Mr. Witt, I heard from Jerry that you are very interested in some technological products. This is a Mark 4 model that I took time to make. Although it has no weapons, can’t fly, and has simplified many functions, it can be worn normally. Take this as a gift from our meeting.”

After that, he began to teach Haas how to put on the suit quickly.

“How is it? Does it fit you?”

“Mr. Stark, I love this gift!”

Wearing a simplified version of the Mark 4, Haas walked around the living room, posing non-stop.

Tony smiled and asked again,

“Mr. Witt, do you think that Jerry…”

“I agree!” Haas did not hesitate this time and answered very decisively.

He feels that although his son is young, his body is not much worse than a typical adult’s, and he has no problem doing those in the summer.

“Haas…” When Belle heard that Haas agreed, she was about to get up but was stopped by Jerry.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I took the initiative to ask Mr. Tony to help me later.”

“You don’t have to force yourself so hard. You have done enough. I have never seen a child as sensible and excellent as you. You can take time to relax and don’t put so much pressure on yourself.” Hearing this, Belle sighed helplessly, knowing that Jerry had made up his mind.

Although she didn’t know that Jerry was the Wizard, she always felt that Jerry always seemed to be under a lot of pressure and had a lot of things hidden from everyone. So she hoped Jerry could relax this summer instead of pressuring himself daily.

She also knew that Jerry had always been a restless person. Since Jerry had already decided, it would be useless even if she objected.


At the villa’s door.

“Mr. Stark, don’t you want to stay and have lunch with us?” Haas said with some regret.

Tony waved his hand, “Thank you, but there’s a big guy in my lab that hasn’t been finished yet, and I’ll send someone over to pick Jerry up to Stark Tower tomorrow.”

“Uncle Tony, do you know Sister Wizard?” At this moment, Aisha suddenly spoke up.

Tony glanced at Jerry with a smile and replied,

“Of course, we know each other. We are very good friends. We have fought side by side many times.”

“Can you help me get three autographs from her? My two friends and I are her fans!”

The Wizard is Aisha and her two friends’ idols. But for some reason, she never encountered the Wizard when she was fighting crime outside.

Since Iron Man fought side by side with the Wizard before, he must know her. She thought at this time if she could get some autographs through his connection.

When Tony heard her request, he couldn’t hold back, almost laughed, coughed, and replied, “Very well. Next time I meet her, I will ask for it for you. I will give it to Jerry, and he will bring it back to you.”

“Thank you! Brother, you have to come back early when you finish your work.” Aisha was happy and looked at Jerry.

Jerry nodded helplessly.

“Okay, Mr. Stark has important things to do. Let’s not disturb him. Jerry, Aisha, say goodbye to him!” Haas said with a smile.

“Goodbye, Uncle Tony!” Aisha waved at Tony because Tony promised an autograph.

Jerry was a bit reluctant to say it, “Unc…”

Tony interrupted before he could call out the word uncle, “Goodbye, everyone. I’ll be leaving now!”

He stretched out his hand and summoned Mark 43, who was standing in the yard, and flew away quickly.

“Consider this done.” Seeing a quick response, Jerry nodded secretly in his heart.


A month later, in a university classroom dormitory building.

Thor was watching the horror movie “The Cabin in the Woods” released last year, with Jane in his arms. From time to time, he was frightened by the terrifying atmosphere inside and carried a hammer.

Since the last meeting, the two have calmed down for a while, and finally, they can’t help but reconcile with each other’s thoughts. Thor returned to Earth from Asgard, and Jane returned to New York from London.

The two have already thought about it, and their relationship has become more intimate than before. Thor learned to get up and fry eggs every morning, and the two also bought roller skates together, and they slid around the school with it.

The two hug and watch horror movies together, go to amusement parks together, and so on.

Just when the movie saw the most critical moment, Jane’s cell phone rang suddenly, so frightened that Thor almost threw his hammer out.

“Calm down. It’s just Darcy looking for me.” Seeing the name displayed on the phone, Jane quickly comforted him.

Darcy is her best friend. Thor also knew her when she followed her to study astronomy in New Mexico.

Darcy is an astronomer like her, working with her trainee in London to study strange astronomical phenomena.

Jane originally planned to be with them, but Thor went to London to find her, so the two got back together. They temporarily changed their plans and went back to New York to be together again.

“Darcy? What’s the matter?” Jane paused the movie and answered the phone.

On the other end of the phone, Darcy’s very frightened voice came, “Jane, something is wrong with my body!”

At the same time, in Svartalfheim.

Hidden in the depths of Svartalfheim, a giant spaceship inside countless meteorite fragments suddenly woke up like a beast that had been sleeping for a long time. The life support of the ship slowly opened after the ship’s energy was activated, and a humanoid creature staggered out of it.

“After sleeping for thousands of years. The Aether finally reappeared, and we shall begin our hunt!”

The pointed-eared humanoid walked to the glass at the command post and watched the crowd below wake up one by one. They are a family of dark elves born in the dark before the birth of the universe, and he is their leader, Malekith.

He needs to find the Aether and use it to accomplish his goal.

However, under the lead of King Odin’s father, King Bor, the Asgard warriors forcibly captured the Aether and defeated the army of dark elves. So he had to take the remaining people and drive them away to the farthest place in the universe.

Now, the power of Aether has reappeared, awakening him and the ship, and he has the opportunity to complete his plan again.

“What should we do now? Are we going to attack Asgard for revenge?”

At this moment, several dark elves with unusually strong bodies walked into the ship’s command room and knelt down in front of Malekith on one knee.

Malekith closed his eyes and sensed it, “Of course, the war with the Asgardians has to be settled, but our main purpose now is to find the Aether. Its current location is Midgard. Let’s go to Midgard first.”

The Nine Realms are about to be connected in a straight line, and when he gets the Aether, he can use the power of the Aether to bring the universe back into darkness.

Once darkness comes, countless new dark elves will be born, and the power of the dark elves will be greatly enhanced. At that time, the dark elves will rule the entire universe.

“Yes, master.”

Several dark elves immediately returned to their respective positions, controlled the spaceship, entered a stealth state, and flew towards the coordinate position of the Earth.


Earth, Queens, New York, inside the mirror dimension.

After Jerry crossed his legs, he cast a spell in his heart. Immediately afterward, his soul flew out of his body.

“Not bad. It seems that my physical body can still meditate normally.” After observing his body for a while, Jerry nodded in satisfaction.

After a month of research, he can now achieve the level where his soul can fly out of the body while his body can maintain the state of meditation without any interruption.

However, compared to Ancient One’s palm, which can knock the soul out of the body, it’s still a lot worse. Ancient One can directly knock a person’s soul out of the body with her palm in battle, which is not comparable to the soul-sucking magic he learned.

Even so, Jerry has benefited a lot from this method he has now learned.

After learning it, he can completely let his body meditate there for 24 hours while he learns another magic while in his soul state.

The red star consumption rate is not increased while in his soul state. Normally, he would meditate for 24 hours physically and study magic for 24 hours. In theory, he would consume forty-eight hours of red stars.

Now that his soul is out of the body he meditates for 24 hours and studies magic for 24 hours. But because it is done simultaneously, the consumption of red stars is still the same. It allowed him to save half of the consumption of red stars.

Just as Jerry was about to start enjoying meditating and reading a book in his soul state, the magic mirror around his waist suddenly lit up.

Helpless, he had no choice but to return to his physical body and took out the magic mirror to check, “Thor? Didn’t this guy contact me a few days ago? Did he break up with Jane again?”

Looking at the magic power fluctuations on the magic mirror, Jerry connected the magic mirror with a puzzled look.

A week ago, Thor contacted him and said that he had reconciled with Jane and returned to New York. He also invited him to drink at home to celebrate, but he refused because he had no time.

It’s been a week since it made him wonder if they quarreled again and Thor was returning to Asgard again.

“Jerry, I know you’re busy and probably don’t have time. But Jane’s best friend, Darcy, has some problems with her body, and she suddenly has an extremely powerful energy in her body. You know me, I’m not good at this kind of problem.”

“Darcy? Oh, it’s that girl.”

Jerry recalled it, and a figure immediately came to his mind. After all, Darcy is his colleague.

“Wait a minute. I’ll be there soon.”

Jerry nodded, used the positioning of the magic mirror, drew a portal leading to Greenwich, London, and stepped over.

When Thor asks for help, Jerry is, of course, willing to spend some time to help him. He is also very interested in the “powerful energy” described by Thor. Maybe, he can earn some red stars in the process.

Recently, he has been indulging in magic research, and has been using “Refreshing” for almost 24 hours, so he used a lot of red stars.

Without Aisha’s help, the 100,000 red stars he got for sealing Voldemort would have been exhausted long ago.

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