A month later, Jerry stood in the living room, channeling the magic within him.

He raised his index finger and traced a circle in the air. As he moved his finger, a fiery magic circle, the Inter-Dimentional Portal, materialized in the room.

After thirty days of research and experimentation, Jerry successfully analyzed, modified, and mastered this unique space magic of Kamar Taj.

Unlike Apparate, the Inter-Dimentional Portal allowed him to travel to places he had visited and unfamiliar locations as long as the distance was calculated accurately.

With a single step, he found himself in the sky above the vast Atlantic Ocean.

“I need to test the accuracy of the distance,” Jerry said.

He levitated in mid-air and activated the satellite positioning system on his phone using his flying technique.

He measured the distance between himself and his home villa, comparing it to the predicted distance he had calculated before opening the Portal.

After a moment, a satisfied smile appeared on Jerry’s face.

The distance his phone’s positioning system measured aligned perfectly with his calculations.

He had successfully mastered the Inter-Dimentional Portal magic.

Just as he was about to conclude the experiment and open another Portal to return to the villa and explore other magical practices, a large plane flew overhead.

From the plane, a young woman suddenly jumped, screaming in terror.

Driven by his instincts to save others, Jerry spread his snow-white wings and soared towards the falling woman.

“Hey, ma’am, you only have one life. Don’t waste it!” Jerry called out as he caught the woman in mid-air.

The woman, clutching onto Jerry, thanked him profusely with a mix of gratitude and fear. “Thank you. I didn’t want to die. But if I didn’t jump, the others would’ve died. Oh, and you have wings.”

As Jerry comforted the woman, another figure descended from the plane above. It seemed the man had also jumped to save someone.

“Another person tried to jump?” Jerry remarked, pointing at the man floating in mid-air using a Levitation spell.

Under the spell’s effect, the man’s descent slowed and remained suspended like a balloon.

“This one has a parachute. It doesn’t seem like a suicide attempt,” Jerry observed, holding the young woman before the floating man.

Jemma, the woman, wiped away her tears and snot with a tissue Jerry provided. She thanked him and asked for his name.

Before Jerry could respond, the plane that had flown by made an emergency U-turn and returned, hovering above them.

“It seems you’re S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. I was planning to visit your headquarters in Washington and chat with Director Fury. By the way, what are your names?” Jerry inquired, looking up at the familiar S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on the plane.

“Agent Grant Ward, S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Grant introduced himself.

“S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jemma Simmons,” Gemma added, both now composed and collected.

“You can call me Wizard. I’ll take you up there and have you meet your leader on the plane. Also, I need him to deliver a message to Director Fury,” Jerry explained.

Jerry no longer needed to disguise himself as Hermione, as S.H.I.E.L.D. leadership and Hydra already knew his true identity.

He had no reason to hide his wizard status, especially given his current strength.

As they ascended together, Jerry carried Jemma and Grant, landing on the hangar deck of the plane.

Phil stood at the front, catching Jerry’s attention.

“I didn’t expect to meet an old acquaintance here!” Jerry exclaimed, recognizing Coulson.

Coulson, however, looked at him differently, thanking Jerry for his assistance. But Jerry saw through his act and playfully rolled his eyes.

“Coulson, don’t pretend. I know you’re aware that I’m a wizard. I was actually quite sad when I thought you had died,” Jerry teased.

Embarrassed, Coulson mentioned the Obliviate Spell Jerry had used on him before. Jerry waved it off, indicating they were now on the same page.

“Is there a place where we can sit and talk? I have a message for Director Fury,” Jerry suggested.

Coulson swiftly assigned duties to the agents and led Jerry to the plane’s luxurious lobby, where they settled down for a conversation.

Jerry wasted no time and told the Hydra operatives he had captured in his suitcase. He then proceeded to tell the entire story to Coulson.

During the past month, while dedicating himself to studying Kamar Taj’s magic, Jerry had just remembered Hydra.

With his newfound magical abilities, he found a terrorist organization composed of ordinary individuals.

He felt Hydra was even less formidable than the counterfeit “The Ten Rings” that attacked Iron Man.

Later, Jerry realized that he didn’t have the energy to deal with this matter in a short period of time.

He decided to inform Coulson and have him relay the information to Director Fury, who would handle the investigation himself.

“It would be best if it could be resolved directly. If not, at least it will expose the Hydra agents. When that happens, I’ll kill them all in no time, saving time and effort,” Jerry remarked.

“That’s impossible. Hydra was destroyed in World War II. How can there be spies?” Coulson initially found Jerry’s claims hard to believe.

As a senior agent, he found no information about Hydra’s existence in the official SHIELD records.

“Whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth. See it for yourself. That tall man over there is a Hydra spy. You can investigate when you return,” Jerry said, firm in his conviction.

“I’ll take my leave now. Remember, if you can’t uncover the Hydra spy after I’ve finished my tasks, I will assume it was your S.H.I.E.L.D. attacking my family. Don’t blame me if I come tearing down your entire headquarters.” Jerry warned, getting up and creating another Portal.

“Wizard, wait a minute, sir,” Coulson hurriedly called out, stopping Jerry in his tracks.

Jerry turned his head, raising an eyebrow. “Coulson, is there something else?”

“No, but can I ask you to restore my hair again? I don’t know why, but after my previous injury healed, my hair reverted to its original state,” Coulson shyly pointed to the top of his half-bald head.

Jerry couldn’t help but smirk and cast a Hair-Growing spell on Coulson before disappearing through the Portal.

Coulson’s head transformed from a semi-bald state to having long hair that reached his waist in an instant.

Touching his long locks, Coulson nodded in satisfaction before swiftly opening the door to the luxurious living room.

Behind the door, Jemma, Fitz, Grant, and Skye, who had been eavesdropping, quickly took a step back.

“Sir, he really is the wizard… and your hair?” Jemma stammered, amazed by Coulson’s sudden change in appearance.

“Don’t think about it. Go and inform May to turn the plane around. We’re heading to the Washington headquarters!” Coulson commanded with a serious tone, emphasizing the urgency of the situation.

Another month passed, and Jerry found himself in the Kamar Taj Library.

Creating a fire circle, he stepped through the Portal, carrying a stack of Kamar Taj magic books from his villa.

“I’m returning these magic books,” Jerry informed the librarian at Kamar Taj.

She sighed as she recorded the books he returned.

“Master Carmen, your reading speed is astounding. In just two months, you’ve read half of the books in the library.” She was astonished.

It was the first time she had witnessed someone reading books at such an incredible pace.

Most Kamar Taj mages would borrow one book at a time and take at least a month or two to finish it before moving on to the next.

Jerry chuckled in response. “I’ve had an exceptional memory since I was a child, allowing me to read faster than the average person.”

During the past month, Jerry focused solely on his research of Kamar Taj’s magic, setting aside everything except occasional visits to see Haas and Aisha.

His dedication had yielded impressive results.

Through the books from Kamar Taj, he gained a deeper understanding of the development of magic in this world and the existence of dimensional demons in the multiverse.

According to The Kamar Taj books, magic is a power that predates the emergence of human civilization on Earth.

It is a manifestation of the universal laws governing the universe.

The first Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto, recorded the universal power in ancient Sanskrit, giving birth to Kamar Taj’s current magic system.

Agamotto, one of the Trinity of Vishanti, combined the powers of the ancient Vishanti; Agamotto, Oshtur, and Hoggoth.

These three-dimensional demon gods were known as the all-seeing Agamotto, the almighty Oshtur, and the ancient alien Hoggoth.

Most Kamar Taj mages’ ability to use magic is tied to the power of Dimensional Gods.

The spells they cast require borrowing the power of these Gods.

For instance, the Portal, space blade, mirror dimension, and others all require the assistance of the Inter-Dimentional’s power.

Similarly, the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and the Shield of the Seraphim require the power of Cyttorak and Seraphim.

Jerry realized that he could analyze the underlying principles of these spells and reorganize them based on his understanding of magic.

He could cast these spells by using his own magic power instead of relying on the power of the dimensional gods.

However, this method had its limitations.

It required more magic power because he relied solely on his abilities, unlike mages who could tap into the power imprinted within the dimensional demons.

Despite these limitations, Jerry’s extensive magical knowledge and solid theoretical foundation allowed him to reconfigure the spells.

He focused on stripping away the unnecessary layers and understanding the fundamental principles behind them.

Through this process, he could utilize his own magic power to cast the spells.

Jerry’s accelerated progress in mastering Kamar Taj’s magic surprised the Kamar Taj mages.

They marveled at his ability to comprehend and apply complex spells in such a short time.

“Master Carmen, these magic books cannot be merely memorized,” She commented as she organized the returned books. “Your reading speed is remarkable, but remember that true understanding of magic goes beyond simple memorization.”

“I had a great memory growing up. Reading those books at that speed is normal for me.” Jerry chuckled

In light of this, Jerry sought advice from The Ancient One.

She explained that Kamar Taj’s mages are not strong enough, which is why they need to seek the consent of the dimensional gods to borrow their power.

However, if they were stronger, they could forcefully utilize that power without seeking permission.

Jerry finally understood why The Ancient One was so much stronger than the average Kamar Taj mage—she could use all the magic in the library.

Fortunately, Jerry’s magical theoretical foundation was solid and well-informed.

Although he couldn’t borrow power from all dimensional gods, nor did he want to, he could analyze the magic theory and convert it to utilize the magical power within his own body, replacing the need for the power of the Dimensional God.

Among the mages recruited by Kamar Taj over the years, many possessed high I.Q.s and impressive memories.

However, they could still understand the profound magic contained in the books.

Curiosity was piqued, and Jerry noticed a bookshelf in an extremely hidden place.

“What about those books? Why are they hidden in a spot like that?” He inquired about its contents and why no one seemed to borrow books from it.

“Oh, that’s her personal bookshelf. The books on it can only be accessed by herself,” She explained after finishing her book arrangement.

“The Ancient One’s private collection?” Jerry’s eyes lit up upon hearing those words. He asked if he could borrow books from there.

“Normally, borrowing from that bookshelf is not allowed. She believes that the content is too advanced, beyond the comprehension of most mages.”

“Additionally, many of the books contain dangerous magic. Light experimentation could result in self-destruction, and more severe attempts may harm innocent lives,” She paused, then continued.

“However, she made an exception for Master Carmen. If you wish to read them, you can borrow one book at a time and return it before borrowing another.” She expressed surprise at the Supreme Sorcerer’s decision.

Even Kaecillius, the best disciple of Kamar Taj, was prohibited from borrowing books from her private collection.

Yet, for Jerry, who had initially refused to join Kamar Taj, she allowed access to the personal bookshelf.

“It seems that Kamar Taj is facing difficulties, and it’s truly not easy to turn down their request,” Jerry sighed inwardly upon hearing Jilava’s explanation.

Although he hadn’t officially joined Kamar Taj, The Ancient One had opened up all the books in the library to him.

Moreover, she patiently answered his magical inquiries. Now, even the private collection inaccessible to other mages was being made available to him.

Jerry couldn’t help but feel a mixture of puzzlement and gratitude, given The Ancient One’s considerable power, which suggested she didn’t require much assistance.

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