Jerry was taken aback by the term, momentarily stunned by its implications.

He was familiar with Dimensional Gods, having come across brief references to it in Asgard’s magic book.

However, the concept of the multiverse was entirely new to him.

Jerry possessed knowledge of the universe, including details about the Nine Realms and various alien planetary forces, as documented in Asgard’s history books.

“The universe is infinite, and so is the world. The universe we reside in is just one among many. If you have the time, you can find a book called ‘The New Cosmos’ in the library, or if you prefer, I can show you firsthand what the multiverse entails.”

Observing Jerry’s lack of comprehension, The Ancient One offered some explanations and extended an invitation to show him the wonders of the multiverse.

“What do you mean by showing me the multiverse, The Ancient One?” Jerry asked, trying to grasp the concept.

He speculated that it might involve parallel worlds and parallel space-time, akin to what he had seen in the Maguire Spider-Man trilogy, where each Spider-Man had a different story and background.

However, The Ancient One’s explanation about showing him the multiverse in person puzzled him.

Did it mean leaving Earth and visiting other universes? And would it take a considerable amount of time?

Noticing Jerry’s confusion, The Ancient One smiled and reassured him, “It’s not as complex as you might think. The experience is brief, lasting no longer than a minute at most. We cannot stay there for an extended period due to the countless powerful beings present. Leading them to Earth would be disastrous.”

“And Master Carmen, if you genuinely wish to witness it, I can only take your soul there,” The Ancient One explained matter-of-factly.

Jerry’s surprise resurfaced, realizing that his soul would be separated from his body—an endeavor that seemed perilously close to death.

“Why would you suggest taking my soul? What is it about my body that contains so much magic power?” Jerry asked with a bewildered expression, seeking clarification from The Ancient One.

“Master Carmen, there’s no need to be alarmed. As I mentioned before at the training ground, the origin of our power matters less than how we wield it.”

“Although I am relatively old, I am not bound by old-fashioned beliefs. I do not see you as a heretic among mages due to your unique body. We are not a church,” The Ancient One reassured him.

Jerry possessed the ability to cast magic without relying on the power of the Dimension God, as The Ancient One had discovered during the Battle of New York.

Unlike most mages, his magic emanated directly from within him, drawing power from his own body.

While many spells in the Kamar Taj library relied on the special power of dimensional demons, Jerry’s magic displayed no characteristics resembling those entities.

The Ancient One continued, “Your body’s magical composition is distinct, enabling you to channel magic without borrowing power from external dimensional beings.”

“I recognize this because I have encountered most of the dimensional demon gods in the multiverse and understand their characteristics and power fluctuations.” The Ancient One emphasized that these distinctions were inconsequential to her.

She occasionally deviated from conventional practices, harnessing the power of the dark dimension to sustain herself and enhance her magic potency.

She did not hold ill intentions toward mages who employed unconventional methods.

“The Ancient One, I now understand… that you were already aware,” Jerry admitted, smiling sheepishly. He had believed his secret was well-hidden, employing shielding spells and purposeful concealment.

But as it turned out, The Ancient One had been aware all along.

As he had suspected, The Ancient One was an individual even Odin had feared.

During their time at the training ground, Jerry had interpreted The Ancient One’s statement about not minding him borrowing power from other dimension demon gods, excluding Wei Shandi, as an assurance that he didn’t need to hide his unique situation.

The Ancient One responded with understanding and reassurance, “Your actions were not wrong, Master Carmen. In fact, as you encounter dimensional demon gods in the multiverse, it would be wise to remain vigilant. With its exceptional magical power, your body might attract their attention.”

Grateful for The Ancient One’s comforting words and understanding, Jerry mustered his resolve. “If that’s the case, I humbly request your assistance, The Ancient One, to witness the true wonders of the multiverse. I am eager to experience its essence firsthand.”

Initially hesitant about separating his soul from his body, Jerry realized that The Ancient One held no ill intentions toward him.

Her transparency and guidance indicated a trustworthy mentor.

“Very well, let us proceed,” The Ancient One declared, her voice resolute. She swiftly struck Jerry’s forehead without further ado, causing his soul to detach from his physical form.

Startled by the abruptness of the process, Jerry acknowledged the vast gap in power between himself and the mages of Kamar Taj.

Defeating Kaecillius with such ease had led him to underestimate The Ancient One’s true capabilities. Now, he comprehended that he had much to learn from the world’s top masters.

“As strange as it may sound, I feel a connection to Chinese mythology, where the primordial spirit travels beyond the confines of the physical body,” Jerry remarked, attempting to find humor amidst the surreal experience.

Amused, The Ancient One stepped forward and grasped Jerry’s soul, her smile radiating warmth. “Indeed, many powerful mages of ancient China embarked on journeys with their souls separated from their bodies, finding solace in such experiences.”

“However, prolonged absence often led to physical issues, necessitating the use of deceased bodies to sustain their existence.” The Ancient One explains.

As he adjusted to the ethereal state of his soul, The Ancient One gestured, and suddenly, the surroundings underwent a dramatic transformation.

The familiar library faded away, replaced by the vast expanse of the universe.

Looking down, Jerry beheld the familiar blue planet beneath his immaterial feet—the Earth he called home.

“I’ve only seen this view on television. It’s my first time witnessing Earth from this vantage point,” Jerry remarked, marveling at the awe-inspiring sight.

However, before he could fully appreciate the moment, their speed accelerated, causing planets to streak past like vibrant streamers.

They transcended the barriers of cosmic space, hurtling through the void and into an unfamiliar realm.

“Infinite universes, infinite worlds, boundless possibilities, and infinite versions of ourselves. At the core of reality, spirit, and matter intertwine, while thoughts shape our perception of existence,” The Ancient One explained, her voice resonating with the grandeur of the multiverse.

In The Ancient One’s grasp, Jerry felt like he was riding a temporal vessel, witnessing countless universes and their captivating landscapes.

The experience ignited a profound comprehension within him, deepening his understanding of the intricate tapestry of magic.

“The Ancient One!” Jerry exclaimed, overwhelmed by the extraordinary sights that unfolded before him.

Suddenly, an entire universe saturated with boundless dark energy flashed past him, revealing a gargantuan twisted face that dominated the expanse.

Sensing something amiss, it emitted a roar filled with anger and hostility.

“What is that?” Jerry questioned, his eyes widening in astonishment.

“That is Dormammu and his dark dimension.” The Ancient One replied, her expression turning serious—a rare occurrence.

“Dormammu… a Dimensional God?” Jerry’s eyes widened in amazement.

The sheer magnitude of energy and overpowering coercion from the entity left him with an inkling that only the Dimensional Gods recorded in the Asgard magic book could compare.

The Ancient One nodded affirmatively, “Indeed, Dormammu was once a wizard who later joined the dark dimension, absorbing all its energy and ascending to become its master. He ranks among the greatest threats to Earth’s security among the multitude of Dimensional Gods.”

“The most threatening, not the most powerful?” Jerry observed, noting the subtle distinction in The Ancient One’s words and surmising that there existed beings in the multiverse even more formidable than Dormammu.

The Ancient One turned her head, smiling knowingly. “He may not be the most powerful, but he is the one who relishes invading and consuming other universes to augment his strength. That’s why I consider him the most threatening Dimensional God to us.”

“He seems to know you,” Jerry remarked, recalling the mental fluctuations he had sensed earlier, which had angrily called out The Ancient One’s name.

“We have a history. Dormammu has attempted to devour the Earth on multiple occasions, but I have thwarted his plans each time. However, don’t look so concerned. He is no match for my strength.”

The Ancient One sensed a surge of anxiety in Jerry’s soul, realizing he had allowed his thoughts to wander. She was aware of the immense power gap between them.

The Ancient One led Jerry through a whirlwind tour of the multiverse during their journey before safely returning his soul to his body at Kamar Taj on Earth.

Although their visit to the multiverse lasted mere seconds, it gave Jerry a genuine and profound understanding of the greater world.

Grateful to The Ancient One, he felt a deep sense of appreciation.

Ironically, despite his formidable magical prowess, Jerry had demonstrated to the Kamar Taj mages what it truly meant to be an outsider.

And now, through his experience in the multiverse, The Ancient One had shown him the vast expanse beyond Earth’s confines.

“The multiverse is a realm brimming with magical knowledge and energies, but it is also fraught with dangers…”

“Even I cannot linger there for too long. If you wish to delve deeper into specific knowledge, Master Carmen, you can explore the books in the library,” The Ancient One suggested as she guided Jerry to other areas of Kamar Taj.

“Master Carmen, you possess extraordinary talent and formidable magical power. I extend an invitation for you to join Kamar Taj and become my disciple to safeguard the Earth’s safety together.” The Ancient One offered sincerely, handing Jerry a cup of tea she had brewed herself in a bronze vessel.

Jerry took a sip of the tea, a touch of surprise on his face. “Hmm, it’s a little sweet!”

The Ancient One smiled, unfazed. “I added a hint of honey. Many mages nowadays enjoy a sweeter taste. I tried it and found it quite pleasant.”

“In that case, you can try frying it with sugar, then adding milk to boil it. It might enhance the flavor, though it depends on personal preference. I prefer that kind,” Jerry suggested, contemplating his response to The Ancient One’s invitation.

The Ancient One nodded in agreement. “That’s a great idea. I might give it a try later!”

Jerry gazed up at The Ancient One in a white robe, resembling an ordinary middle-aged woman with a warm disposition. He couldn’t help but sigh.

“The Ancient One, I apologize, but I prefer not to join any organization. I believe that individuality offers a greater sense of freedom.”

In truth, The Ancient One proved to be exceptional during their interactions.

She possessed immense power but lacked any sense of superiority.

Even after discovering Jerry’s unique situation, she showed no inclination to pry or exploit his abilities.

Moreover, she wasn’t bound by old traditions and exhibited remarkable adaptability, as demonstrated by her willingness to experiment with the tea.

With The Ancient One as the leader and master of Kamar Taj, Jerry couldn’t help but imagine the benefits of joining the organization.

He had just witnessed The Ancient One’s incredible strength firsthand, making it even more enticing.

However, after careful consideration, he ultimately rejected the idea.

The primary reason was his desire to avoid future constraints imposed by Kamar Taj’s rules and the emotional ties that inevitably formed between individuals.

Humans are inherently emotional creatures, and prolonged interaction inevitably leads to emotional connections. Jerry was no exception.

Joining Kamar Taj would mean acquiring a master and a group of fellow disciples and forging deeper bonds in the future. But that wasn’t what he needed at the moment.

He wished to avoid being tied down, not only by Kamar Taj’s rules but also by the emotions that might arise.

He had already formed profound bonds with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America in the main world.

Adding more attachments wasn’t his priority.

In his heart, only Father and Sister held irreplaceable places. They were the only bonds he was willing to give his all.

Moreover, Jerry possessed a wealth of magical knowledge, and his understanding of magic was already extensive.

Even without The Ancient One’s guidance, he could continue his magical studies at a steady pace.

He could resort to the panel if necessary, which allowed him to travel to various magical worlds.

Additionally, he had the assistance of the red stars, a powerful tool that supplemented his abilities.

Although valuable, Kamar Taj’s magical knowledge was optional for his growth.

Furthermore, he maintained a sense of independence by not joining Kamar Taj.

He owed Kamar Taj and The Ancient One nothing, and they owed him nothing in return.

In the future, if Kamar Taj faced danger, he could offer assistance as a friendly ally, earning a few red stars in the process.

However, if the enemy proved overwhelmingly powerful, his priority would always be self-preservation.

He would assist if he could, but he wouldn’t burden himself with debts or regrets. Because ultimately, those individuals at Kamar Taj weren’t of utmost importance to him.

Just like with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America, he recognized that he only needed a few significant connections in his life. The rest were secondary.

With this in mind, Jerry abandoned the alluring idea of joining Kamar Taj.

Thus, he politely declined The Ancient One’s invitation, offering his heartfelt explanation.

The Ancient One accepted his decision graciously, understanding his perspective. She respected his individuality and acknowledged his vast potential.

“The Ancient One, I genuinely appreciate your invitation and the opportunities you’ve provided me during my time here. I assure you even without joining Kamar Taj. I will continue to study and progress in magic. “

“I have a strong foundation and am confident in my abilities. I’ll gladly lend a hand if Kamar Taj ever has any future crisis.”

With mutual understanding, Jerry and The Ancient One concluded their conversation. They remained on friendly terms, appreciating each other’s company.

As they bid each other farewell, Jerry departed from Kamar Taj, ready to pursue his own path in the vast world of magic.

And with the panel and his own knowledge, he was confident that his journey would be fulfilling and meaningful.

“Then I would like to thank Master Carmen. Maybe the future Kamar Taj will really need your help.”

When The Ancient One heard that Jerry was willing to help Kamar Taj to protect the Earth in the future, a smile appeared on her face.

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