“Hey, it disappeared!” Jerry gazed up at Kaecillius, who ascended to the rooftop again.

After a loud shout, he vanished from the roof instantly, leaving only a faint humming sound.

“Is that invisibility? No, it seems to be space magic.”

Initially, Jerry believed that Kaecillius was employing a form of invisibility magic akin to Apparate.

However, with his perceptive abilities and knowledge of space magic, he quickly realized something was amiss.

He sensed a burst of spatial energy sweep away the surrounding scene, subtly altering the entire space in which he stood.

At that moment, Kaecillius reappeared on the rooftop.

This sensation was akin to his Hungarian Mirror Trap, yet distinctly different.

His Mirror Trap constituted an illusory space entirely separate from reality, capable of presenting objects but not living beings.

But now, although he felt he had entered another dimension, he could still perceive the surrounding scenery, including the bewildered Kamar Taj mages observing nearby.

However, the watching Kamar Taj mages seemed unable to see Jerry and Kaecillius. They merely scanned the area with puzzled expressions.

In other words, Kaecillius employed a unique form of space magic to transport Jerry and himself into a distinct space isolated from reality.

“It seems it’s finally happening.”

Faced with the present situation, Jerry remained composed and recognized the considerable value of Kamar Taj’s magic, particularly their space magic.

Thus far, he had witnessed three forms of magic, spatial portals, space blades, and now this unique, profoundly space magic.

By thoroughly studying these spatial magics with his preexisting knowledge, he could make significant strides in understanding and mastering space magic.

His decision to abandon Hydra’s spy and venture to Kamar Taj at significant risk had proven wise indeed.

“This is the Mirror Dimension. Though it exists, it cannot be detected by ordinary individuals. Anything that transpires here has no bearing on reality and cannot affect it. Kamar Taj mages often train in this Mirror Dimension to monitor the outside world or utilize it to isolate dangers and aid in battles.”

Unlike the confused apprentice mages, The Ancient One, with seemingly instant insight, grasped the nature of the Mirror Dimension.

Taking a step forward, she effortlessly bypassed the barrier of real space and entered the Mirror Dimension alongside Mordo.

“In other words, any destructive magic I use here won’t impact the real world?” Jerry’s brows furrowed.

The Ancient One sighed helplessly, saying, “Indeed, but Master Carmen, it’s merely a training ground. There’s no need to take it so seriously.”

“I just feel that Master Kaecillius doesn’t share the same sentiment.” Jerry shrugged and pointed to Kaecillius, who stood on the rooftop.

At that moment, Kaecillius raised his hands high, seeking to draw more magical power.

He conjured a magic ball the size of a human head within his grasp.

“Let’s see how you handle this!” With a forceful thrust of both hands, the head-sized magic ball hurtled towards Jerry with formidable energy fluctuations.


Jerry swiftly flicked his wand, activating the Protego Charm. It unfolded rapidly, enveloping his entire body.

The magic ball collided with the Protego Charm and instantly exploded, its powerful impact shattering the nearby slabs into fragments.

Its power rivaled that of an ordinary C4 bomb.

However, such potent magic posed no threat to Jerry, thanks to his improvements to the Protego Charm and applying principles derived from the “Shield” card.

The Protego Charm remained unyielding, unaffected by the explosion.  Not even a speck of dust tarnished Jerry’s clothes.

“Impossible!” Observing Jerry unscathed, Kaecillius appeared dumbfounded.

That attack constituted the most formidable offensive magic he had learned thus far, yet it failed to inflict any damage on Jerry, not even leaving a trace on his garments.

Nevertheless, Kaecillius refused to concede, as he still possessed one final trump card.

“Kneel before me.” Kaecillius flipped his hands, causing the ground beneath Jerry’s feet to upend.

The very laws of gravity seemed to falter within this mirrored space. If Sir Isaac Newton were privy to this sight, he might jump out of his coffin.

Evidently, Kaecillius manipulated the Mirror Dimension with a unique form of magic.

Gravity reversed, lifting Jerry into the air. Kaecillius, witnessing this, promptly flipped the space again, causing Jerry, who had already soared dozens of meters skyward, to plunge back toward the ground.

Yet, Kaecillius remained active after flipping the space.

Drawing two space blades, he charged toward Jerry, who hurtled toward the ground.

Against a typical enemy, such an ambush would likely leave them bewildered, granting Kaecillius ample opportunity to strike a fatal blow.

However, Jerry was no ordinary foe. He was a skilled wizard well-versed in countless spells.

Therefore, when Kaecillius eagerly rushed towards the anticipated landing spot, expecting an early victory, he was stupefied as Jerry halted mid-air, defying gravity.

“I’m sorry, Master Kaecillius. I possess some flying magic, while your magic was clever, but it won’t work on me. If you wish to defeat me, you must rely on more powerful magic.” Jerry hovered in the air, offering a half-smile as he delivered his reminder.

Kaecillius stood upon the bluestone floor, observing Jerry suspended in mid-air. Overwhelmed, he realized his magic had proven ineffective against his opponent.

Despite his Vaulting Boots of Valtorr enabling him to leap into the air, his jumps were limited in height and duration.

Moreover, his enemy possessed the ability to fly and conjure gusts of wind.  No matter how much Kaecillius flipped the space, it would avail him nothing.

Unless his magical prowess greatly surpassed his current level, allowing him to manipulate the Mirror Dimension better and employ all objects within it to attack and restrain his enemy.

Unfortunately, despite three years of magical study, he had yet to control Mirror Dimension fully. His current level exceeded that of most Kamar Taj mages.

“If that’s the case, then you shall remain within the Mirror Dimension.” A thought flickered in Kaecillius’ mind.

He suddenly realized a means of sealing his opponent, leaving them forever confined within the Mirror Dimension.

“Let’s go.”  The Ancient One drew a circle.

Mordo voiced his concerns, “What about Carmen?”

“Do not worry. He won’t be trapped there.” The Ancient One smiled and shook her head.

She had observed his proficiency in space magic and his unique teleportation magic abilities she did not possess.

Outside the Mirror Dimension, the mages who had hurried to the scene witnessed Kaecillius materialize from thin air.

Cheers erupted throughout the training ground.

The Ancient One, emerging later, silently shook her head.

As the world’s most powerful alliance of magicians, Kamar Taj stood guard against dimensional beings and formidable entities from various universes, safeguarding Earth’s safety.

Yet, this had raised a degree of arrogance among the mages, which The Ancient One deemed problematic.

She recognized that the multiverse housed numerous formidable adversaries.  To protect Earth, Kamar Taj needed to redouble their efforts and strengthen their powers.

Having single-handedly dealt with many powerful enemies in the past, The Ancient One now carried a heavy burden and weariness after years of service.

In a few years, when her successor emerged, she would be able to bring her life to a close, wander the multiverse with her soul, and dedicate herself solely to magic without any other concerns.

Thus, the apprentices of Kamar Taj coming to realize the existence of formidable beings beyond their realm could prove beneficial.

It would motivate them to work harder and instill greater urgency. They could be the next Sorcerer Supreme in safeguarding Earth when she was gone.

As everyone celebrated Kaecillius, his confident expression suggested victory. He turned to The Ancient One, awaiting her declaration of the exchange’s outcome.

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the center of the training ground.

The sight of this figure caused the cheers to cease, leaving an eerie silence in their wake abruptly.

“You… You don’t have a ring. How did you escape the Mirror Dimension?” Kaecillius stared at Jerry, who materialized on the training ground.

Jerry smiled and shrugged, “Though I lack your Kamar Taj ring and knowledge of your portal magic, I know other space magic, like ‘Apparate!'”

With a resounding incantation from Jerry, his figure instantaneously vanished from his original position.

When he reappeared, he was already behind Kaecillius, extending his hand to pat his shoulder.

Kaecillius’s hair stood on end, causing him to draw another blade and turn around to strike swiftly.

However, before he could complete his motion, Jerry recited another spell and disappeared once again, returning to his initial position.

Although Jerry couldn’t activate the Mirror Dimension, his understanding of space magic allowed him to have his unique approach.

He could already be considered a master of space magic.

Consequently, trapping Jerry within the Mirror Dimension proved to be wishful thinking on Kaecillius’s part.

Simultaneously, this underscored the significance of a magician’s knowledge as a foundation.

With sufficient magical knowledge and a profound grasp of magical principles, one could calmly confront and effortlessly resolve even unfamiliar forms of magic.

This pursuit embodies the essence of a true magician and epitomizes the qualities of an elegant magician—one who isn’t merely a brute wielding immense power but a refined practitioner.

“It seems you were toying with me all along.” Kaecillius shuddered, witnessing Jerry’s utilization of teleportation magic and its swift activation.

He realized his relentless close-range attacks had been futile, rendering him rather foolish. The realization struck him with a sense of stupidity.

Having labored to overcome numerous magical barriers and ultimately closing in on his opponent, Kaecillius found himself once again distanced by Jerry’s teleportation magic, akin to a kite being flown to its demise.

“Master Kaecillius, please do not think it that way. I do not mean to underestimate you. I merely wish to emphasize that our purpose is to engage in magical exchange. Communication is the focal point.” Jerry responded sincerely and politely.

However, Kaecillius remained unconvinced, glaring at Jerry with seething anger in his eyes.

“Master Carmen, your conduct is an insult and displays disrespect towards me. You did not exert your full effort.”

“Are you certain you want me to go all out?” Jerry’s face displayed concern.

“Even if you exert your utmost, I will not be defeated!” Kaecillius’s hands rotated, promptly forming a complex magic circle.

Instantly, two shields materialized, one on each side, stacking and interlocking before him. He understood that defeating his opponent would be nearly impossible, as Jerry could fly and teleport.

Nevertheless, he aimed to demonstrate that it would be challenging for his opponent to defeat him.

His defensive magic, Seven Rings of Raggadorr, was not to be underestimated.

“Very well, since Master Kaecillius has showcased so much of Kamar Taj’s magic, I shall also unveil my most potent offensive spell.”

Jerry wore a helpless expression, then waved his wand and chanted a spell. Instantly, an immense surge of magical power emanated from Jerry’s body.

Fiery dragons materialized above his head, roaring and twisting as they emitted a menacing aura.

During his time in the “Harry Potter” world, aside from researching time and space magic, Jerry sought out Dumbledore’s expertise in flame magic.

Dumbledore, being a master of flame magic, provided guidance that allowed Jerry to enhance and refine the Fire Dragon Spell.

Additionally, having finally surpassed level 300, Jerry’s magical power had increased significantly, culminating in his current spell.

Witnessing the hundreds of formidable fire dragons overhead, not only Kaecillius and the Kamar Taj Masters stood dumbfounded, but even The Ancient One showed a look of astonishment.

They were all mages, and though their knowledge of magic varied, they possessed a sense of its essence.

The immense magic and terrifying aura the hundreds of fire dragons exuded could not be feigned.

However, Jerry’s proclamation struck them, causing their disbelief to yield to a newfound admiration.

The drastic change in their attitude towards him stemmed from the fact that a person with strength is respected everywhere, and one who combines strength with humility is genuinely revered and loved.

Jerry, a mage unaffiliated with Kamar Taj, consistently displayed politeness, kindness, and sincerity.

Even in the face of Kaecillius’s provocation, he remained remarkably tolerant.

Above all, his magical prowess was undeniably formidable, reshaping everyone’s perception of him.

“Master Carmen, allow me to guide you to the library!”

The Ancient One extended another invitation to Jerry.

Jerry accepted graciously, waving kindly to everyone before following The Ancient One through the traditional Chinese-style buildings.

Eventually, they arrived at a sprawling library.

The library was divided into two main sections.

The outer section resembled a typical library, with numerous wooden bookshelves housing various books that explained the fundamentals of magic.

The inner section, however, differed significantly.

Iron bookshelves adorned with distinct magical runes filled this space, and many of the books were locked with chains.

“This is Kamar Taj’s library. The outer section contains basic magical theories, assisting novice mages in understanding the fundamental concepts and theories of magic and revealing the true nature of this universe.”

“The inner section, on the other hand, comprises Kamar Taj’s magical books. These books are contributed by magicians from around the world, documenting their unique discoveries and practices.” The Ancient One explains to Jerry.

Jerry nodded in appreciation and followed The Ancient One into the library, eager to explore the vast array of magical knowledge within its walls.

As they embarked on their journey, the training ground buzzed with activity.

Mordo approached Kaecillius, patting him on the shoulder, attempting to console his disheartened junior.

However, Kaecillius appeared unappreciative, turning away with vacant eyes and walking toward his room.

Observing the scene, Mordo shook his head, leading the apprentice mages to resume their training in magic and combat.

Meanwhile, Jerry followed The Ancient One through the intricately designed Chinese-style buildings until they reached a spacious library.

The library was divided into two sections—the outer area resembled a typical library with wooden bookshelves filled with books on various magical subjects, and the inner perimeter featured iron bookshelves inscribed with magical runes and secured books bound by chains.

“This is the Kamar Taj library, where you can find the most fundamental theories of magic, helping newly enrolled mages grasp the basic concepts and principles of magic, and gain a true understanding of the nature of our universe.”

“In addition, these books here are the magical tomes of Kamar Taj. They have been contributed by magicians from all corners of the world, and some even originate from dimensional creatures in the multiverse. Many of these books contain records of incredibly powerful magic.”

“However, despite the talents of many mages, comprehending the contents of these books can be quite challenging. Even my most gifted disciple, Kaecillius, has only scratched the surface of their teachings.”

In The Ancient One’s assessment, although Kaecillius showed considerable strength compared to her other disciples and could even be ranked among the top few, he had yet to fully master the vast array of powerful magic contained within the library.

Magics such as Illusions of Ikonn, Wind of Watoomb, Bolts of Balthakk, Hosts of Hoggoth, Shield of the Seraphim, and Crimson Bands of Cyttorak—all of these are documented within these magical tomes.

Suppose Kaecillius devoted more time to studying magic instead of fixating on immortality and resurrecting his wife and children. He wouldn’t have been defeated so easily by Jerry.

For instance, while undeniably powerful, the Fire Dragon Spell that Jerry just cast could have been easily countered by the robust defense of the Shield of Seraphim or by the Hosts of Hoggoth.

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