“Since I think Master Carmen came to our Kamar Taj to learn something and experience the magic in Kamar Taj in person. Would it be better for him to see it himself in real-time?” Kaecillius did not show a hint of fear and said in a serious tone.

He came to Kamar Taj in order to find the magic that resurrected his dead wife and children, but Ancient One never taught him that kind of magic. He guessed that maybe Ancient One felt that he was not good enough.

Now, he has to prove to the Ancient One that he is the best, even better than her.

“Kaecillius, I repeat. This is not a wise decision to make,” Ancient One raised her tone.

Kaecillius did not give up but turned his head to look at Jerry, “Master Carmen, what do you think?”

Jerry smiled very kindly, “No problem. I actually like to exchange magic experiences with other people. Many of the people I’ve met shared their skills, and in the end, we learn about a thing or two.”

Is his intention good? Of course not. He plans to stay in Kamar Taj for a while to learn magic and also needs to show some of his strength appropriately. This kind of thing might happen again in the future, and he wanted to see how good Kamar Taj’s magic was.

“I hope it will end on a good note for both of you.”

Ancient One saw that Jerry agreed. The nearby mages gathered more and more, and even her other apprentice, Mordo, came over.

She was not worried about Kaecillius hurting Jerry, but the other way. But after thinking about it, maybe letting Kaecillius learn his naivety will make him realize his actions.

“All of you move to both sides and free up the training ground.”

Ancient One instructed her disciples to give up the training ground in the middle as a venue for Kaecillius and Jerry.

“Master Kaecillius.” Jerry greeted him, came to the other end of the field, and stood still.

Kaecillius also showed a sneer and came to the opposite side of Jerry. Although he has only been studying magic for three years, his talent has already made him on par with Mordo and Wong.

He thought that someone like Jerry wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

“Give him a lesson, Kaecillius!” The battle has not yet begun, and among them, many disciples are already cheering for Kaecillius.

As a man who has broken the record many times in three years and proved his strength, Kaecillius still holds a great position in the hearts of many people in Kamar Taj. Some of them are even a follower of him.

Jerry Carmen is a person who came from outside of Kamar Taj. They thought Jerry wouldn’t stand any chance in front of Kaecillius even if he knew some magic.

He saw Kaecillius pull his hands, and an invisible sharp blade formed in his hands. Then, he took the blade and quickly attacked Jerry.

Kaecillius has captured the spirit of the fighting style of Kamar Taj, which may be resolved in close-quarters combat without wasting mana at a distance.

But this is different than Jerry’s style.

He pulled out his wand and gave it a light wave. Kaecilius’s legs were suddenly snatched by the shadow that had been beneath his feet.

He responds instantly. As he is about to hit the ground, he places his left hand on the surface and quickly slashes with his blade in the direction of the shadow holding him.

The blade severed the shadow with a tearing sound. He stood up and threw the blade he was holding in Jerry’s direction, stopping Jerry from using any magic to attack him.

Jerry could not see the blade in his hand, but he could still discern its throwing direction and the air movement. Protego Charm was cast as he waved his wand to block the blade.

“Well, that’s something.”

Looking at Kaecillius, Jerry did not take the initiative to attack, waved his wand, and smiled, “Master Casillas, please continue.”

Seeing Jerry’s calm expression, he felt insulted and immediately pulled out two blades in his hand. His left and right feet touched each other. He jumped in mid-air and then quickly charged toward Jerry in mid-air.

Seeing he was jumping forward in the air, everyone cheered.

“Jumping magic? No, it seems to be a magic item enchanted with jumping magic.” He instantly understood the source of his ability.

This magic is obviously using magic shoes by touching both of the feet to activate it.

“Is it to avoid being entangled by the shadow magic again so I don’t have time to cast magic if he pursues close-quarter combat? His fighting instinct is good, but I think some things need to be improved.”

With a wave of his wand, a wind flew out instantly. Kaecillius was blown away instantly by the wind. He flew directly to one of the roofs of the building and then fell to the ground.

“Sorry, I may be using too much power!” Jerry showed an apologetic look to the Ancient One next to him.

At this moment, Kaecillius was angered. Without further ado, a spatial fluctuation appeared and mirror-like cracks appeared.

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