Opening the door and following her into the courtyard, Jerry saw dozens of people of different ages at a glance. They wore Kamar Taj robes and underwent various forms of training.

Half of them are standing in a circle, and they seem to be concentrating on opening a portal. At the same time, the other half are holding various weapons with magic and are training in close combat.

“Does a mage also needs to practice close combat?” Looking at the mages, Jerry had a puzzled look on his face.

In his mind, mages belong to the long-range warrior. Their fighting method is to use various magics to kill the enemy before they get close. That’s what he does most of the time.

Of course, he also likes close combat occasionally. But he wouldn’t be using it as his main way of dealing with enemies.

As if seeing Jerry’s doubts clearly, she explained with a smile, “Carmen, not all mages are talented. Some mages may not be able to learn a few magics in their lifetime, and many of them have to improve their strength through these weapons that have been infused with magic in advance.

“Most of the mages can’t borrow a lot of mana like you. For them, magic is only used when needed. “

In fact, there are many mages in the entire Kamar Taj, but only a few can use magic freely. Other than The Ancient One, Mordo, Kaecillius, and other masters are the ones that can be considered talented.

This is also one of the reasons why she pays more attention to Jerry and wants him to join Kamar Taj. In the Battle of New York, Jerry’s performance really surprised her.

Most of Kamar Taj’s mages rely on magical weapons to fight, and few mages can really learn and use magic freely. However, they are already very powerful compared to the Earth’s fighters and even most forces in the universe.

Even if you only master one magic, it can already be considered as a superpower. If you master three or four magics, it is equivalent to multiple superpower abilities.

Most of them are training like monks every day. They also have various weapons with magical powers, and their power is stronger than any typical soldier or fighter in the world.

Hearing her explanation, Jerry suddenly understood why in the Asgard book, Kamar Taj is Earth’s magical defender.

Because unlike himself, the magic he has learned is almost too much to count, and most of the Kamar Taj magicians may have mastered a few magics in their lifetime.

Therefore, magic is actually a secret technique to them.

Moreover, their power to use magic does not originate from themselves but from Vishanti. Talented mages can borrow more mana to cast magic. A mage that lacks talent can only borrow a limited amount. If you borrow too much, there will be repercussions. Of course, you must be cautious about using magic.

“It seems that Kamar Taj, apart from The Ancient One, other mages don’t seem to be very good.”


“This is a Sling Ring, which can help us feel the power of Vishanti and make it easier for us to cast spells. Without it, it would be difficult for mages to cast spells. Just like your wand.”

Walking to the yard, she picked up a strangely shaped ring and introduced it to Jerry.

Jerry picked up the ring, looked at it, and found that it had some amplifying magic medium. When he tried to wear the ring, he could clearly feel that the ring was guiding his power toward something powerful.

In order to prevent accidents, he immediately took off the ring. He does not need to borrow power from anything, and he doesn’t want to have any connection with it.

“Your mana seems to be different from ours.” As soon as The Ancient One saw that Jerry had just put on the ring, she looked at the ring and said something casually.

Jerry’s heart tightened when he heard the words. The problem he was most worried about when he came to Kamar Taj was that he was afraid that his own magical power would be discovered.

“Really? Maybe because I didn’t borrow the power from Vishanti.”

“It doesn’t matter where you borrow power. What matters is how you use it.”

She doesn’t seem to care about the source of Jerry’s power and doesn’t ask which deity he borrowed the power from.

In order to change the topic as soon as possible, Jerry quickly asked, “Ancient One, why don’t you wear the ring?”

“Well, it’s useless to me.” She took the ring from Jerry’s hand and again put it on the table.

“Carmen, I’ll take you to see Kamar Taj’s library. I think you would be more interested in it.”

“Indeed, I can’t wait!” Hearing the word “library”, Jerry’s eyes widened.

Kamar Taj’s magic book is the biggest reason why he is willing to take the risk here.

But just as Jerry and Ancient One were about to turn around and head to the library, Kaecillius came out and shouted loudly,

“Master Carmen’s magic is not much better than our Kama Taj’s magic. I, Kaecillius, took the liberty for a duel if Master Carmen is willing to accept it.”

When they heard his words, all of the mages stopped their training. You must know that he is currently the strongest and most talented disciple in Kamar Taj, and he has only been here for less than three years.

Now Kaecillius is going to challenge someone they don’t know and who is not Kama Taj. How can this not make them curious?

“Kaecillius, I don’t think that it is a wise decision.” Ancient One frowned when he saw Kaecillius.

She admires her talented disciple. So even if she sees the picture of the other party killing her in the future, she will not give up.

She still wants to teach Kaeciilius really well, let him become one of the best mages in Kamar Taj, and maybe become the next Sorcerer Supreme to protect the earth.

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Published On: August 4, 2023

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