“Master Carmen, come with me. We will go to the Sanctum Sanctorum. I need to say hello to the master stationed there.”

Seeing Jerry’s nod, she swiped in the air with one hand, and the ring of fire with strong spatial fluctuations appeared again. Watching Gu Yi step into the ring of fire, Jerry did not hesitate to follow her in.

The scene in front of him was in Queens, but the front door of 177A Bleecker Street, which he suspected to be the New York Sanctum.

“This magic is very interesting.” Looking at the ring of fire, a light flashed in Jerry’s eyes.

When she first appeared, he had observed this magic like a portal. Although it was not as fast as Apparition, it could stably open a portal, allowing anyone to go through the portal.

“It is the most basic magic in Kamar Taj. If you are interested, I can teach you later.” When she opened the door, he also saw Jerry’s expression.

“Thank you.” Jerry smiled.

He found that her mind seemed to be very open and friendly. However, this does not seem to be necessarily a good thing. Although he is very interested in the magic of Kamar Taj, he has no plans to join Kamar Taj. To be more precise, he does not intend to join any groups in the main world.

It’s not about trust. It’s just that he doesn’t want to be involved in their matters.

Kamar Taj has the responsibility to protect the Earth and various threats. If you join them, you must abide by their regulations.

For example, if the HYDRA attacked his family. If he’s on his own, he would definitely come to destroy all of them so as to avoid future troubles and earn some red stars.

But if he joined Kamar Taj, The Ancient One would not allow him to do that because there would be a conflict. As long as he doesn’t join Kamar Taj and doesn’t destroy the world, The Ancient One would not care much about him.

His original intention to follow her to Kamar Taj was to use his knowledge to exchange for the knowledge that Kamar Taj had not learned before.

At any rate, he is also a powerful figure who knows many magic systems. Apart from The Ancient One, he felt that with his current strength, other mages in Kamar Taj might not necessarily be able to match him.

After all, Odin was only more cautious when he mentioned The Ancient One, and he didn’t seem to think much of the other mages of Kama Taj. Moreover, his knowledge of magic is not necessarily less than what Kamar Taj has.

“Sorcerer Supreme.”

As soon as they entered the Sanctum, a black man in a monk’s robe walked over and bowed respectfully to her.

She returned the salute very equally, “Master Daniel. I will leave the Sanctum for a few days and leave it to you to lead other mages to guard it for the time being.”

“Yes, Your Honor!” The person called Daniel glanced at Jerry, who was behind The Ancient One, curiously and answered without asking any more questions.

On the second floor of the sanctuary, Jerry watched The Ancient One twist a button, and a space door in front that was fixed facing the sea changed instantly. A hall with a Chinese architectural style appeared behind the space door.

“Kamar Taj seems to have a deep research on space magic.” Jerry looked at the doors in front of him that could move to parts of the world at any time.

Although his Portkey can do the same thing, it is obviously not as convenient as this space door. While his Portkey can be carried anywhere, and this space door seems to be fixed in place.

“Magic is unfathomable, and space magic is one of the most profound ones. There are many books on space magic theory in Kamar Taj’s library. If you are interested, you can go and read it.” She led Jerry across the space door.

Two people were standing in the hall at this time. When the two saw The Ancient One appearing, they saluted respectfully at the same time.

“Is this Tibet?”

Looking at the surrounding architectural style and clearly feeling that the oxygen content in the air is much lower than the normal range and the sunlight shining into the hall through the window at this time, Jerry immediately thought of Tibet.

“Almost. To be exact, we’re in the Himalayas next to Kathmandu, Nepal.” Before The Ancient One could answer, a mage stepped forward and answered.

Seeing this, The Ancient One also introduced with a smile, “These are my two disciples. Karl Mordo and Kaecillius. This is Jerry Carmen.”

Mordo and Kaecillius gave Jerry Kamar Taj’s greeting. Jerry also greeted them.

“I’ll take you to see Kamar Taj’s training ground.” Seeing that they already greet each other, The Ancient One took Jerry out of the hall again.

When Jerry and The Ancient One left the hall, Kaecillius said with a subtle expression, “That Carmen kid, he doesn’t seem to be that powerful.”

“Kaecillius, although you are the most talented mage of Kamar Taj, don’t underestimate anyone’s power. That Carmen kid might not be as you think he is.” Mordo shook his head.

At the Battle of New York, he and The Ancient One were stationed in the New York Sanctum together. He had witnessed the various magical abilities Jerry had displayed at that time. He believes that he is definitely not an opponent in terms of magical ability alone.

“If it weren’t for the fact she would teach me more magic, my strength would not be worse than her.” Kaecillius snorted.

Mordo frowned when he heard the words and said in a stern tone, “Kaecillius, She has taught you all the magic. Your strength is not as good as hers is because she is a different being than you and all of us.”

“Really? Then why is she unwilling to teach us that Immortality is magic? Kamar Taj has existed for so many years, and countless mages have died. Only she lives up to this day.” After Kaecillius said that, he turned and left the hall without waiting for Mordo’s answer.

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