S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters in Washington, inside the Secretary of the World Security Council office.

A bald agent was reporting to Pierce with a tablet, “The operation failed. The wizard arranged a lot of magic at home. This is the video feed.”

“Since it failed, has the trace been cleaned up?” Pierce looked at the moving statues in the video and asked.

He didn’t expect the mission to fail when the Wizard was not at home. He can only say that the Wizard is really cautious, and his so-called magic cannot be underestimated.

The bald agent nodded, “It has been cleaned up. In order to prevent accidents, we only sent two members while the others are members of S.H.I.E.L.D. So if the Wizard is looking for the mastermind, he will go to Fury. “

“Moreover, the captain who was in charge of the mission this time has also been silenced. Even if the Wizard really found something, he could not trace us. “

After speaking, he asked again, “Since the Wizard protected the house, should we do it before his family leaves?”

Pierce tapped his fingers on the table a few times and finally shook his head, “Since the mission failed, then he must have been very vigilant about it. Don’t provoke him for the time being, and focus on our Project Insight.”

The Wizard’s ability is strange. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of it and kidnap his family, thereby threatening the Wizard for his use. But now that it has failed, they’ll focus on Project Insight first, and when the project succeeds, HYDRA can no longer hide in the darkness.

“Hail Hydra.”


“Is it here?”

In Queens, New York, Jerry squinted as he looked at the corpse of a middle-aged man dumped in an uninhabited grove.

Just now, when he followed the owl to find the supervisor of HYDRA, the person in question had already been killed, and their soul was no longer nearby due to time reasons. When a normal human dies, the soul will be directly dragged by an invisible force to the other world.

But if the speed is fast enough, Jerry can use his magic and seal it to save it before it is pulled into that other world.

“Uh, how about this?” Jerry takes the Time Turner out.

Originally, he wanted to give it a try to see if the Time Turner could work in the main world.

Although the Time Turner cannot change what happened, if it can be used in the main world, he just needs to go back to the time before he was killed and see who killed him.

Then maybe he can get a clue about everyone in HYDRA and kill them one by one. With that, he can earn some red stars, like killing two birds with one stone.

However, just when Jerry was about to turn the Time Turner, a spatial fluctuation suddenly appeared in front of him, causing him to stop the movement in his hand. Immediately afterward, he saw a fire ring appear out of thin air in front of him, and then a bald woman in a monk’s robe stepped out of the ring.

“I don’t think that’s a wise decision.”

“Who are you?” Looking at the bald woman wearing a monk’s robe in front of him, Jerry was wondering.

He had heard the description of the Ancient One from Odin, and the woman in front of him made him feel a little bit similar to the supreme mage ancient one in Odin’s description.

“Hello, Master Carmen. I’m The Ancient One from Kamar Taj.”

The woman greeted Jerry with a smile on her face, giving the impression that she didn’t pose a threat at all.

“Hello, The Ancient One. Do you know me?”

Jerry was still a little surprised that she knew his name because he had been avoiding contact with her because of her strength.

She smiled and replied, “I know you in countless possibilities in the future, but your future changes more than others.”

When Jerry heard the words, he was stunned for a moment. He suddenly understood that she had the ability to predict and could see various possibilities in the future, or, as Odin said, she could see various possibilities in the future with the Time Stone.

“You came to find me because of this?”

She suddenly came to look for him. She obviously did not want him to use the Time Turner to reverse the time.

She glanced at the Time Turner, and her expression was more serious than before, “Master Carmen. I don’t know where you got it. This item contains time magic. I still hope you can understand the law of our world.

“The long river of time can only go forward and cannot flow backward. After you use this item, you won’t be coming back to the past but open a new timeline. This kind of practice of yours is not good for the world and will even affect the timeline. I’m sorry, but I can’t let you do that.”

As the guardian of the Time Stone and as the Sorcerer Supreme, she cannot let Jerry open a new timeline at will because that will have an extremely bad impact on the future.

If it is an ordinary person, even if it has an impact, things will not change much. But it is obviously powerful and has a huge impact after a new timeline appears. When she saw this scene, she immediately opened the portal to find him.

At this time, Jerry was instantly stunned after listening to her words.

Why are the laws and theories mentioned by The Ancient One different from what he has learned? Could there be differences in the laws in a different world?

The law in Harry’s world and Sakura’s world is different from the main world.

In Harry World, he used the Time Turner to return to the past every day. In the world of Sakura, if he remembered correctly, Sakura also used her card to go back to the past to meet Clow Reed and communicate with him.

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Published On: August 2, 2023

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