However, just as the group rushed out, three screams suddenly sounded.

The captain hurriedly looked back and saw that the three team members on the far right were swept away by a stone dragon that was standing still in the fountain.


Seeing the dragon crawling out of the fountain and rushing towards them quickly, the captain didn’t dare to delay at all. He didn’t care about the three team members who fell into the statue’s hand.

Jerry watched the three below broke into the villa and wave the statues to stop chasing them.

In the villa, plenty of statues still have not come out. After all, only a few ordinary people came this time, and Jerry is just testing what it can do.

These statues are good, but their movement speed is a bit slow. He will have time to improve it later.

“Now, let’s see how the defense works inside.” After following the three people into the villa, Jerry continued to tail them.

An emerald green bamboo can be seen just a few steps after entering the door. The big bamboo hit the team member walking in the front and fell to the ground.

The captain and the other remaining team member quickly ducked their heads and tactically rolled.

“What the hell?”

When the two came back to their senses and saw who the person who attacked them was, they couldn’t help but curse. It turned out that the one who just attacked them was a giant panda holding a green bamboo.

Next to the panda is Donald Duck with a cane and Mickey Mouse with a donut.

However, after a while, the two of them realized that the statue might be the same as the one on the outside. They immediately raised their weapons to suppress their movement speed and backed up to the second floor.

They couldn’t throw grenades in this room because the three steel statues on the opposite side are going to be unscathed while they will be killed first.

Therefore, the best strategy is to suppress its movement speed, retreat to the second floor, and wait for the supporting helicopter to take them away.

However, just as the two of them retreated to the stairs leading to the second floor, the entire staircase suddenly came alive, turning into a slide. The two of them had just retreated, and they didn’t expect this situation to happen.

It turned out that in this villa, not only was the statue cast with a spell, but Jerry also enchanted the staircase. It is also a staircase with its own mind; not everyone can step on it.

The captain knew that the mission had failed at this time and quickly shouted into the earphone, “Plan A failed. Execute Plan B immediately!”

Plan A is to send an elite team to sneak in secretly, stun the target with anesthesia and take them away quietly. Plan B is to enter and take away the target as fast as possible by all means.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he was knocked unconscious by Donald Duck with a cane before hearing the reply from the other side.

“There is Plan B? It seems that it is really the army.” Jerry couldn’t help showing a smile when he heard the words of the team leader who was knocked out.

He wanted to see what else they could do.

“An airstrike?” With keen senses, he soon heard the sound from outside and went out to see that two helicopters were rapidly flying towards the villa from a distance.

At the same time, the two steel eagle statues also opened their eyes at the same time.

“Let’s see what they can do.” Jerry shook his head.

The helicopter flew over the villa, the two ropes were quickly lowered, and they were precisely dropped on the balconies outside the villa’s two bedrooms, and then the soldiers fell down the ropes skillfully.

Obviously, this plan B is to directly use the helicopter to drop off the second floor and then take away the people in the house. Jerry floated in the air, looking at the soldiers on the balcony.

He saw that those soldiers had just arrived on the balcony and were about to kick open the glass door leading to the bedroom violently. The curtains on both sides of the glass door suddenly came alive, and then they moved to face the soldiers who were about to kick the door.

Being slapped by the curtains, this situation suddenly made the soldiers stunned.

However, it wasn’t over yet. The floor under their feet also came alive. First, they threw them all into the air with force. They fell to the floor below, where many statues were waiting for them.

The curtains and the balcony floor were also cast with a spell. Most of the things in the villa were enchanted by Jerry, and they all had their own thoughts.

Even if you break through the guards outside and break into the villa, you will have to face everything in the villa. Not only various statues but also tables, chairs, cabinets, washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

For example, if you are walking cautiously. Maybe a certain piece of wooden floor will suddenly bounce you up and throw you away to the door.

Seeing the two helicopters trying to escape, Jerry gestured toward the eagle on the roof. The two eagles immediately spread their steel wings and rushed toward the helicopter.

After a while, the eagle’s steel claws tore the two helicopters apart, and the pilots inside were also forcibly brought to Jerry by the eagle.

“Reparo.” He used the Mending Charm to repair the damaged parts of the villa.

Hearing the sound of sirens in the distance, Jerry threw all the soldiers who attacked him into the suitcase. As well as their equipment and vehicle.  At the same time, he Apparated to release the spell on his family members and then returned to his villa.

The police who came because of the reports of the surrounding residents turned around a few times and saw nothing unusual. Thought they were being tricked and drove away from the scene.

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