In June 1994, on the first night of summer vacation, in the room of the Leaky Cauldron.

After closing the door, Jerry jumped into the suitcase and sat cross-legged on the ring outside the villa. After the previous test, his level has reached level 299, which is only one level away from level 300 and he has been stuck in that level for two months.

Today, he finally will make a breakthrough. He will be able to break through to level 300 and truly gain longevity tonight.

Closing his eyes and using the few remaining red stars to activate his “Refreshing”, Jerry began to enter a state of meditation.

The energy from the outside world is sucked into his body in large quantities. After a magical and complex operation, while strengthening the body and soul, it is transformed into a magic power.

After meditating continuously for a week, a large amount of energy suddenly poured out of Jerry’s body, wrapping his entire body like a chrysalis.

After three days, As if the sound of eggshells shattering suddenly sounded, the chrysalis that enveloped Jerry instantly turned into air, as if it never existed at all. As the chrysalis disappeared, Jerry slowly opened his eyes.


Feeling the body that seemed to be reborn from Nirvana, Jerry couldn’t help showed a big smile on his face.

After breaking through the 300th level, not only his magic power has improved a lot, but he feels that every cell in his body is full of power.

His body immediately began to form an appearance and after a few seconds, he turned into a little boy that was four or five years old.

His mind moved again, and his body grew rapidly again, and soon returned to his current appearance. But he did not stop, continued to stimulate his cells, and his body changed its age again.

This is not an illusion, but an ability that someone can automatically acquire after gaining this power. You can manipulate cells and transform your body into any age.

This is why in the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, some of the wizards can live forever. Some are old looking like Merlin, some are middle-aged looking like Balthazar and Horvath, and while some are also young looking.

When they broke through the 300th level, the age they want to show can be determined by themselves.

If you like old age, you can maintain the appearance of an old man, and if you like younger, you can make yourself look younger.

“Well, I guess it’s time to go back.”

After regaining his youthful appearance, Jerry opened the panel and looked at the number of red stars left in it, and knew that he should return.

During this year, he used the Time Turner frequently. Which caused the number of red stars to be consumed very quickly. However, the results are also very gratifying.

Because of the Time Turner, he can not only attend classes normally during this year but also learn more knowledge in this world. He studied a lot of potion making, alchemy enchanting, space magic, time magic, and many other aspects.

Now, he can make high-level potions such as limb healing potions, and he has also made a good breakthrough in alchemy. His robot soldiers can now move through space gaps like the Knight Bus.

He also finally learned about time magic.

The Hour Reversal Charm is a spell that reverses five hours of time, but because this spell is extremely unstable and dangerous, it must be used with the sand of time, which is a rare material, to maintain stability.

It can be seen in the hourglass in the middle of the time converter. According to the information he has found, the sands of time were found in the pyramids of Egypt. At present, it has been used by the Ministry of Magic to make all the Time Turners and there are no more remaining.

The Immobulus is a spell in the second-year textbook. It is mainly used to immobilize Muggle items and small creatures, it also involves a small portion of time magic.

Now what Jerry can do is use his own magic to fix the time in a certain area. Of course, the larger the area and the longer the time stood still, the more magic power it will consume.

However, since he has only learned a bit now. There are several disadvantages when using it. When casting the magic, he must concentrate fully and cannot make any movements. Otherwise, the effect will be canceled immediately.

However, he felt that with this, he should be able to improve it.

The knowledge involved in time magic is too small. To truly achieve something, it cannot be done within a year or two. It requires a lot of relevant knowledge about it.

Coming out of the suitcase, Jerry was about to open the panel to return when an owl suddenly landed on the window of the room and dropped a letter at him.

Picking up the letter and looking at the sender, it turned out to be Meyer and he knew immediately what was about.

The content of the letter was to inform him of the location and time of the Quidditch World Cup.

Since the end of the Christmas holiday, Jerry take a day out almost every week or two to go to various places to participate in the playoff stage of the Quidditch World Cup with his team.

A total of more than 50 teams from all over the world are against each other. It was not until two days before the holiday that the semi-finals were completed and the last two teams, Ireland and England competed.

Because of Jerry, a Seeker who has never lost, the England team advanced all the way, finally defeated the Ireland team, and paved their way to the final

According to Meyer’s letter, the final venue is in England, and the date is selected for August 22. Because the Ministry of Magic needs to make a stadium that can withhold about 100,000 wizards at the same time.

“Wait until I come back next time for the finals!”

He threw something to eat for the owl delivering the letter, and after it left, Jerry reopened the panel and clicked the back button.

After a while, he returned to his villa in Queens, New York.

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Published On: July 31, 2023

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