Early in the morning, the sun rose from the sea level and shone on the Auror’s face from the window of the cabin. The Auror slowly opened his eyes and then seemed to realize something. He immediately shook his head to wake himself up and touched the wand around his waist.

When he touched the wand, he breathed a sigh of relief. Pulling out his wand as quickly as possible, the Auror began to observe the situation around him.

At present, he is in a cabin. Two colleagues in the cabin still faint, and next to the two are more than a dozen prison inmates bound by ropes.

The Auror stepped forward to release the spell for his two colleagues and then recounted what happened last night. Obviously, they were attacked last night, and some prisoners in the prison were also tied to this cabin together.

Fortunately, the perpetrator didn’t take away the wand in their hands, and no one is here right now, so they at least have a chance to fight back. After the three discussed it, they held the wand, used the Unlocking Charm to open the door, and decided to check the situation first.

The door opened, and the familiar sea, trees, and landscapes came into their eyes. There is nothing else outside the door. It is the isolated island where Azkaban is located, and the cabin is next to the prison would be.

However, when they turned their heads to look in the direction of the prison, The Auror exclaimed, “Merlin’s beard? What happened to Azkaban? How did the Azkaban Prison disappear?”

It turned out that the Azkaban prison that should have existed on their right had disappeared without a trace, leaving only an empty area.


Two days later.

Diagon Alley, in the room on the second floor of the Leaky Cauldron, Jerry stretched out his hand and opened the Daily Prophet newspaper he just bought from downstairs. The newspaper reported that Azkaban, the Death Eaters, and the Dementor two days ago were missing.

Many wizards have speculated whether it was the work of the remaining Death Eaters, but the ability to take the entire Azkaban away is a bit scary. Therefore, the entire British wizarding world is now tense, and even the people in Diagon Alley were less.

Those Death Eaters imprisoned in Azkaban were all die-hards Voldemort followers, and all of them were famous, no less than Sirius at that time.

Before, Sirius had already made everyone panic. But now most of them had run away, not to mention those who turned against each other.

Fudge has once again been called into question by everyone and has been privately called by many wizards as the Worst Minister of Magic to date.

Fudge could only promise in the newspapers that all the dangerous Death Eaters would be retrieved before the end of the Christmas holiday, and the Death Eaters who had robbed the prison would be arrested and served justice.

“I’m sorry, Minister Fudge. Your promise may not be fulfilled.” Putting the newspaper down, Jerry shrugged.

He didn’t care about the fact that he had moved Azkaban and the Death Eaters inside and troubled the Ministry of Magic. Fudge wasn’t his friend anyway, so he didn’t need to care about Fudge’s feelings.


“I didn’t expect that this Ravenclaw diadem has this kind of thing.” After putting down the newspaper, Jerry took out Ravenclaw’s diadem from the suitcase and studied it.

After returning to Diagon Alley from the island, he originally planned to collect other Horcruxes and seal Voldemort’s soul inside. But because of a little accident, it was delayed for another two days.

This was discovered after he accidentally put the Ravenclaw diadem on his head.

Originally, he thought that after sealing Voldemort’s soul, the Ravenclaw diadem would be useless, but when he put the diadem on his head, he found that it did not seem to be the case.

Because this diadem was made by Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the founders of Hogwarts, and it is a powerful magic item. Its unique magical ability is to increase the intelligence of the wearer. In fact, this is similar to the necklace Jerry gave Hermione.

It’s just that this diadem needs to be inspired by the wearer’s magic to have an effect. As long as it is worn on the head, it can increase the wearer’s intelligence, and wizards or Muggles can use it.

However, compared with Jerry’s own “Refreshing”, it is still far from the same. At most, it is similar to the effect of the necklace.

Overall, it’s not very useful to him, but he can give it to Aisha when he returns to the main world to improve her intelligence.

Voldemort chose to make Horcruxes not because of their reputation and because they are extremely powerful magical items themselves. Not only this Ravenclaw diadem, Hufflepuff’s Cup, and Slytherin’s Locket is presumed to have some magical effects.

Just like Gryffindor’s sword, it has the special property of infinitely strengthening its power by absorbing it, and it can also escape at any time and be summoned by a real Gryffindor.


12 Grimmauld Place, the home of the Black family.

Sirius was sitting on the sofa in the foyer on the first floor in his pajamas, looking at the Daily Prophet in his hand, gritted his teeth, and said angrily.

“Peter Pettigrew, don’t even think about running away like this. I will definitely find you again.”

Just two days after he met Harry at Hogwarts, he was in a good mood and saw the news that all the Death Eaters had been rescued, including Pettigrew, who had just been sent in.

In his eyes, Pettigrew does not deserve a life sentence. It’s too weak of punishment for Pettigrew.

“Go back to your kitchen. I’m sick of seeing you.”

At this time, the house-elf Kreacher just happened to pass in front of Sirius. He sneered and kicked him. Every time he sees Kreacher, he seems to remember all the bad memories his family had given him.

Kreacher got up and glanced at Sirius. He returned to the kitchen where he lived in accordance with Sirius’s order. Sirius hated him, and so did Kreacher.

In his eyes, Sirius is a traitor to this family, an ungrateful bastard. If Sirius is not the only legitimate heir of the current family, he will never obey orders.

In his heart, the most beloved master is Regulus, the younger brother of Sirius.

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Published On: July 29, 2023

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