“No, I don’t want to go to the Ministry of Magic. Remus, we are best friends. Trust me, what they say is not true. I only hide because of the Death Eaters. Sirius is a murderer who escaped prison just to kill me.”

Pettigrew heard that he was going to be taken to the Ministry of Magic and sent to Azkaban and suddenly began to break down. He was trying to get his friend’s sympathy to vouch for him.

“Friend? If you hadn’t betrayed us, we’d always be friends. James and Lily wouldn’t be dead, and Sirius wouldn’t be locked up in Azkaban. All of that was because of you, and I don’t have the patience to take action on you.” Lupin resented him.

After listening to Lupin’s answer, Pettigrew was shocked. He looked at Ron again and pleaded, “Ron, I’m your pet, Scabbers. Please save me. I don’t want to go to Azkaban.”

Ron took a step back and looked at Pettigrew with disgust, “No, you aren’t. Get off me.”

Seeing that there was no hope, Pettigrew collapsed to the ground. He was a coward since he was a child, but he was assigned to Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat. Maybe the Sorting Hat felt that he was even more unsuitable for the other three houses.

He likes to follow strong figures because it makes him feel safe. When he was in school, he always followed behind strong people like James and Sirius and became one of their important friends.

It is a pity that he once again lost his sense of security after graduation, facing the Dark Lord and Death Eaters. If he had been braver back then, not siding with the Dark Lord and had always stood by his friends, would he be better in a better situation now?


On the next day, something shocking to the entire wizarding world was reported in the Daily Prophet.

After confirmation by the Ministry of Magic, it turned out that the traitor was not Sirius but Pettigrew. Now Pettigrew has been arrested by the Ministry of Magic and sent to Azkaban, while Sirius has been freed.

The person who captured Pettigrew and the truth was uncovered by a third-year student named Jerry Carmen. In order to express his contribution, they officially awarded him the Order of Merlin Medal.

Since then, the youngest recipient of the Order of Merlin in wizarding history has been born. Jerry Carmen’s popularity was pushed back again, even more popular than before.

That night, Fudge came to Hogwarts again and brought Jerry the medal himself, along with Sirius. It’s just that Sirius wants to see Harry and Lupin after a long time.

On the next day, the Christmas holiday officially began.

Early in the morning, Hermione, Harry and, Ron, Jerry left the castle and took the Hogwarts Express back to London. Pettigrew was sent to Azkaban, and Sirius became Harry’s new guardian.

Harry wouldn’t need to go back to his aunt and uncle’s house but could stay in a new home with Sirius. Harry was so happy about this result that he didn’t sleep all night.

As for Jerry himself, he has gained both fame and fortune.

Not only did he get 10,000 Galleons, but he also received the Order of Merlin Medal. He also let everyone in the entire wizarding world know that he was not only a powerful Seeker but also a powerful wizard.

This also had a very big publicity effect for him to publish his book. Publishing books can not only spread knowledge and increase his fame but also gain a lot of Galleons. Money will save him a lot of unnecessary trouble in the wizarding world.

Although he now has the Sorcerer’s Stone, which can be turned into gold, gold, and Galleons are different. Just like normal money is changed for the wizarding world’s currency, it can be exchanged for a small amount, but not a universal method of payment.

Dust & Mildewe is one of the most famous publishers in the wizarding world. This publisher publishes many famous wizards’ books and then sold in major bookstores.

It has its own branch in almost all countries in the world. If you publish a book in this publishing house, your book will appear in most bookstores in the wizarding world.

Today, the branch in Diagon Alley welcomes anyone who wants to publish their books, and perhaps they will also help Jerry in doing it.

“Mr. Carmen, please rest assured, we will arrange everything. I promise that your book will appear in the most prominent place in bookstores worldwide after Christmas.”

When Mr. Fair, the director of the publishing house, read Jerry’s book from the beginning to the end. He immediately stood up from his seat excitedly.

Originally, he was not optimistic that Jerry was going to publish a book and even sneered a little because he didn’t believe the Daily Prophet boasting about Jerry’s power.

As if they were exaggerating the content of the news to gain traffic. As the director of the publishing house, he should be more careful with it.

The reason why he heard his proposal was because Jerry is famous. Even if the book he publishes is bad, at least with his current reputation, he can still sell the book to a certain extent.

However, after reading the entire book, he immediately changed his mind.

He can be sure that the knowledge involved in Jerry’s book is absolutely groundbreaking and has great potential for development. Once sold, it will definitely cause quite a stir and even be recorded in history.

“The key figure in bringing magic to a new level is Jerry Carmen, a great wizard of our time.” Maybe there will be such a record in the magic history book in the future.

“Okay, Mr. Fair. I’ll leave it to you then.”

Jerry didn’t care about the changes in the attitude of the director. He just needed to know what he should do, and everything was set. This is just the first one. There are still many books he will publish in the future. There is no need to waste too much time on this matter because he can leave it to someone who can do it.

Of course, he planned on doing something else for tonight: going to Azkaban.

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