The hat only remained on Hannah’s head for a brief period of time before swiftly revealing the sorting outcome. The wizards at the rightmost of the four long tables at this point jumped up and cheered, inviting the young girl called Hannah to join Hufflepuff.

“Susan Bones! Hufflepuff!”

“Terry Boot! Ravenclaw!”

“Hermione Granger!”

Hermione’s name was finally called out to the Sorting Hat after it quickly sorted out seven or eight young wizards.

“Go forward!” Hermione rushed all the way to the platform while Jerry applauded.


The Sorting Hat finally shouted out Gryffindor after stopping for a moment as if it had sensed something, and Hermione joyously rushed to the long Gryffindor table on the far left, which was surrounded by clapping.

“Jerry Carmen!” Jerry’s name came out of Professor McGonagall’s mouth as soon as Hermione finished the sorting.

He arranged his wizard robes before taking a leisurely stroll to the stool, where he donned the sorting hat.

“I would like to say‚Ķ”

Jerry was ready to ask the Sorting Hat if he might be placed in Gryffindor like Harry did in the movie, but as soon as it touched his hair, it revealed the actual results of the sorting.



When Jerry heard the Sorting Hat shout the result, it was as if 10,000 horses were galloping through his heart. The Sorting Hat’s sound was the only thing that made him feel as though all of his previous plans had been entirely destroyed.

He removed his sorting hat with a little stiffness. Jerry looked at Professor McGonagall’s regretful expression as he stumbled aimlessly toward the long Slytherin table in the second row to the right.

Hermione, who was seated on the other side of the Gryffindor table, was similarly dejected when she learned that Jerry had been placed in the Slytherin house.

She truly wanted to be in Gryffindor alongside Jerry, but she never imagined that the Sorting Hat would place this unique and special buddy in Slytherin. She nevertheless managed to hold back her disappointment and waved to Jerry nearby.

She understood that Jerry would be devastated to be placed in Slytherin because he had truly preferred to be in Gryffindor. Look, given his expression right now, you can infer a few things.

“Why was Jerry placed in Slytherin? The wizards from Slytherin are among those who have gone evil!”

When Jerry was placed in Slytherin in the row, Ron, who had not yet been sorted, expressed his shock to Harry, who was next to him.

“Jerry is a good person. Remember how he assisted us in teaching Malfoy a lesson on the train?”

Despite Ron’s brainwashing leaving Harry with a negative picture of Slytherin, Harry was still very appreciative of Jerry for his noble deed on the train.

So even if Jerry was assigned to Slytherin, he still felt that Jerry could not be a bad person.

“Oh, I know. Jerry is not, in my opinion, a bad person. Simply said, I believe that the Sorting Hat was placed in the incorrect house. Jerry ought to be placed in Gryffindor.” Ron let out a shrug.

The Sorting Hat also placed Draco on the stool in Slytherin at this very instant. Harry observed this and couldn’t help but nod. Slytherin ought to be appropriate for a person like Draco.

“Why is it Slytherin? This is baseless!” Jerry, who was seated at the long table in Slytherin, grimaced and started to think since he wasn’t in the mood to witness the sorting ceremony right now.

Why did the Sorting Hat immediately classify him as a Slytherin? As he carefully considered the different comments made about Slytherin, he finally felt a glimmer of comprehension.

One must be pure-blooded, which means that both of one’s parents must be wizards, in order to be admitted to Slytherin. No matter how talented a wizard she is, a Muggle-parented wizard-like Hermione will never be placed in the Slytherin house.

Who are Jerry’s parents in this world?

That doesn’t even exist. His body is an odd panel that was imported from Marvel’s world, and the wizard’s blood that formerly flowed through it was likewise exchanged for red stars. According to Jerry, the wizard blood he traded with the red star may be the oldest and purest wizard blood.

After all, the mysterious panel managed to transport him from the Marvel universe to the Harry Potter universe, and the blood of the wizard he arbitrarily exchanged is still a mess.

In his opinion, pure-blood wizard blood should have a larger development limit than mixed-blood wizard blood; for instance, the magic strength will be greater than that of persons of the same age. This is not to say that mixed blood is evil.

Of course, one’s ability to use magic effectively and comprehend its subtle advantages is what really determines how strong they are.

Despite having mixed blood, Voldemort, Snape, and Professor McGonagall are all extremely powerful, especially Voldemort, who is arguably only second to Dumbledore and Grindelwald in terms of strength.

In truth, Hermione may be categorized as mixed race; perhaps the concentration is not as great. Jerry believes that for wizards born into Muggle homes, at least one of both parents’ ancestors must have been a wizard; nevertheless, the descendants’ wizard blood has not yet awakened.

Outsiders perceive Slytherin wizards as being arrogant, overly ambitious, cunning, and eager to engage in power struggles in order to gain an advantage. Jerry believed that none of these applied to him.

But after thorough consideration, it seems that his interpretation of Slytherin was overly biased. Perhaps a remark about Slytherin that he unintentionally saw online is more appropriate for his current predicament.

In that comment, it was stated that Professor Slughorn, who made an appearance in the sixth year, should truly represent Slytherin.

He doesn’t initiate harming others, but he chases fame and wealth and enjoys having superstars as students. A win-win situation can also be achieved by forming a slug club with exceptional pupils.

He supports the pure blood, yet he is not an ignorant supporter. He respects the Muggle-born as well. He has a great mind. While he will assess the issue and make sure that his own interests are protected, he also has his own priorities. As a Slytherin, he fiercely supported Hogwarts in the Battle of Hogwarts.

As a result, a Slytherin should be a self-centered someone with a plan, someone who won’t go out of their way to harm others. If you consider it in this manner, it appears that he and the man who has given his life new life have certain similarities.

Pure blood, the most genuine character in his heart, and doing good deeds. Are these the reasons the Sorting Hat classified him as a Slytherin?

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Published On: February 26, 2023

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  1. “genuine character in his heart” is he saying that with an straight face? he’s an schemer, cunning, he even stole Hermione’s pet, and doing good deeds doesn’t mean you’re an good person at heart, since he said himself, that if he didn’t have an system, he wouldn’t care about what happens to others.

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