On the headmaster’s office.

“Mr. Carmen. Can you tell me what’s going on here?” Dumbledore looked at Jerry with curiosity and wariness.

Professor Snape, McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout on the side also showed curious expressions.

Jerry smiled slightly, always maintaining his good attitude.

“When I returned to the castle from Hogsmeade Village. I walked to the entrance of the Great Hall and suddenly had a flash of inspiration. I had a new idea about the theory of flight magic that I was researching recently. Went back to my common room to note it.”

“When I came back, I found that the dinner had already started and ran to the hall. It just happened I met Sirius, who had transformed into an Animagus on the way there.”

“How do you know that the dog was Sirius?” Professor Flitwick asked in surprise.

Only seven wizards can legally transform into Animagus, and Sirius is not among them.

Jerry paused, glanced at Professor McGonagall respectfully, and then replied, “Because of Professor McGonagall. In the previous class, Professor McGonagall taught us about Animagus, and I am very interested in the transformation of an Animagus.”

“When I saw the dog, I found that its eyes, movements, and demeanor were very humanized. In addition, no students in our school had dogs as their pets, and I just guessed that this might be an intruder.”

“Unexpectedly, I tried to use the Animagus reversal spell on the dog, and it really recovered its human form, and it turns out to be Sirius.”

“I remember that after Mr. Carmen got out of class, he asked me about the transformation of Animagus. I also recommended to him a few books to read. I didn’t expect him to learn the counter-spell so quickly.” Professor McGonagall nodded satisfactorily, admiring Jerry’s learning attitude and ability.

“Hmm, it’s all good then. You’re brave and also caught Sirius alone. You’re worthy of being a student in the Slytherin house. I would like to add one hundred points for your action.” A happy smile appeared on Snape’s face, and he gave Jerry a reward instantly.

The other professors did not object to Snape’s actions. Because they also feel that Jerry’s performance today was deserved.

“Mr. Carmen, your performance today is excellent. Can I ask you? Is it because you had some special bloodline in your body when I just saw you grow wings and fly?” After Dumbledore affirmed Snape’s decision, he looked at Jerry again.

The four professors also raised their ears at the same time.

Jerry pretended to be embarrassed and scratched his head, “It’s not blood. It’s magic. Recently, I have been studying flight magic, such as Levitation Charm, broom and high-level flight magic that Professor Snape taught me.”

“I always feel that flight magic is a very interesting magic, and maybe there are more and better developments and uses. I went to Greece during my summer vacation, and I finally developed a new magic through some inspiration and the knowledge I learned before.”

“It is the new magic that can use flight magic combined with wings to fly. This magic is not only faster but also more stable. I also created some new offensive and defensive magic related in addition to this magic.”

After talking for a while, he took out a thick book from his book, put it on Dumbledore’s desk, and continued, “Here is the record of my research on flight magic and the new flight magic. I plan to write it into a book called “The Theory of Air Magic and Flying Magic”!”

Listening to Jerry’s professional and meticulous answers, Dumbledore and the four professors were stunned. They thought that Jerry’s wings were related to his bloodline. Wizards have magical animal bloodlines, such as trolls, giants, veelas, and werewolves.

Maybe Jerry has some magical animal bloodline of a bird in him, so he can grow and fold his wings. But they didn’t expect it to be a new kind of magic.

Wizards who can create new magic are all amazing wizards. They who can create new magic while they are in school are gifted, just like Voldemort and Snape.

Being able to think about perfecting an unpopular magic system and researching and developing new flight magic during school days can no longer be described as genius. It’s magically genius.

Picking up Jerry’s notebook, Dumbledore began to flip through it quickly. He verified that what Jerry had just said was not a made-up story but a fact.

Some of the magic theories in the book are something he has never seen before, and in theory about the new flight magic, he has seen some familiar theories about it somewhere else.

Perhaps, the third-year student in front of him could really be a wizard who could usher in this era. Just like him, Grindelwald, and Voldemort.

“Mr. Carmen, you are truly a genius.”

After hearing Dumbledore closing Jerry’s book, several professors also began to talk about Jerry’s usual performance in class. Saying that Jerry would often be in class, and some of them made were confused about Jerry’s out-of-the-box way of thinking and questions.

Among them, Snape said the most. Because in addition to classes, he often opened a small session for Jerry, so he naturally knew more about Jerry’s performance at school.

After some discussion, they found that Jerry’s talent is already at an extraordinary

Some of the usual bits and pieces have already reflected Jerry’s talent and extraordinary.

At this moment, a flame rose from the fireplace in the principal’s office, and a small old man in a dark green coat and a pinstripe robe stepped out from the fireplace. Then came a middle-aged witch with blond hair and a tall wizard with a camera.

“Oh, Principal Dumbledore. Thank you so much for helping us in catching Sirius. My head’s going to explode if he keeps running around the public.”

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Published On: July 24, 2023

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