At 8:50 in the morning, when Daphne, Pansy, Draco, and others came to the classroom door in the East Tower, they saw Jerry and Hermione sitting in the first row of the classroom, holding their book.

“To be honest, Draco is also good. Although it is a lot worse than Jerry, it is at least a lot better than others.” Pansy patted Daphne and glanced at Draco, then at Goyle and Crabbe behind him.

Everyone has their idol, but wanting to turn idols into partners is unrealistic. She has always been more realistic. Even though she likes Jerry, she chooses Draco instead.

Among the Slytherins, Draco is only inferior to Jerry in terms of appearance and grades. Although a little childish, he comes from the Malfoy family.

The Malfoy family is a well-known family in the wizarding world. It is still a first-class family even if it declined a little because of the first wizarding war. Draco’s father is not only on the school’s committee but also has deep ties with the Ministry of Magic.

“I won’t give up. I have to study and work hard on this year’s final exam. I must surpass that Mudblood!” After listening to Pansy’s words, Daphne not only did not get discouraged but clenched her fists, and her whole body was full of energy.

“Ehh, whatever makes you happy, I guess.” Seeing that she could not persuade her best friend, Pansy shrugged helplessly.

Daphne fell in love with Jerry at first sight. In the hall of the first-year opening banquet, Daphne was captivated by Jerry’s appearance and elegance.

On the other hand, Pansy didn’t really care about Jerry very much at first, but only after he showed enough excellence that she begin to have a good impression, so she was not as captivated as Daphne.

Arithmancy is a very interesting class. It’s a class about using numbers to predict what will happen in the future so as to get a more accurate answer.

After Jerry took the class, he still felt quite rewarded. He believes that this class’s content is similar to Muggle’s class of using big data to predict and calculate the future in science.

It’s just that Muggles use scientific means to collect big data and analyze it with algorithms, while Arithmancy uses numbers and magic principles to make guesses.

They are all traceable methods. As long as you’re smart enough and the power is strong enough, some predictions that are relatively accurate can be obtained.

But there are also disadvantages. Because Arithmancy requires a lot of power when predicting the future, the farther the time is, the worse the accuracy.

Therefore, even a wizard who is proficient in Arithmancy can hardly predict what will happen in a day or two. Predicting what would happen in the next hour would already be considered powerful.

The advantage is that the accuracy is relatively high. Although there are countless possibilities for the future, the future predicted by Arithmancy is relatively more inclined to be the most probable one.

However, at the end of the class, Professor Septima Vector, the teacher of the Arithmancy class, reminded all the students in the class.

The content of Arithmancy can only be used as a reference. The future is always changing. When performing one, the future has already begun to change. Never take the content of Arithmancy as what would happen later. Otherwise, the future will definitely be different than anticipated.

At that time, after listening to the professor’s words. Jerry suddenly understood why Voldemort was going to kill Harry after learning about the prophecy.

Because the prophecy said the greatest possibility of the future, not what was destined to happen, as long as Harry was killed in advance, this possibility in the future will not occur. It’s a pity that when Snape eavesdropped on the prophecy, he only heard the first half and didn’t hear the second half, so Voldemort died in the end.

After learning the prophecy, Dumbledore tries his best to help Harry, probably in order to keep the future in the prophecy unchanged to a greater extent.

After the Arithmancy class, Jerry and Hermione left again for the Divination Class in the North Tower. It’s just that when Hermione was about to use the Time Turner again, Jerry raised his hand to stop her.

“Hermione, I think you’d better eat something to energize you now.”

They have been spending a total of six hours attending both Divination and Muggle Studies class. Running back-and-forth classes without any breaks would only tire them.

“Oh, glad you mentioned it. I’m really hungry right now.”

Just now, she didn’t realize it because she was too focused on the classes. Now that Jerry mentioned it, Hermione’s stomach started to growl.

“Eat this, and after the Divination class is over, we will go to the hall for lunch.”

Jerry reached out, took out four sausages from his bag, and heated them with magic. He handed two pieces of it to Hermione.

Hermione’s eyes lit up, “Thank you so much.”

She likes Jerry not only because Jerry is excellent in all aspects but also because when she is with Jerry, she doesn’t have to worry about many things. Jerry can make her feel very comfortable over everything.

After eating the sausage and making her stomach less hungry, the two turned the Time Turner again.

“Hey, Jerry, Hermione. Wait for us!” Just before nine o’clock, when the Divination class was about to start, Harry and Ron rushed to the classroom and complained to both of them.

It turned out that the two of them forgot the location of the classroom and finally found it with the guidance of Sir Cadogan.

“There’s a piece of information about all the classrooms in the common room. I told you to memorize them last night, but you just wanted to go back to the dormitory and play cards!” Hermione rolled her eyes.

Hermione is not a gentle and good-natured girl, she belongs to the strong, smart, decisive, and assertive girl, and she is quite ruthless when she talks about people that are not doing things right.

“Welcome to the Divination class!”

At this time, a middle-aged witch walked into the classroom nervously.

She wears a pair of oversized glasses and wears a thin and transparent shawl with many glittering metal sheets. There are countless beads and chains around her long neck, and she also wears many bracelets and rings on her arms.

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Published On: July 22, 2023

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