But there are some pros and cons. First of all, he must not meet himself in the same time period. Otherwise, there will be a problem.

Secondly, his body must endure all the strength of doing all of the activities. Because although the Time Turner is used to going back to the past, his body is going to be experiencing double or triple the usual by attending all of the classes.

If the Time Turner is used too frequently, rather than you taking eight hours of class normally during the day, you can take twenty or thirty hours at the same time.

Hermione used the Time Turner to take almost all the classes in the third grade. It also impacted her physical and mental state.

Normal students have one class in the morning, while she has three classes in the morning. The total was nine hours, and she had to complete all the homework, so at the end of the third grade, she decisively gave up using the Time Turner.

Jerry was only affected slightly by this. Because his body is stronger than usual, even if he studies and studies magic for 30 to 40 hours in a row, it is not a big problem.

What he valued most was the last point. After using the Time Turner, he found that although the time had returned to four hours ago, the number of his red stars had not recovered to four hours ago.

In this way, it would be wasteful if he repeatedly used the Time Turner too many times because it would cause the number of his red stars to be depleted in just a few months as opposed to a full year. When he ran out of red stars, he would immediately be teleported back to the main world.

Although the Time Turner is a good item, it cannot be used excessively. According to the number of his red stars, he should be using it carefully according to his plan.


The next morning. On the Great Hall.

“Jerry, which class did you take this morning?” Daphne, who was sitting across from the table, looked at Jerry.

“Oh, I guess it’s the same as yours.” Jerry elegantly cuts a grilled sausage in half before putting the half in his mouth.

“How do you know that I took the Arithmancy class?”

Daphne’s face suddenly showed an excited look when she heard the words. She did not expect that Jerry knew about the courses she took, and she also took the same courses as her.

Jerry paused, then smiled at Daphne, “When I went to Professor Snape to teach magic last semester, I accidentally saw your course selection table.”

Of course, this was a lie. He didn’t know what course Daphne took, but last semester when he knew that Snape would apply for a Time Turner for him, he took all the classes available. So, no matter what class Daphne takes, Jerry must be in the same class as her.

“After eating, let’s go to the classroom together. Pansy and Draco are also in the Arithmancy class!” Knowing that Jerry took the same courses as herself, Daphne made an invitation.

Jerry shook his head, “I’m sorry, I have something to do for a while. I’m not sure what time it will be over.”

“Ah, alright then.” Daphne showed a hint of disappointment but was happy to think of taking the same class as Jerry for a while.

After breakfast and seeing Jerry leaving the hall. Pansy pointed to Hermione at the Gryffindor table and smiled at Daphne, “I don’t think you have much hope.”

“Damn Mudblood. How can she be with Jerry?” Daphne gritted her teeth in anger, and the spoon in her hand was about to be bent by her.

Seeing her best friend like this, Pansy covered her mouth and laughed.

“Last year’s final exam, she was second only to Jerry. I think you should pay more attention to your studies. If you can get better grades than her, I think maybe Jerry will pay attention to you more.”

Jerry’s performance has always been excellent. There are many girls in the same grade, including lower grades and upper grades, who have a crush on him, but many people understand that the chances are not great.

On the one hand, Jerry spends most of his time studying, and many girls can’t get in touch with him. Even if they see him in the common room and library, they are embarrassed to disturb him.

On the other hand, in addition to the Slytherin common room, when you see Jerry in other places, you can almost see he is hanging out with Hermione.

Although Hermione was born in a Muggle family, her grades are really very good, second only to Jerry. Of course, as long they study harder, they can surpass Hermione in the next exam and attract Jerry’s attention.

It can be said that Jerry did nothing but motivate a group of students to learn.


Outside the hall.

“Let’s go to the West Tower to go to Muggle class first.”

Jerry and Hermione took out their Muggle class textbooks and walked straight to the West Tower. The Muggle Studies class is actually a class where wizards learn about Muggle technology and various behaviors of Muggles.

Originally, Jerry was not interested in this course. After all, no one in this world should know more about Muggles than him. Not only does he know about Muggles in this world, but he also knows about Muggles in several other worlds.

Only later did he learn that only wizards who had taken Muggle studies courses could obtain the corresponding licenses and hold positions at the Ministry of Magic that work with Muggles.

In addition, he was really curious about what a Muggle looked like in the eyes of wizards, so he went to that class.

However, the most important thing is that the class like Muggle studies are only taken once a week at most. So he still has a lot of time for other classes.

After one class was over, it was already eleven o’clock.

It’s actually quite interesting. Interpreting Muggle’s technology and history from a wizard’s perspective gave him a wonderful feeling in the eyes of wizards. After this class, he felt that the Muggle class might be very useful for his future plans to integrate wizards and Muggles.

“Where’s the next class?” Coming out of the Muggle class, Jerry asked Hermione.

“Let’s go to the Arithmancy class in the East Tower!” Hermione dragged Jerry and ran towards the east tower.

In a deserted corner of the East Tower, the two turned the hourglass on their necks. At the same time, and their figures appeared out of thin air in the East Tower at 8:30 in the morning. They then came to the empty Arithmancy classroom.

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