After easily handling the Devil’s Snare on the second level, Jerry continued to move forward along the tunnel. The distance was unknown and soon came to the third level.

A brightly lit room with numerous winged keys and a thick wooden door specially reinforced with various magics by the Head of Ravenclaw, Professor Flitwick.

Jerry knows that if he wants to pass this door, he must use the broom next to him to find and grab the one that can open the wooden door from the countless keys above his head. Of course, it wasn’t too difficult for him.

However, instead of walking over to get the broom, he went directly to the wooden door because he had an easier way.

A spell sounded, and a blue magic sword slowly condensed in his right hand. This is the magic he created by studying the Sword card. Holding a magic sword, he will instantly become a master of swordsmanship, and the sword is not only extremely sharp but also has the effect of breaking any magic.

The specific sharpness and magic-breaking power depended on his heart or, rather, on the strength of his soul.

Swinging the magic sword in his hand vigorously, the thick wooden door that Professor Flitwick had attached with various protective magics suddenly turned into several wooden blocks.

Obviously, neither the physical defense of the wooden door itself nor the magic defense can compete with the sharpness and ability of the magic sword.

Jerry carried the magic sword through the door and entered the fourth level. Now it’s a huge wizard chess created by Professor McGonagall, the Head of Gryffindor.

If you want to pass this obstacle, you have to defeat the white pieces with the black pieces. If you don’t know how to play chess or are bad at chess, you can just do it the Jerry way, which is breaking it directly with force.

Holding the magic sword, he directly crossed the line in the middle of the chessboard. When those huge white chess pieces attacked him, he chopped them into pieces. The whole game was broken when all the white chess pieces were chopped up.

“Okay, time to go to the last obstacle.”

According to his memory, after the wizard chess game in the movie, the next level is the Mirror of Erised, where Dumbledore hid the Sorcerer’s Stone. He happily pushed open the wooden door, and a disgusting stench hit his nostrils.

“Ew, it stinks.” In front of Jerry was not the Mirror of Erised but an unusually tall monster.

When the troll saw Jerry, he immediately showed an excited expression and charged toward Jerry with his big wooden stick.

“Oh no, you don’t!”

Jerry hurriedly raised his hand and chanted the incantation at the rushing troll. A wind flew out instantly and blew on the troll. With its tall figure, it slammed into the wall and knocked it unconscious.

“No way I’m putting them in my suitcase. They’re so smelly.”

Jerry always maintains the “Refreshing” mode, so his sense of smell is much more sensitive than normal people, and he is disgusted by the smell. Having decided to remove the troll from his magical beasts’ collection, he quickly fled the room holding his nose.

The room below is not on the final floor. Because when he stepped into the room, a purple flame wall blocked the door, and a black flame wall also blocked the front exit to the next level.

In the center of the room is a table on which seven bottles of various shapes and a piece of parchment are placed. Without much thought, Jerry can guess that this should be something that Professor Snape set up.

“I didn’t expect that there would be more than it actually is in the movie.” With a sigh, Jerry stepped towards the table.

He didn’t have it when he watched the movie, whether it was the troll or these potions. After passing the wizard chess in the movie, he thought he would go to the last room where the Mirror of Erised was located.

“Well, it’s a puzzle. I didn’t expect Professor Snape to be involved, but I don’t have the time to guess this puzzle.”

Picking up the parchment and looking at it, Jerry shrugged and directly covered his body with a Protego Charm to step over the black flame wall.

The improved version of the Protego Charm is not something that this black flame wall can break. Although this black flame wall also contains dark magic, not pure flame magic. Passing through the wall, Jerry finally saw the Mirror of Erised with the Sorcerer’s Stone hidden in the last room.

This is a very big mirror. It reaches the ceiling, has a gorgeous gold frame, and is supported by two claw-shaped feet. The top is engraved with a line of words: erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.

Walking in front of the mirror, the magic power emanating from the mirror can be felt by Jerry. With a frown, his body exuded powerful magic power fluctuations, which directly blocked the magic power from the mirror.

“I don’t need useless fantasies. I just need what I needed right now.”

The Mirror of Erised is a magical mirror that can read your heart and print in the mirror the things you desire most at this time. Jerry doesn’t like to open his heart to a mirror, especially one that Dumbledore has manipulated.

“Its magic is beyond anything I’ve seen.”

After an observation of the Mirror of Erised, Jerry soon discovered that in addition to its original function, a layer of extremely complex space magic was added to the mirror.

If he guessed correctly, as long as he breaks the space magic, he would be able to get the stone hidden inside. But it will also trigger some alarm, letting Dumbledore know it, and then instantly use Apparition to come over.

To be honest, all the previous floors are actually nothing, and any wizard with good strength can pass them one by one. The really powerful thing is the last one, which is the thing set by Dumbledore himself.

It’s not about how unbreakable the magic is, but how does he prevent the magic from being broken without notifying Dumbledore that it’s been broken? As long as he casts magic on the Mirror of Erised or even moves the Mirror of Erised, an alarm mechanism will be activated.

Once triggered, Dumbledore will immediately know that someone will steal the Sorcerer’s Stone.

In Hogwarts, where no wizard can use Apparition, only Dumbledore can instantly Apparate to the mirror. At that time, he will face the most powerful wizard in the world.

Therefore, the last layer of defense to guard the stone is actually Dumbledore himself.

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