Regarding Dumbledore’s suspicion of him, Jerry still has some faith in his heart. As long as Dumbledore is not too stupid, he will definitely be wary of his performance in school.

But now, it is estimated that Dumbledore will feel that he will definitely be the right-hand man of Harry to help defeat Voldemort. In this way, if he asks Dumbledore to ask for magic lessons, it is estimated that he would not have any complaints or anything.

As the most powerful wizard in the wizarding world, Jerry has been jealous of him for a long time. With Dumbledore’s long-term guidance, his knowledge of magical theory would surely be taken to the next level.

Jerry quickly returned to Slytherin’s common room through the castle’s magic staircase. At this time, Draco and the others may have fallen asleep because they were too tired.

Jerry sat on his bed and looked at the Time Turner in his hand, and his heart suddenly moved, “Eh, why not try it now?”

Holding the Time Turner, Jerry cast a spell on Draco and the others before leaving the Slytherin dormitory and walking out of the castle, just in case. He passed over the two Dementors guarding the gate and fell down a dark path not far from the gate.

After releasing the flight spell, Jerry took out the Time Turner again, took a deep breath, and started his first experience of time magic.

After looking at it, he turned the hourglass on the time converter four times. Suddenly, a familiar magic wave appeared on the Time Turner, which was very similar to the magic fluctuation of the “Time” card he had studied before.

In an instant, it seemed like a moment had passed. Jerry felt that he had entered the torrent of time, dragged backward by the powerful law of the time, and there seemed to be something knocking on his ear. There is also a cloud and the shape of a lake in front of him.

“Is this time magic? It’s really interesting.” After returning to normal and looking at the Time Turner in his hand, Jerry’s face showed a thoughtful look.

At this point, he had returned to four hours ago.

After summoning the Patronus and contracting all the dementors, Jerry left his original position, and after calculating the time, he returned to the first floor of Hogwarts Castle.

However, just as he was about to return to the Slytherin common room in the basement, he seemed to have thought of something. He turned around and floated toward the corridor on the third floor.

“I guess It’s time to get the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

Before, he was afraid of Dumbledore’s strength, and he himself was not sure whether or not he could go through all the defenses that were put in and obtain the stone from the Mirror of Erised sealed by Dumbledore himself.

But now, he felt that the problem should not be big. Even if he failed, at least he won’t be discovered by Dumbledore.


He used Disillusionment Charm to prevent the pictures on the walls from discovering anything and then cast the Unlocking Charm to open the wooden door at the end of the corridor on the third floor.

In this way, Jerry calmly came to the first level of the stone’s defense mechanism, the three-headed dog Fluffy.

“Quietus!” He first eliminated all sounds to prevent Fluffy’s voice from waking other people around.

Using the magic principle of the Power card, he temporarily possesses a power no less than the Hulk.

The door opened, and Fluffy immediately smelled the scent of a stranger. Fluffy’s immediately opened his mouth and bit in the direction of Jerry.

Jerry was already prepared for this. He saw his legs flex slightly, and the powerful force instantly turned him into an afterimage, easily flashing between the bites from Fluffy.

The right hand propped up on the roof full of stones, leaving a palm print. The right leg turned and slammed the top of the head of Fluffy.

No sound came out because of the Quietus magic, but a big hole was smashed into the floor, and Fluffly immediately passed out. At this time, Fluffy remaining two heads were also biting at Jerry.

With another flash, Jerry had already appeared above the two heads, and then he swiped a double kick in the air, sending the two heads to follow in the direction of the first head.

After landing and moving his body, Jerry felt a sense of relief throughout his body. Although as a wizard, Jerry has already been used to using magic to solve most of the problems rather than getting physical.

Even if he activates “Refreshing”, his physical quality is not even worse than ordinary Asgardians, but it is still strong compared to the Power card. Moreover, the close-quarter combat is too high. The enemy may kill him within a square inch if he is not careful with it.

Sometimes, even if he knew something that could be solved with a magic spell, he still wanted to step forward and show his skills. It’s just that he has been suppressing this idea before considering his own safety.

Now he has studied the Power Card card, and with it, he can have power no weaker than the Hulk in a short time and finally have the opportunity to show his skills.

But Jerry is still very rational. He will only that off occasionally when the enemy’s strength is weaker than his own. He’ll still use magic and other expendables as his main weapon to combat enemies.

His current magical strength is very powerful, but his physical condition is still important.

Although he wouldn’t die, he could slowly find a way to revive himself by relying on soul magic. But that was a foolish behavior and a very time-consuming thing to do.

Using the last Contract Magic that his soul can afford, he put it on Fluffy, threw Fluffy into the suitcase, opened the trapdoor, and jumped down.

When he was in Greece before, he found and contracted a few three-headed dogs. Now that Fluffy went in, he could hang with them. Maybe he could give birth to a few small three-headed dogs after a while.


After sliding down the tunnel under the trapdoor for a while, Jerry landed on the Devil’s Snare set up by Professor Sprout.

However, before these Devil’s Snare wanted to attack him, he shrank them with Lumos Maxima.

The Devil’s Snare is a very aggressive magical plant with high physical and magical resistance, but its weakness is that it is afraid of light and heat. So, whether it is a light or fire spell, they can be defeated easily.

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Published On: July 19, 2023

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