“Professor, are you asking me about what happened on the train?” After Hermione left, Jerry asked Snape.

Snape comforted him, “Jerry, you are smart. Don’t worry, just report what happened on the train to Principal Dumbledore truthfully.”

“Mr. Carmen, I just heard some incredible things from the two presidents of the student union, so I want to ask you for confirmation.” Dumbledore wore a luxurious dark green robe with stars and moon and said to Jerry kindly.

“Of course, Principal.” Jerry had long anticipated that Dumbledore might talk to him.

You must know that his strength on the train has far exceeded that of normal wizards, and it may even have an impact on the entire wizarding world in the future. In this way, Jerry repeated the story that Jerry told Hermione and others on the train.

But before that, he had used Occlumency on himself.

“So, Mr. Carmen. You learned the Patronus Charm in Greece, and the Patronus you summoned is a giant? Can you show us?” Dumbledore’s tone was obviously a little more excited.

Looking at Dumbledore, Snape, and McGonagall’s eyes, Jerry took his wand and pointed, “Expecto Patronum!”

Jerry summoned a two-meter-high Patronus in the room.

“Because the Patronus is too tall, I can’t summon it at all once. I am summoning the reduced version, which is the ordinary human form. Its power was reduced, but it is relatively more flexible and convenient to use.”

After summoning the Patronus, Jerry explained the principle of developing the new form of his Patronus. Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape looked at each other in shock.

Although it’s hard to believe, the fact is that Jerry really learned the Patronus Spell and even improved it. His magical talent is simply amazing. However, his Patronus is a giant and can be improved.

“Can you change it to another form and let us see?”

Dumbledore waved his hand without holding a wand or chanting a spell, and the space in the headmaster’s office instantly expanded tenfold.

When Jerry saw this, he secretly sighed that Dumbledore was worthy of the title of the greatest wizard of the century, and his Extension Charm was way more advanced than him.

Jerry also waved at the Patronus. The Patronus, which was originally two meters high, suddenly returned to the form of a ten-meter-tall giant.

“It’s really the giant Patronus.” Seeing the ten-meter-high giant Patronus standing in the principal’s office, the three couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

You must know that there has only been one instance of a Patronus in the form of a giant in the wizarding world’s history. It was Andros in ancient Greece who was the first one that manages to cast one.

Although the current magic has been greatly developed compared to back then, Jerry can still be said to be at the level of the top wizards in actual combat with his giant Patronus.

“Okay, Mr. Carmen. Very good. You should go back and take some rest for tonight.”

After Dumbledore confirmed that Jerry’s Patronus was a giant, his attitude was more gentle than before. Jerry dismissed the Patronus and politely and gracefully said good night to Dumbledore, Snape, and Professor McGonagall before turning his head and leaving the headmaster’s office.

“Principal, I have long said that he is different from the Dark Lord. He is more like me, but he is more brave than me. I believe he will become a great Slytherin in the future.” After Jerry left, Snape turned his head to look at Dumbledore with a hint of pride in his tone.

“I agree with Professor Snape on this point. Mr. Carmen is indeed a very good wizard, which was confirmed when I first met him in the orphanage. However, I didn’t expect the Sorting Hat to assign him to Slytherin. He was actually more suitable for Gryffindor.” Professor McGonagall couldn’t help sighing.

Snape couldn’t help but twitch when he heard Professor McGonagall’s words, but he didn’t refute them. Because now Professor McGonagall was vouching for Jerry.

But he really felt in his heart that Jerry shouldn’t go to Gryffindor. Jerry was someone that was destined to be a Slytherin. He even did a lot of things for the Slytherin, like playing as the Slytherin’s Seeker.

“Well, Severus. I admit that I may have had a little prejudice against him before. But now I hold the same opinion as you, and I hope you can spend more time guiding me. He may be one of the pillars of the wizarding world in the future.”

Since Jerry became famous in school, Dumbledore has also paid attention to him. He was born in an orphanage and entered the Slytherin house.

Jerry’s signs in the past two years are very similar to Voldemort, who he brought to Hogwarts from the orphanage with his own hands. Jerry even performed better than Voldemort back then.

At least when Voldemort was in school, he didn’t do any good performances in Quidditch.

What if Hogwarts breeds a second Voldemort and a second Dark Lord? But now, that concern is gone because of what Jerry showed them before.

At this time, Jerry had a smile on his face. He knew that as long as he showed his Patronus, Dumbledore would definitely view him differently. The reason is that people with evil souls cannot summon Patronus, just like Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

But this is not absolute. If a person summons the Patronus before becoming evil, he becomes evil later, and the Patronus will not disappear. Just like Umbridge and her Patronus is a cat.

In the Ministry of Magic’s eyes, Sirius was the same. His Patronus was learned in school when he was not a Death Eater, so they had no doubts that Sirius could summon a Patronus.

Jerry learned the Patronus Charm during the summer vacation, and he can summon the giant, which at least shows that the current Jerry is not evil.

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Published On: July 19, 2023

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