Just when all the students entered the gate of Hogwarts, including the first-year students, they also entered the castle under Hagrid’s lead and were taken by Professor McGonagall to the waiting room next to the hall.

A young figure in a wizard’s robe appeared out of thin air on a dark path not far from the gate.

“Is this time magic? It’s really interesting!”

The young figure was holding a golden necklace with a small hourglass in his hand, with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Immediately afterward, he put away the little hourglass, stretched out his hand, and whispered a spell. He easily summoned a humanoid figure with a solid body.

“Ah, it’s too obvious!”

The young figure looked at the Patronus and cast magic again, first blocking the magical fluctuations emanating from the Patronus and then letting the shadow of the Patronus bully him, wrapping it, revealing only two glowing fists.

At this moment, the two Dementors who were guarding the gate suddenly seemed to have noticed something, and they floated up and flew towards the path where the young figure was. It’s just that before they could fly, two glowing fists hit their faces.

A powerful force smashed The two Dementors to the ground directly from the sky. The power of the fists caused the two Dementors to let out a howl.

It’s just that before they screamed, an incantation sound was already one step ahead of them, and it sounded in the air, “Quietus!”

The screams of the Dementors disappeared before they could be heard. After a frantic beating, Jerry stepped forward and imprinted Contract Magic on the two Dementors.

“Alright, more to come.”

After the contract was successful, he gave an order to the two Dementors, and they immediately nodded obediently and flew towards the other Dementors guarding the castle.

Two hours later.

“It’s almost there. They should come out in a while. Let’s hide elsewhere first.”

When all the Dementors near the castle were contracted, he covered his head, activated Apparition, and disappeared in place.

“There are a lot of magical animals contracted recently. It seems that I need to slow down and wait before I can make more contracts again.”


Two hours ago, inside the castle.

The sorting ceremony, and the opening dinner, except for the arrival of a new batch of students, did not change much. If there’s anything worth saying, it’s probably two things Dumbledore said before the dinner.

The first thing, of course, was the news about the Dementors, and Dumbledore had apparently worked with Fudge to have Dementors at every entrance and exit of the school to prevent Sirius from getting in.

He also very seriously told the students not to bother with the Dementors so as not to be destroyed physically and mentally.

When telling this, he also deliberately sets his eyes on Gryffindor.

The second thing is that Professor Kettleburn, the teacher of the Care of Magical Creatures class, announced his retirement. Hagrid, the gatekeeper who has regained his right to use magic, will fill this class position.

After the dinner, Jerry was about to return to the Slytherin common room with Draco and others when Snape stopped him in the lobby on the first floor.

“Jerry, come with me to the principal’s office.”

At the same time, Hermione was also called by Professor McGonagall.

Seeing this, Jerry knew that it was probably related to the Time Turner. Snape promised to apply for a Time Turner to assist him in his study after school started. Professor McGonagall also applied for one for Hermione.

Sure enough, under the lead of Professor McGonagall and Professor Snape, they quickly received two Time-Turners after he and Hermione came to the principal’s office.

“You are some of the best students I have ever met, so Professor Snape and I have applied for a Time Turner from the Ministry of Magic for you so that you can spend more time studying.”

“But I must warn you that it is an extremely dangerous and unstable magic, and if the Time Turner is abused, it will cause great disaster for yourself and others. So, I hope you will remember everything I said about the use of the Time Turner.”

After Professor McGonagall handed it to Jerry and Hermione, she began to explain the use of the Time Turner carefully.

It is a golden necklace wrapped in a small hourglass, engraved with a warning, “I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun. My use and value, unto you, Are gauged by what you have to do.”

Every turn of the hourglass goes back one hour up to five hours. It’s not that you can’t go back longer, but if it exceeds five hours, it will have a huge impact on time and cause very dire consequences.

According to Professor McGonagall, if you go back more than five hours, it is very likely that there will be a problem with the law of time. The timeline’s past and future will be changed, which means that you will suddenly disappear.

Even if you don’t disappear, it is possible to suddenly age into an old man with only a few days left to live or cause some other people to disappear. Therefore, the Ministry of Magic has hundreds of legal regulations and restrictions on the use of Time Turner.

The most important point is to use it only to return to the past, and you cannot meet your past self. Otherwise, there will be confusion in the timeline, and danger will occur.

“Yes, Professor, we understood.”

When Professor McGonagall finished speaking, Jerry and Hermione nodded at the same time.

Professor McGonagall looked at Jerry and Hermione with a satisfied looks on their serious faces. Both of them are model students, especially Jerry, who is very mature, and she still trusts them very much.

“I believe you, but you have to swear that you can’t tell anyone else, including Harry and your close friends.” Professor McGonagall reminded them for the last time.

“Miss Granger, you go back to rest first. Jerry will stay for a while. We have something to talk.” Snape stepped forward.

Hermione gave Jerry a worried look, nodded, and left the principal’s office. The principal’s office was on the eighth floor, and the Gryffindor lounge was on the eighth floor, so Hermione left the office and walked around the castle to return to the Gryffindor common room.

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Published On: July 18, 2023

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