Jerry’s act of fending off the Dementors all the way just now attracted the attention of many young wizards. Although they did not dare to get off the train, they all opened the windows and saw the battle between Jerry and fifteen Aurors.

However, the Auror captain considered that after the wizards entered the school, they could not return until at least the Christmas break.

Moreover, Hogwarts does not allow outsiders to enter unless under special circumstances. Those reporters who want to find out are also unable to enter Hogwarts for news. When they catch Sirius Black, who is on the run, no one will accuse them of these problems.

This is also why the Auror captain ordered other Aurors not to reveal today’s secrets after discovering Jerry’s identity.

Of course, being defeated by a third-year wizard is not something to brag about. Even if the Auror captain didn’t say it, these Aurors wouldn’t be stupid enough to spread the word when they returned.

On the other side, after Jerry got back into the room, the eyes of all the other students looked at Jerry. Not only Slytherin but also Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw students looked at Jerry with a kind of admiration and respect in their eyes.

If it is true that many young wizards had some admiration for Jerry in the past, it was mainly due to his performance as a Quidditch player, not his magical strength. It’s like you idolize a singer, an actor, and a strong person, which is already different.

With a Patronus Charm that only the best wizards can cast, Jerry fends off a dozen terrifying Dementors and defeats fifteen Aurors by himself.

They have already guessed the fifteen wizards outside through Dementors. They should be Aurors from the Ministry of Magic, and even some Slytherin students have met these Aurors before.

In short, Jerry’s magical strengths are incredible for those still at Hogwarts. It was beyond any comprehensible logic for those Aurors defeated by a Hogwarts student.

Many students already idolize him based on this performance alone. Voldemort had so many die-hard followers back then because of his powerful skills too. Jerry’s performance was then more or less similar to Voldemort’s.

Jerry smiled and didn’t care about their admiration because this was what he expected, and with his current strength, it was time to show his strong side. Otherwise, if he publishes the magic book he wrote, it is estimated that many wizards will not believe that he wrote it.

After walking from the front to the rear of the train, Jerry calmly returned to his room and sat next to Hermione again.

After Jerry got on the train, at the command of the Auror captain, the train moved again. Ginny and Neville had returned to their room, so it was just Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the current room.

“Uhh, you guys alright?”

After sitting down again, Jerry looked at the eyes of the three and showed some weird expressions. But Jerry had already guessed what was about to come.

“Did you just use the Patronus Charm?”

“Is your Patronus a giant?”

“Are those people out there Aurors from the Ministry of Magic?”

“Did you just duel them and beat them all alone?”

“Did the Dementors that were supposed to catch Sirius?”

Listening to the three questions, Jerry rubbed his temples and began to answer them one by one.

“Yes, I used the Patronus Charm. I read it in a book and learned it during the summer vacation. I can teach you after school starts if you want to learn it.”

“It was indeed the Aurors from the Ministry of Magic. They thought that Sirius would hide on the train, so they let the Dementors get on the train to check it. It was just a misunderstanding, and now it has been resolved.”

“As for why I was able to defeat those Aurors. It may be because my Patronus is a giant, just like the invincible Andros. You know that, right, Hermione?”

Although the three of them had basically guessed the answer just now, after hearing Jerry’s answer, they all returned to normal after a long delay. They talked about what was happened until the train stopped.

It’s not an accident this time, but they have arrived at their destination, The Hogsmeade station.

Maybe it was because it had just rained, or maybe it was dark, and the wind was blowing. At this time, there was a bit of chill in the air outside the train. When the students got off the train, they couldn’t help but shiver.

“Here, take it. This should help.”

When he had just left the room, Jerry took out the scarf Hermione had given her from the suitcase because he knew the temperature outside was very low.

Many other students who had gotten off the train were a little bit envious when they saw Jerry put a scarf on Hermione himself.

“Thanks.” Seeing Jerry put a scarf on herself, Hermione’s face blushed.

“First-year students, this way!” At this time, a familiar loud voice reached the ears of everyone.

It was Hagrid, standing at one end of the station with a magic lamp, greeting the first-year students and leading them to the lake to the school in the traditional way.

“Going to school by boat in this weather. Madam Pomfrey is going to be busy the next day in the medical ward.” At this time, Ron also jumped off the train and saw that the first-year students followed Hagrid and couldn’t help but crack a joke.

After the four of them got off the train, they followed the line next to Hogsmeade Station, rode in a carriage pulled by Thestrals, and drove towards the castle gate.

But as they passed the castle’s iron gates, Jerry noticed two hooded Dementors on guard beside the stone pillars on either side of the gates.

In addition to a small group of Aurors with some Dementors guarding the train, there is another group of Aurors who have already stationed at Hogwarts with the remaining Dementors.

Maybe in Fudge’s view, Sirius Black escaped from prison to avenge Voldemort, then the goal is not to go on the Hogwarts Express with Harry, but he will definitely go to Hogwarts, where Harry goes to school.

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Published On: July 18, 2023

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