Of course, Jerry knew that the people in front of him were Aurors from the Ministry of Magic, and he knew that they brought the Dementors to capture Sirius. But at this time, he deliberately pretended to be a victim and asked the Aurors.

“Attacked you? What are you talking about? We are all Aurors from the Ministry of Magic. Who are you to attack the Aurors? Do you want to go to Azkaban?” At this time, the older Auror stood up, stared at Jerry angrily, and yelled loudly.

Jerry looked at Auror suspiciously, “You, Aurors? Don’t think I’m only in the third year that you can lie to me. How could Aurors attack the Hogwarts students? Or are you Death Eaters? Moreover, how could the strength of the Auror be so poor? Because all of you were beaten by me so easily.” After speaking, Jerry also raised the wands in his hand.

Everyone was shocked to see that the person in front of them was a third-year student at Hogwarts. A third-year student in Hogwarts brought down fifteen Aurors and nearly twenty Dementors.

“We are definitely not Death Eaters. We are really Aurors. This is just simply a misunderstanding!” The older Auror captain quickly explained.

Now their wands have been confiscated by the third-year student in front of them if they can’t convince the student in front of them that they are Aurors. The student will use magic to send him to Hogwarts and let everyone know about the attack, and certainly, the Ministry of Magic will be upset when hearing this.

“I don’t believe you. I’d better hand you over to the principal first and let the principal handle all of you.” Jerry raised the wand in his right hand as if ready to cast a spell.

“Jerry, Jerry, it’s m! Casey! Do you remember? Your senior in your first year!” At this time, the young Auror who had hurriedly rushed from the back to the front.

“Hey, Senior Casey. It’s you!” Seeing the young Auror, Jerry pretended to be surprised.

When he got out of the door just now, he recognized Casey, the former president of the Boys Student Council and former seventh-grade Slytherin student. When he was in his first year, Dumbledore appointed Casey as the President of the Boys Student Council because he was relatively less extreme and treated all the houses fairly.

Jerry won the Quidditch House Cup for Slytherin, and of course, they had some exchanges before in Hogwarts. Among the student hierarchy at Hogwarts, the President of the Student Council is the most powerful. The Principal directly appoints them, and only the seven-graders are eligible.

The following two chairpersons are assisted by twenty-four prefects, six from each house, two from each of the fifth, sixth, and seventh grades, one male and one female, who the principal and the head of the house jointly appoint.

“Jerry, do you remember? I applied for the assessment after graduation and finally became an Auror. We are really Aurors, not Death Eaters!” Casey explained.

“Then why did these Dementors attack me just now, and I finally managed to get them out of the train? All of you attacked me?” Jerry pretended to be angry.

Casey scratched his head, feeling that he didn’t know how to explain the question, so he looked at his captain. To think about it carefully, it was indeed they who attacked first, and Jerry counterattacked later. If they hadn’t attacked in such a hurry just now, all of these wouldn’t have happened.

The captain obviously realized this problem and hurriedly stepped forward and explained with a smile, “We conducted a surprise inspection this time to prevent Sirius from being on the train. But there may have been a little misunderstanding, and the Dementors made some overstepping moves. Just now, we also misunderstood you as Sirius Black. So yes, everything just then was a misunderstanding.”

“So, that’s it, huh?” Jerry pretended to believe and then handed back the wands in his hand to the captain.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, then I guess I could let it slide. I hope you don’t let these Dementors get on the train alone next time. They are too dangerous. Also, say hello to Coach Meyer for me when you return to the Ministry of Magic!”

Jerry waved his hand and ignored the Aurors and the Dementors. He turned his head and got on the train again.

“He also knew Meyer Booth?” Seeing Jerry leaving, the captain looked at Casey in surprise.

Casey also looked at the auror in surprise, “Captain, you don’t know him?”

“I don’t have children at Hogwarts. How should I know?” The captain was even more confused.

“Captain, he is Jerry Carmen. The famous Seeker of the English Quidditch team, who has led the English Quidditch team to win the championship against other countries’ Quidditch teams many times. Now everyone predicts that in the next year’s Quidditch Cup, the team will win the championship under his leadership.” Casey explained quickly.

“What? He’s Jerry Carmen?”

The Captain’s facial expression changed for a while, and then he ordered to all Aurors, “Remember, if you want to keep your jobs. Don’t tell anyone what just happened. Keep it to ourselves!”

As the captain of the Auror, he is indeed not that interested in Quidditch, but he has heard of Jerry Carmen’s name. It was part of their carelessness that they didn’t oversee the Dementors, but they also attacked Jerry.

If this spreads out, it is estimated that it will immediately become the most explosive news in the whole wizarding community, even more, explosive than Sirius’s escape from prison. At that time, most of them probably would be fired by Fudge.

“Yes, Captain!”

These Auror are not stupid, and they know what would happen later if this breaks out.

“Are all young wizards so strong now?” In the end, the captain couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

But after looking at Casey next to him, “Well, I guess he’s just an exception.”

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