“Captain, should we go in?”

Outside the Hogwarts Express train door, a young Auror asked an older Auror. The older Auror glanced at, the younger Auror with his wand.

“Why? If Sirius is not hiding inside the train, it doesn’t matter if we go in or not. If he is hiding inside the train, we go in, and there will be a commotion. Because if the students were hurt, then it’ll cause a big problem.”

“Now, let the Dementors do their job. Once Sirius is found, he will definitely flee the train at the first opportunity. We have to guard the outside and wait for him to come out and surround him.”

“But why do we do a sudden check-up like this without notifying Principal Dumbledore? Will he be mad about it?” The young Auror has just graduated only a year ago, so he does not know how to handle things like this.

“As an Auror under the Ministry of Magic, we must obey the orders of Minister Fudge. In order for the search not to fail, we also prepared the Anti-Disapparition Jinx in case Sirius tries to escape. You just need to guard the line. No need to ask questions like that.”


The young Auror was about to say something else, but the older Auror looked at him as if about to scold him again. But he pointed his finger in a direction.

“Captain, there is movement over there!”

“Everyone gather towards the rear of the train. It might be Sirius there!”

Hearing the screams of the Dementors coming from the rear part of the train, as well as the very obvious Patronus Charm. The older Auror immediately ordered the dozen or so Aurors guarding the surrounding area to the rear part of the train in order to prevent Sirius from using the Patronus to repel the Dementors.

However, what made them feel surprised happened. After a while, they did not find Sirius jumping out of the window, but only the Patronus Charm coming from the rear of the train.

A Dementor’s wailing could be heard every time it moved a distance, as if Sirius was using the Patronus Charm to subdue the Dementors one by one.

“As expected of a guy who was able to escape Azkaban, his Patronus Charm is surprisingly powerful!” The older Auror was a bit surprised in his heart.

However, he is not a coward. The Patronus Charm is indeed powerful, but it is only effective against Dementors. It can not restrain them, and they now have more than a dozen elite Aurors.

“Everyone, wait on the front. He may be coming out from there.” As he ordered, a dozen Aurors concentrated on the position outside the door of the train and raised their wands.

They were going to use their best magic spells to apprehend Sirius the moment he stepped out of the door.


“Pertificus Totalus!”


“Are they just randomly attacking without seeing the person?” Jerry just stepped out of the door and saw a dozen wizards throw plentiful kinds of spells.

It can only be said that these Aurors, while looking so tough and brave, they’re actually very afraid. Hence they did the first strike before anything to anticipate Sirius’ attack. Azkaban was established for so many years and imprisoned a lot of evil wizards, but Sirius was the first one who could escape from there.

“Protego!” Wand a wave. Jerry cast a modified version of the Protego Charm.

The Spell’s defensive power was greatly enhanced, and even the magical attacks launched by a dozen elite Aurors did not shake it a bit.

“Let’s put them down first.” Jerry raised his left hand and pointed forward. The Patronus behind him immediately stopped. It turned back to its Giant form and then moved toward the Aurors.

“What’s the situation?”

Several Aurors saw that what they were attacking was a figure behind the Protego Charm, and all of their attacks failed. The spell can indeed block most magic attacks, but it also has a limit.

Whether or not the defenses will be strong or not entirely rely on the strength of the wizard that cast them. Some wizards can deflect most of the magic spells that are thrown at them, while some of them are not.

However, each and every Aurors are an elite wizard in the wizarding world.

Immediately before they reacted, an oversized giant-like Patronus descended from the sky towards them and knocked them all.

According to the information, the Patronus of Sirius should be a dog. How did it become a giant?

At this point, they could not afford to think about it. Since they were attacked, they had to fight back first. More than a dozen Aurors immediately waved their magic wands and cast their spells on the giant Patronus.

These Aurors can indeed be called extremely good wizards, whether it is the speed of spell casting or the strength of the spell, and are better than most wizards in general.

However, it’s useless.

Andros had no enemies in his time because his Patronus was a giant, and the power of the giant Patronus was unbeatable. Its huge body made all the spells that the Aurors hit it with seem like they were like small ants that would only make a small dent and recover again in an instant.

Just by gently waving its arm, the Patronus can break most of the Protego Charm that the Aurors cast. In less than a minute, Jerry’s Patronus slapped all of the Aurors and then fell to the ground.

If not, because of their physique are stronger than a normal person, they would suffer a bone fracture on all of their body.

He shrunk the Patronus, dispelled all of the wands in their hands, and moved to the Auror’s side.

“Who are you, people? Why are you attacking us, and what is your purpose?”

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Published On: July 18, 2023

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  1. Actually, I seem to recall that the train invasion was all the dementors. The Ministry never had a good leash on them. What ever. This is technically an AU anyway because of Jerry’s involvement. This novel is still my favorite of the three being translated on this site.

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