Hermione’s words just fell. The door was once again opened. But this time, it is no longer other students but a tall figure wearing a cloak, and its head is about to touch the top of the train.

Its face was completely hidden under the hood, and the hand that stuck out from under the cloak to open the door was an oozy gray-white color that shone eerily and was seemingly covered with mucus and spots, like something that rots in the water.

“Expecto Patronum!”

Seeing the dementors appear, Jerry first pointed his left hand at himself and then released a Cheering Charm on himself silently. As a Slytherin, Jerry certainly can’t attack them without any reason as they are searching for Sirius on the train.

However, if the Dementor didn’t try to attack the students of Hogwarts, then self-defense is certainly no problem.

Sure enough, Jerry quietly released the Cheering Charm on himself so that his body emotions instantly reached their peak. The Dementor could not control the temptation from this emanating happy emotions in front of him, and let out a cackle of excitement, then opened its mouth in the direction of Jerry and sucked hard.

Jerry immediately felt a bone-chilling feeling. The spell effectivity and happy mood instantly disappeared, desperate emotions began to spread in the heart. However, at this time, he did not panic at all. He activated his “Refreshing”, forcing his brain into a state of absolute sanity, and then raised the wand in his hand to the Dementor.

“Expecto Patronum!”

A soft white light rose in Jerry’s wand, and a mist almost condensed into a solid form appeared before Jerry. He also learned more extensive research on this spell.

Although the current progress is not particularly large, according to his magic system from different worlds, it allows him to create another Patronus.

Normally, the Patronuses have two forms. The first form is a non-physical Patronus that can change into a white mist. The second form can change into an entity, such as Harry’s stag, Hermione’s otter, etc. This can only be done by wizards with strong talent.

The wizard who can summon the second form of Patronus can easily turn their form into the first one. Just like Professor Lupin’s Patronus is a wolf, he mostly displays it in his first form of a mist because he hates his werewolf identity.

His Patronus is a very powerful giant, but because the size is too large, many times, it is not particularly convenient to use. So he changed it now for easier to use while not losing much of its power.

In fact, with the power of the giant, even if it is reduced by half, it’s still pretty strong.

Jerry cast his Patronus Charm and then quickly subdued the Dementors in front of him. As if being punched by something, the Dementor backed away. Obviously, the power carried by the Patronus made it very painful.

However, Jerry could not care less. He controlled the Patronus without the slightest stop to ride the Dementor’s body.

He wanted to make sure that the Dementor could not threaten anyone on this train. At this time, the Patronus is riding on the body to beat the Dementor. It did not expect to encounter such a situation now after sucking out Jerry’s soul for a moment.

It couldn’t get up and couldn’t escape. Its natural ability didn’t work at all against the Patronus, and every time the Patronus struck his body, it caused him unbearable pain. It felt like its spirit was about to collapse in just a few seconds.

“Almost there.”

Seeing that the howling voice of the Dementor on the ground was getting smaller and smaller. Jerry felt that it was almost time and immediately went forward to put the Contract Magic and pressed it on the Dementor’s head. If the fight continues, he is afraid that the Patronus will really kill the Dementor.

“It’s done!”

Feeling the contract was established, Jerry was happy and then turned his head to Harry and Hermione, and others behind him said, “This Dementors attacked me, I’m afraid they’ll have a problem. Stay here. I’ll drive them all out of the train.”

His plan is certainly not just to contract a Dementor but all the Dementors simultaneously.

“Alright, alright!” Harry, Hermione, and others saw Jerry and his Patronus dragging the Dementors out of the room.

They saw the rumored, terrifying Azkaban Dementors, but a light summoned by Jerry almost killed it, and now Jerry has to lead that light to clear the remaining Dementors all over again. This is too hard for them to believe.

“I know that is the Patronus Charm that I read in a book. Dementors are such dark creatures. Only the most powerful protection Patronus Charm are able to defeat them.” At this point, Hermione, as if suddenly, thought of something and explained.

“What? Jerry just used the Patronus Charm? That’s incredible!” At this point, Ron also couldn’t help but let out a surprise.

“Is the Patronus Charm very difficult?” Harry, who had never heard of the Patronus Charm, saw Ron’s reaction so much and looked puzzled.

At this time, Hermione next to Ginny, whispered back, “I heard my mom say that the Patronus Charm is the highest and most powerful magic spell. In the wizarding world, only those really talented wizards can learn the Patronus Charm.”

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Published On: July 16, 2023

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