Inside the Nine and Three-Quarter platform. The Hogwarts Express train started slowly with a whistle, followed by a group of wizarding parents waving goodbye.

In the new year, there would always be a group of wizards graduating and going into the wizarding society. Then there would also be a group of eleven-year-old wizards embarking on the magic train to the mysterious Hogwarts with yearning and expectation.

“I need to talk to you guys alone.” Soon after getting on the train, Harry looked down and spoke to Jerry and the others.

Ron immediately understood when he heard it and said to Ginny, who was following behind and wanted to stay in the same room with them.

“Ginny, go and find your second-year classmate.”

“Alright then.”

Ginny kicked toward Ron’s calf and left with her head puffed out in anger. She originally wanted to sit in a room with her idol and spend this wonderful journey to school together, only to be ruined by her brother.

Jerry watched from the side and shook his head. Ginny is a lively and cheerful girl, but she becomes shy and afraid to talk in front of Harry.

Ginny had a crush on him for years without success. She became good friends with Hermione to get some encouragement. Later, Harry and Ginny went on a relationship together. Jerry believed that if Harry could care more about Ginny now, it was estimated that Ginny’s crush on him would grow faster than right now.

Thinking of this, he looked down again at Hermione walking close to him and could not help but scratch his head. He was also quite torn since he vaguely perceived Hermione’s feelings for himself.

To be honest, he never thought there would be such a situation like this. After all, he was under the impression that Hermione and Ron seemed to be a pair. Moreover, his plan is to wait until he is strong enough, at least strong enough like Odin or The Ancient One, and then think about it later.

After thinking for a while, Jerry felt he should not consider these things now. Hermione just turned fourteen, and he should consider it later when both of them are adults.

Jerry has a very unique view of feelings. He has always felt that the feelings of love at first sight are not reliable because love at first sight is frankly looking at each other’s looks rather than an actual feeling.

While looks important, but it is not the most important thing for him because the beauty of a people would deteriorate over the years.

So Jerry has always felt that his feelings that he be needed with someone for a period of time first and then progressing whether or not the two had things in common like interests, hobbies, etc. But this is very difficult.

Because those who can get along like this for a while are either classmates, colleagues, or neighbors.

He has a lot of classmates, but there’s hardly a way to contact them regularly on a normal basis. Colleagues are just not his type, and many already have boyfriends. At the same time, most of the neighbors he has is people that are old in age.

The main thing is that in this life, he spent most of his time studying magic and really did not have a few girls to get along with him for a long time. The two of them spent most of their time together in the library, researching and discussing magic.

“There’s no one here. Let’s sit here.” Fast forward to the last car. Hermione found an empty room and immediately pulled Jerry in.

Harry and Ron also walked in close behind. After entering the room, Hermione sat down in the row to the right, Jerry subconsciously wanted to sit on the left, but Harry and Ron surprisingly looked at each other and took the left seat ahead of them.

“The coast is clear.”

After these two days, both of them already realize the relationship between them and, of course, are supportive of Jerry and Hermione getting along. Jerry coughed and sat next to Hermione.

“Harry, you just seem to have something to say to us?” Jerry pretended to look at Harry with a confused face.

Harry left his seat to shut the door and mysteriously explained to them, “I think Sirius Black broke out of prison and tried to kill me.”

Harry began to talk about Ron’s parents’ conversation that he overheard last night. Hearing Sirius is breaking out of prison to kill Harry, Ron and Hermione are surprised.

But the discussion quickly changed and went into a normal discussion about their anticipation of studying at Hogwarts again this year. They talked about the third year finally could go to Hogsmeade village on the weekend. It’s the only village in Britain composed entirely of wizards, and there are a lot of stores there.

Harry said with a sad face that he might not be able to go because he blew up his aunt so that the Dursleys won’t sign his permission form. Hermione leaned on the body’s seat and began to tilt to Jerry’s side slowly.

When the shoulders touched together, the two stared at each other.

Jerry suddenly felt his heart beat faster all of a sudden.

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Published On: July 15, 2023

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