“You will soon be able to see Hogwarts if you turn around this corner.”

Jerry noticed Hagrid, the leader in front, turn back and remind them after approximately twenty minutes of walking. The dense woodlands on each side that had previously obscured their view vanished as they approached the end of the path and made a turn.

Before their sight was a vast, pitch-black lake. A magnificent medieval castle with a sinister air lies peacefully on the steep slope at the edge of the lake. The castle has several piers, and windows flicker against the starry sky.

The castle appeared to be incredibly large, especially in comparison to the lake, leaving Jerry and the other young wizards in awe.

Even if he thought Hogwarts was rather spectacular when he viewed movies in my prior life, it was only a small TV, after all. The key locations you see are unquestionably different from what you experience while you are in the cosmos, just like the universe you watch on television.

To gain more popularity, seeing the beauty in person is very different from viewing them on paper.

Now that Jerry had seen the enigmatic Hogwarts Castle from a distance while standing by the Black Lake, he fully understood why the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is so well-known in the wizarding community.

Every wizard who attended Hogwarts is presumably unable to forget the moment they first set eyes on the school.

“Each boat can hold no more than four passengers.”

Hagrid instructed the wizards to board one of the boats with magic lamps that were moored by the lake at this point in order to cross the lake to Hogwarts. The wizards then started to organize into teams and get on the boat.

There are several little boats, therefore it is not necessary for them all to be completely loaded. Jerry, Hermione, and Neville were seated together naturally because many young wizards travel in groups of two or three.

“Come on!” Hagrid, who was alone on the boat, let out a soft drink once all the wizards had united successfully.

All of the little boats carrying wizards quickly and unabatedly sailed towards the direction of Hogwarts, propelled by the lake’s waves.

“It’s true that there are no oars used in rowing, waves are doing it!” Jerry couldn’t help but say it as he observed the boats that were nicely arranged and proceeded forward on their own.

“Jerry, do you know why we have to travel by boat to the castle?” Hermione, who was sitting to the side, asked Jerry at this point with a sudden lift of her diminutive chin.

It appears that Hermione is starting to display her expertise once more in an effort to “show off.” Jerry, an adult, only believes that someone is giving him popular science knowledge for free, which might anger people his own age. Isn’t this wonderful?

“I truly have no idea.” Jerry gave a frank response.

Because he acted that way in the movies, he genuinely didn’t understand why the young wizards traveled to Hogwarts by boat. Yet, in the following films, a different method of transportation appeared to have taken its place.

However, he was watching movies at the time, and his entire concentration was on the magic. Who would be interested in using a boat or other form of transportation?

Hermione recovered her composure and started to explain to Jerry after realizing that he wasn’t getting it. “The first-year students apparently take the boat to the castle as a sort of inheritance ceremony in honor of the school’s founder, as I read in “A Piece of Hogwarts School History”!

“As you can see, the boat has four positions, which stand in for the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the direction we are traveling is the same as the four founders’ path to the castle, which they followed!”

“So that is the situation. I’ve gained so much knowledge from it!”

Jerry learned that this was actually the case after hearing Hermione’s explanation, but what shocked him even more was how many extracurricular novels Hermione read in a month of summer vacation.

She is definitely deserving of the title of Miss Know-it-all and is quite challenging to equal.

He was instantly taking in the unique landscape of the lake while listening to Hermione’s different science popularizations in his ear. Jerry navigated a small boat across the lake, traveled down a shadowy passageway beneath a cliff, slowed down, and eventually came to a rest at Hogwarts Castle’s underground pier.

“Everyone, please follow me now. The castle’s entrance is just around the corner!”

Jerry waited for the young wizards to disembark before forming a group to follow behind Hagrid as he moved forward, holding the magic lamp.

They proceeded in this manner for 30 minutes until they reached a level area of wet grassland in the shadow of the castle, where they were met by a large oak door that doubled as the entrance to Hogwarts Castle.

A tall, black-haired witch wearing emerald green robes appeared behind the door after Hagrid banged three times on it. The witch had a stern expression on her face. It was Professor McGonagall, the dean of Gryffindor, who Jerry was familiar with.

“Freshman in my first year, Professor McGonagall.”

“I’m grateful, Hagrid. Please allow me to pick you up when you are done.”

Hagrid departed first, followed by Professor McGonagall, when Jerry overheard their talk. Everyone entered the castle’s foyer on the first floor after crossing the stairs beneath the oak door.

“Woah, it’s really big!” Jerry nodded in agreement after hearing Harry and Ron sigh.

Although it is only a corridor, He is unsure if the Extension Charm has made it larger. It appears abnormally roomy, especially the roof, which creates the odd sensation that the end is not immediately visible.

Torches that are burning fill the stone walls surrounding the entrance hall, brilliantly illuminating the space as a whole. A beautiful marble staircase that should lead to the second story is located directly across from it.

From the door on the right side of the lobby, you can barely make out the buzzing voices of hundreds of people. Jerry guessed that the Great Hall on the first level, where the ceremony for sorting will take place later, should be the location.

They are currently being led by Professor McGonagall onto the bluestone tiles that cover the entrance floor.

“Welcome to Hogwarts! Before you take your places in the auditorium for the start-of-school banquet, you must first…”

After extending greetings to the wizards, Professor McGonagall started by providing a general description of the upcoming college cup, the four houses, and the sorting ceremony.

However, she did not go into great detail as to the basis for the sorting ceremonial or the precise method used because these wizards would be aware of it in due course.

After she was done, she instructed the young wizards to straighten up their attire and wait for the sorting ritual before leaving briefly to walk to the Great Hall.

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