“Hermione, don’t worry. The sorting ceremony must go without a hitch because you are so good.”

Jerry noticed that once Professor McGonagall was gone. Hermione, who was standing to the side, started to recite the fourteen spells from the textbook continuously. He reassured her in a hushed voice while displaying a frightened appearance.

He was aware that the alleged sorting ceremony was unrelated to magic and spells. It was as simple as donning a hat, and the hat would then ascertain your house affiliation based on your personality and ancestry.

If you fit the requirements for more than one house, you can speak with the Sorting Hat and select the one you prefer. Like in the movie, Harry is a perfect fit for both Gryffindor and Slytherin, but he ultimately decides to join Gryffindor, leading to his sorting into that house.

He was unable to share these details with Hermione. After all, he was unable to explain how he learned the specifics of the sorting ceremony.

“How precisely can they choose which house to put us in?”

“I guess there is a test to pass. Although Fred said it harmed us a lot, I believe he was joking.” The exchange between Harry and Ron was heard by Jerry.

He looked more intently. In the room, there were more than forty wizards. The majority of the other wizards, with the exception of a few from pure-blood families like Draco, were just as anxious as Hermione. Because the majority of them believed, as Hermione did for a time, that the sorting ceremony might be decided by testing magic.

They are not Hermione. Actually, the majority of wizards resemble Harry and Ron. Even now, not a single spell has been successfully cast by them.

Despite the fact that children from pure-blood wizarding households, like the Malfoys, may have been exposed to magic sooner than those from Muggle homes, the quantity of magic they possess is not significantly greater.

It appears that this is because the magic blood in the bodies of the wizards will stabilize until they are eleven years old, at which point they will be able to learn how to cast magic, according to the film that Jerry witnessed in his former life.

Children from wizard families and children from regular homes have the same personalities. Few kids in this age bracket, with the exception of Hermione, are eager to calm down and delve into those challenging magical concepts.

Children from wizarding families ought to have access to a larger variety of information. Draco and the others will be aware of the significance of the ceremony.

They merely find the terrified expressions on those young Muggle-born wizards to be quite entertaining. Why even bother to mention it to them?

Regarding Ron and Neville, who share a wizarding family of origin, Ron is affected by George and Fred because they are his brother who loves to make a joke about it. Neville struggles with remembering. He might not recall it even if his grandmother did mention it.


A few screams abruptly broke the tense mood in the room as the young wizards were engrossed in the sorting ceremony’s intensity. Jerry looked in the direction the voice was coming from after turning his head.

More than 20 transparent ghosts appeared to enter the room through the wall, fly above the young wizards’ heads, and wave at them.

“Come on out and make a row behind me. The sorting ceremony is about to begin!”

At this point, Professor McGonagall returned to the door, and the floating ghosts dissipated by filing into the wall.

“This is a truly amazing sight, I must say.”

Jerry and the others formed a line as they awaited Professor McGonagall’s entrance into the opulent hall. They couldn’t help but be amazed as they saw the situation in the hallway. The hall is magnificently furnished, probably because it is an important opening dinner and sorting ceremony.

The magic chandelier hovering above the auditorium was replaced by tens of thousands of candles that had been cast using the floating spell, lighting up the whole space.

Golden plates and silver goblets gleamed on the four long tables in the hall filled with wizards, but Jerry was most amazed by the hall’s ceiling.

If you don’t pay close attention, you might assume that the sky above the hall is open because when you look up, you can see the stunning galaxy hanging above.

Jerry paused beneath the podium between the long tables for the four houses and the long tables for the teachers when he noticed Professor McGonagall move a stool and place it on the main stage. She then brought another hat, which was filthy, worn out, and patched.

“It is said that this sorting hat is as old as Hogwarts.”

It appears that Godric Gryffindor, the man who founded Hogwarts, originally wore an everyday hat before it became the sorting hat. The four founders later infused it with magic.

Jerry occasionally had the impression that the magic in the “Harry Potter” universe was extremely potent because it allowed him to give autonomous thought and personality to an inanimate object.

Its strength comes from its fundamental idealism rather than from its terrifying destructive power. It’s truly miraculous and has no scientific basis.

“You could think that I’m not attractive, but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I’ll eat myself up if you can locate a prettier hat than mine.”

A large slit that resembled a mouth opened when the hat spun on the stool and started singing loudly its own unique song.

What’s even more absurd is that the hat, after singing, rose up quite politely and made a very beautiful bow in response to the wizards’ tremendous applause below.

Have you ever seen a hat bow to you? Definitely not. Jerry saw it for the first time that day. When he viewed a movie in his prior life, he didn’t appear to see this part.

“Whoever’s name I call now, take a seat on the stool, put on the hat, and wait for the sorting.”

“Hannah Abbott.” said Professor McGonagall as she moved forward, holding the parchment and carefully opening it.

A little girl with two golden braids and a ruddy complexion walked out of the line. “Ah, Hannah Abbott!”

Jerry finally understood what was wrong as he turned to face the little girl who was sitting on the stool and wearing the sorting hat. It turns out that this is the “Harry Potter” universe described in the books, not the one seen in the movie.

Because he was able to recall with great clarity that Hannah Abbott was the first person to be sorted in the book, whereas Hermione Granger was the first person to be sorted in the movie.

He had read about Hannah Abbott a few times in his previous life. The important thing to remember is that he only sometimes viewed those films on TV in his previous life and didn’t go looking for the original book to read.

This…shouldn’t…be too much of a distinction between the movie and the original work, right?

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Published On: February 26, 2023

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