The shopping for items and books for the start of the school year went smoothly, except when buying a book called “The Monster Book of Monsters”, the clerk at the bookstore was almost scared because the book tried to bite them. The book seems to have been produced with magic, and they like to bite other people.

The clerk said that whenever you need to get the book out of the cage, you must take a stick with protective gear to prevent yourself from being bitten by these books. After purchasing it, Ron decided to stay directly in the Leaky Cauldron to avoid missing out on the train like last year.

Hermione also chose to stay in the bar so that several people could spend the evening chatting about their interesting experiences during the summer.

At 10 PM, Jerry returned to his room after the chat.

He took out his magic book and began to finish it. This first magic book mainly combines the air magic of the Morgana way of teaching, the Fly card in the Clow card, and Voldemort’s flight spell. It also includes how to apply air defense, attack and flight, and other aspects relating to air magic.

The theory about air magic is very little in this world. Only Voldemort and Snape knew how to do it, like the flight spell. Dumbledore may not know it, but he guessed it would likely be. Of course, it is possible that not only Snape and Voldemort could learn it, but everyone.

As long as you learn it, you can practically master the air cannon, air shield, and flight magic in this book because Jerry’s magic book is full of this knowledge.

As for why to choose air magic, he has several reasons.

First, he already has a basic knowledge of this area of magic theory, so it’s not that much work to write it.

Secondly, there is little information about air magic theory in this world. He wrote this to be the fastest to spread out throughout the wizarding world. After several air-related magic appears, it will become common for wizards.

For example, the air shield can replace the iron armor spell. Although he does not have the iron armor spell defensive power, he is more simple and basically will not be more difficult than some common spells.

With the flight magic, people may not need broomsticks anymore as a mode of transportation. Because every year, there would be newer versions of broomsticks to be made.

Thirdly, considering that after releasing the book. The wizards will have angel-like wings behind their backs. This will make a big change in Muggle’s perspective regarding wizards.

The population is the most important thing if you want to make the wizarding world prosperous. Most wizards have two children, unlike the Weasley family, which has seven children.

Only by promoting the integration of the wizard and Muggle worlds can greatly enhance the chances of the wizard and Muggle marriages can increase the population of the wizarding world.

In Muggle’s view, wizards are all dark and evil. When they see that wizards are actually angels with wings, they would probably have a different view of it.

Fourth, and the last point, he felt that there should be a lot of magic that can be developed in this series of air magic. But he is limited in terms of time, and there is no time to do extended research.

Spreading this information can let those masters in magic theory in this world study and develop one way to develop further many kinds of new magic.


The next day at 10 AM.

Inside the bar, Jerry ended his magic research and came to the first-floor lobby of the bar with his suitcase. At this point, everyone has packed up their things in the lounge.

Because last night, Arthur said today the Ministry of Magic would send a few magic cars to send them to the station. So they’ll need to wait in the lounge.

Jerry knew that it was not because of how well-known Arthur was at the Ministry of Magic. It was the current Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, who was worried that Sirius would attack Harry on his way to Hogwarts.

Sirius’ escape from the Azkaban prison has put Fudge under a lot of public pressure. If Harry was killed and Sirius got revenge on him, his reputation and everything would be ruined.

“I can’t wait to get on the train. At least at Hogwarts, I won’t be seeing Percy anymore. He scolded me for dripping tea on his picture of Penelope Clearwater. You know, his girlfriend. He’s kind of mad that I got her picture ruined.” Jerry saw Ron complaining to Harry about his brother Percy.

While his other two brothers, Fred and George, were congratulating Ron for annoying Percy once again. On Arthur was leaning back in his chair, frowning at the Daily Prophet newspaper. Molly was telling Hermione and Ginny about someone she had a crush on years ago when she was enrolling in Hogwarts.

Hermione and Ginny both giggled and looked at Jerry and Harry as if fantasizing about something.

About fifteen minutes after Jerry came downstairs, two old-fashioned dark green cars arrived at the door of the bar. The drivers were secretive-looking wizards wearing bright green velvet suits.

Arthur hurriedly greeted everyone with their suitcases and got into the cars. The cars sent by the Ministry of Magic had obviously been modified as well, with the interior of the trunk being enlarged by the Extension Charm.

However, the two cars inside did not have the Disillusionment Charm and Flight magic attached to them like the one Arthur had.

However, the cars can travel through the space rift just like the Knight Bus. So they arrived at the King’s Cross Station in just a moment.

“It seems that I can go to the Ministry of Magic to study it sometime.” Looking at the two cars that disappeared in the space rift, Jerry pondered slightly before walking inside the station with the crowd.

The Knight Bus is just one, he can’t study it all the time, but the Ministry of Magic’s magic car is obviously more approachable. If he could find a way to study it, then things are going to be easy for him.

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Published On: July 15, 2023

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