“I didn’t think that you’d grown bigger too in just a moment.” Seeing Hermione coming over, Jerry couldn’t help but let out a surprise.

He still remembers when he first came to this world, in Diagon Alley Mrs. Malkin’s robe store, when he first met Hermione. It has been two years since and seemed that a lot has changed.

“How was your holiday?” He slightly hugged Hermione, picked Crookshanks, and asked.

Hermione blushed slightly and pulled out the gemstone necklace engraved with Merlin’s spell from her collar, “It was amazing. Also, thank you for the gift. It is very helpful for my study!”

“Glad to know you liked it. Your hair and teeth seem to be different than before”

Jerry nodded and then suddenly found that Hermione’s originally somewhat fluffy and messy hair had become much softer. It also seems she has light makeup.

“I got a magic hair lotion when I was in France, it works well, and as for the teeth, that’s because I learned a new kind of magic. Is it nice?” Hermione ruffled her long, silky brown hair and blushed slightly.

When a girl starts to have someone she likes, no matter how nervous or unconcerned about her appearance, she will gradually learn to dress herself. When she received a necklace from Jerry in France, Hermione’s heart was a bit touched.

She began to pay attention to her own appearance, and asked her mother to teach her some dressing skills, but also specifically walked throughout the street of France to find to make their hair softer with magic products.

“Yeah, that’s pretty good.”

“By the way, Dad. Could you please get my bag?” Hermione seemed to have suddenly thought of something and waved to her father behind her.

He was carrying her bag and walked over. But looking at him, it was obvious that he was not too happy.

“I learned how to knit a scarf with my mother in the summer. This is a hand-knitted scarf with the magic wool I got from France. Take this as a gift!” Hermione took the bag from her father’s hand and removed a gray scarf.

The scarf flew up from her hands, landed on Jerry’s shoulders, wrapped twice around his neck, and tied in a nice knot.

“Thank you. It’s beautiful. I love it!” Although currently, this is September, and the weather is like twelve to thirteen degrees. It’s normal to wear a scarf at this time.

Seeing Hermione’s expression, Jerry still had a smile on his face and said he liked the scarf she had knitted with her own hands. Sending friends gifts is very normal. Jerry did not think much about it.

At this time, Mr. Granger looking at Jerry’s eyes, are already full of jealousy. Followed up by Mrs. Granger with a sharp warning look before not going forward to say anything to spoil the atmosphere.

“Glad you liked it. Mom told me that’s the first gift she gave Dad when they were young, a scarf that she knitted herself.” Hermione looked at him.

At this time, Ron also and Harry came over.

“Jerry, Hermione. Let me show you guys my new wand! Willow wood, fourteen inches long, inside is a unicorn tail hair!”

Ron has been using his brother’s old wand. It simply does not suitable for him. Casting magic with it often causes some problems. Arthur wins a prize and finally spends money to give him a new wand that fits him.

As if sensing something, Crookshanks moved around, poking its head out of Jerry’s arms, turning in Ron’s direction, and letting out a threatening meow.

Crookshanks can feel the presence of evil things in the vicinity. Ron, although no has bad intentions, his pet Scabbers is actually Peter Pettigrew, who has some bad influence on Harry and the others.

“Jerry, wait here. Scabbers is sick while he was in Egypt, and now it’s dying. I need to shelter him for a moment.”

Ron saw Crookshanks in Jerry’s hand and immediately covered Scabbers, who was already shivering in his pocket. The Crookshanks was raised by Jerry when it was staying in the Slytherin dormitory, so there was no problem.

But last semester, because Hermione liked Crookshanks too much, Jerry gave Crookshanks to Hermione to take care of him, which led to the Gryffindor common room having Crookshanks chasing Scabbers around.

Hermione stepped forward to defend Crookshanks and said, “It’s just a cat. Cats going after the mouse is normal. You don’t need to exaggerate things.”

“Me? Exaggerating?

Ron’s mouth twitching was about to retort, but he was interrupted by Jerry, who said, “Well, I’ll keep an eye on Crookshanks from now on. It’s getting late. Let’s go buy new books.”

He knew that Ron’s Scabbers were not in an unhealthy condition, but he heard the news of Sirius Black’s escape from Azkaban and was terrified.

Everyone thought Sirius broke out of prison to kill Harry and avenge Voldemort. But in actuality, he wanted to avenge the person who betrayed Harry’s father, and that’s why Scabbers was scared.

Jerry knew that it was not a good time to find Sirius, so now he did not continue to look deeper into the issue but changed the subject.

“I already bought my things, but I can accompany you guys.” Harry stepped forward and chimed in.

So, the Weasleys and the Grangers stayed at the Leaky Cauldron to chat while Jerry and Hermione, and everyone else headed to Diagon Alley to do their shopping together.

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