“Harry, you look like you’ve grown a lot.” On the second floor, Jerry patted Harry’s shoulder.

At this time, Harry is thirteen years old. Just after his birthday, his height has grown to 1.6 meters. It feels like he has grown a lot. This is quite normal. Europe and the United States kids would have looked more precocious. At thirteen years old, he began to see a lot of bigger students in junior high school while he was in New York.

“Well, you’re also getting taller.” Harry looked at Jerry, who was higher than him and couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

They are about the same age, but Jerry grew so much faster than him. When you are young, you always want to grow up fast so that you look more mature. But when you are older, you want to grow a little slower so that you look younger, and this is how people live their lives, always living in contradiction.

“Well, maybe I’m just faster than you.” Jerry looked at Harry’s eyes and laughed. It’s unfair because his actual age is already sixteen years old.

“By the way, I heard Ron say in his letter that you blew your aunt bloated?”

Faced with Jerry’s question, Harry was a little embarrassed and said, “I did not know how Ron knew it, but I did not mean to do that.”

“You forgot that Ron’s father works in the Ministry of Magic, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’d probably just send her away with magic if it were me.” Jerry shrugged.

“What kind of magic?” Harry showed a puzzled expression.

Jerry froze for a moment, laughed, and said, “A kind of magic to punish people. I saw it when I was traveling in Greece.”

“Jerry, I’m really jealous of you. This summer vacation you went to Greece, while I have to stay in that house. Can you talk to me about your experience in Greece?” Harry heard Jerry mention Greece, suddenly full of envy.

Ron and his family spent their summer vacation in Egypt. Hermione and her family went to France. Even Jerry, who didn’t have a family, went to Greece but could not go anywhere.

“Don’t worry. You will experience it soon. Because you will find someone that could do it all for you.”

Jerry smiled at Harry, then nodded back and said, “I hope so.”

Jerry told Harry about his travel to Greece. Starting from the Greek Ministry of Magic, the pond, the spartan statues, and so on.

At twelve o’clock at midnight, Jerry closed his magic book “Theories on Air Magic and Flight” which he had already written to the end and then used the illusion spell to make it invisible and teleported to the room where Harry was during the day.

At this time, Harry lay in bed with his eyes tightly closed, seemingly dreaming and not at all aware of Jerry’s arrival.

“Stupefy.” As a precaution, Jerry came to Harry’s bed and gave Harry a Stunning Charm to prevent him from waking up Harry.

Jerry came over at midnight specifically to use magic to stun Harry, not to do something evil. He wanted to get the Horcrux inside his body, pull out the Horcrux and seal it to earn some red stars.

When Voldemort to tried to kill Harry, Lily’s spell bounces back to him, resulting in his own death by his own Killing Curse, thus creating an accidental Horcrux that lives within his body. This also led to Harry becoming one of his Horcruxes.

Pressing his hand on Harry’s forehead lightning scar, Jerry gave a violent pull, and a fragment of Voldemort’s soul was screaming and was forcibly pulled out by him.

Not waiting for that piece of Voldemort’s soul to do something, Jerry has taken out the doll prepared in advance, using the sealing magic to seal it in the third layer forcefully.

“Not bad. I got another five thousand red stars.”

Jerry returned to his room satisfied and began to meditate again. Now his magic level is already very high. All he needs to do is to try to break through the three-hundred-level boundary and reach the most basic immortality. So now, every night, he will ensure that he has at least seven hours of meditation.


The next morning.

“Jerry, I don’t know why. I feel especially good today. I can’t tell you how good it is, it’s like there used to be something weighing me down, and now it’s suddenly gone.” Harry ate his breakfast, grilled sausages and fried eggs with full of joy.

When he goes to sleep, he usually has nightmares and always feels his brain drowsy, like being something pressed. However, last night, he did not know why. He slept particularly well and woke up in the morning to feel really good suddenly.

Jerry smiled and did not say anything more, but after eating the last sausage on his plate, he wiped his mouth with a tablecloth.

An hour later.

“Hey, Harry, Jerry!” A familiar voice rang through the bar, and Jerry and Harry turned their heads toward the fireplace to look.

It was Ron waving excitedly as he emerged from the fireplace of the bar, followed by Ginny, the Weasley twins, Percy, and their parents. Ron’s height has increased by nearly 1.7 meters in height, a few centimeters taller than Harry’s.

At the same time, the doorbell rang. Hermione and her parents also appeared in the bar.

“Jerry!” Seeing Jerry standing in the doorway of the bar, Hermione was surprised. She instantly ran towards Jerry’s side.

At this time, She was wearing a tight-knit shirt and jeans, and she will be fourteen years old in twenty days.

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