“Next stop, The Leaky Cauldron!” Ernie shouted and put his foot directly on the gas pedal to the bottom. The bus immediately went from static to reaching the highest speed instantly.

Because of the speed, the bus’ inside was thrown back and forth because of the strong inertia. Jerry’s body strength is far beyond a normal person’s. He needs to grab the bedpost next to him to stabilize his body.

Stan was a bit surprised. No wonder Jerry is the best Seeker. His reaction speed is definitely unlike any normal wizard.

“Is this space magic?” After sitting down, Jerry began to observe the Knight Bus, and soon he noticed the abnormality of the bus.

The Knight Bus travels so fast that people with bad eyes, in general, are not necessarily able to see it clearly, and they don’t need to slow down.

Because where the Knight Bus encountered pedestrians, vehicles, streetlights, mailboxes, garbage cans, and other obstructions. All of them will automatically move away and wait for the bus to drive through before returning to their original position.

Jerry immediately perceived that the Knight Bus used extremely profound space magic. It is not exactly driving on the road in the real world, but driving in the space rift.

All items blocking the Knight Bus will automatically move. The Knight Bus penetrated into the space rift. Apparently, they seem to be squeezed to the sides, and the area wouldn’t change. This is why people can’t find the Knight Bus and why it can move so fast.

When sitting on the bus, there will be a kind of dizzy feeling like when using Apparition. Studying similar space principles created some space magic that allows the bus to travel through space cracks and move quickly.

However, this seems to be different from the movie he saw in his previous life.

Because in the movie, the bus needs to dodge the road pedestrians or when encountering someone blocking the road. They can also use space magic to make transform their shape and even slow down time.

From the moment he rode and arrived at the Leaky Cauldron. None of them were shown at this time. Perhaps, there are some differences between the novel and the movie.

In less than two minutes, the bus ran through the ordinary car an hour’s journey, stopping at the Leaky Cauldron’s door. Jerry stepped down from the bus with some disappointment because he did not experience the time magic.

After all, this way of moving quickly through space rifts on the Knight Bus also inspired him. He found that space magic could actually be used in this way. However, wizards do not use such new space magic as a way to move.

To Jerry’s current understanding of space magic, he felt that the probability should be this direct way of moving in the space rift could cause a lot of malpractice. Apparition may cause someone’s limb to be torn apart.

But this is not a problem for Jerry. If he can master it and its application to alchemy, he will definitely use it on his robot soldiers or when his body is strong enough. He is unlikely to enter the space rift himself for rapid movement directly.

Magic is like this. It’s full of countless possibilities. Many things can be achieved as long as the imagination can go and learn enough. Seeing the Knight Bus pass through the space rift again and disappear, Jerry ended his thoughts, turned around, and pushed the door into the familiar Leaky Cauldron Bar.

The Leaky Cauldron bar is still the same, except that probably because school is about to start, many wizards began to purchase their needs on Diagon Alley. There are more customers inside compared to the previous time he came here.

“Sirius Black?” Jerry just walked into the Cauldron Bar. Before he could go to the counter to find Tom to book a room, he saw a wanted notice posted on the bar pillar.

The subject of the wanted notice was none other than Sirius Black, who had escaped from Azkaban prison.

“Black is one of the most evil Death Eaters in Azkaban. We are doing our best to recapture Black and have also notified the Muggle Prime Minister to cooperate with our operation, so please keep the wizarding community calm for now.”

“If anyone sees Sirius Black, please inform the Ministry of Magic immediately, and we will give a bonus of up to 10,000 Galleons upon his arrest.”

In the center of the wanted notice was a man with a gaunt face and long, disheveled hair, snarling in anger, and he looked a bit like a murderer on the run.

“Huh, the Ministry of Magic is really rich.” Looking at the bounty of the Ministry of Magic on the wanted notice, Jerry’s heart moved, and he had a good idea.

Sirius is Harry’s godfather, Harry’s father’s best friend, and a member of the Order of the Phoenix that was falsely accused by Peter Pettigrew as a Death Eater resulting in imprisonment.

Jerry wanted to help Sirius regarding this, but the reward of 10,000 Galleons is indeed something.

Although his suitcase has a lot of precious herbs, he is also taking time to practice making magic potions to make a lot of complex magic potions. But most of the time, he would only use it for himself because selling one would impact the market greatly on the magical potions market.

The Ministry of Magic rewards of 10,000 Galleons is tempting for him when compared to it. The most important thing is that if it was a success, not only he can get 10,000 Galleons, but it would also make his reputation increase in the wizarding world. It’s simply hitting two birds with one stone.

“Jerry!” Just as Jerry crossed Sirius’ wanted notice and just came to the counter to get a good room, a voice full of surprise suddenly came from the stairway.

“Long time no see, Harry!” Jerry looked up and greeted Harry, who had grown another inch taller, with a smile.

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