“Who the hell are you?” A look of disbelief appeared in young Voldemort’s eyes.

He absolutely can not be a normal thirteen-year-old wizard. Regardless of the real strength shown, or he knows these things, it is impossible for a young wizard to be able to know all of this. Even Dumbledore, whom he scorned the most, did not know which Horcruxes he had and where they were located or even know that he made them.

Jerry shrugged his shoulders and picked up the second layer of the doll, “You don’t need to know who I am. All you need to know is that I will seal all of your soul one by one, so you may never see the light of day again.”

Reaching out toward the soul of young Voldemort, he was put into the second layer of the doll.

“Sealing us and what? We are immortal, and you are just an ambitious Slytherin. Dumbledore will not let you go. Sooner or later, you will open the seal and release us.” Young Voldemort said to Jerry.

“I am not you. I will only make the world of wizards better. I never intend to rule anyone, and Dumbledore will not be my enemy.”

Jerry knew that Voldemort was provoking him to become Dumbledore’s enemy, but what Voldemort did not know was that his ultimate goal is to improve his own strength, not to gain power and rule over wizards and muggles.

At most, he would find a way to make the now decaying wizarding world a little better, or at least more prosperous, so as to facilitate the multifaceted development of magic and allow more new magic to be created.

Just like he now began to understand the magic knowledge of other worlds, write into new magic books, and not just to enhance his reputation.

At the same time, it is also to let many talented wizards in this world, through his book, be inspired to extend more new magical knowledge that he could not think of and create better and more powerful magic.

When he writes books, not only can he get fame and fortune, but also there will be more books based on his knowledge as a foundation to improve the wizarding world. The world of Harry Potter is just a small world for him. There is no need to waste energy and time to do something like Voldemort.

Even if it does end up in conflict with Dumbledore, that’s nothing. Dumbledore is getting older while he is getting stronger and stronger, and what is there to worry about?

After completely sealing Voldemort’s soul, Jerry began to sweep the entire house and the area outside. As Voldemort’s secret base for researching dark magic, he believed that this place must have a lot of Voldemort’s notes and some useful things for researching magic.

Sure enough, after some digging search, he found a lot of good things. Some precious herbs and rare high-grade magic medicine, more variety of poison magic medicine, and some Voldemort’s own magic recipe.

One of the most important for Jerry is the regeneration potion.

Voldemort created a regeneration potion to resurrect him, but it needs some of the really hard-to-find ingredients.  In addition, he also found many of Voldemort’s creations of dark magic, such as how to refine and control a corpse, make Horcruxes, dark magic marks, soul possession, and so on.

Jerry found that Voldemort’s research in the field of dark magic is so handy. Of course, he will stay away from the bad dark magic with great side effects. But he will learn it for the sake of knowledge.

The diary did not completely lie to him. There is indeed treasure here, not Slytherin’s but Voldemort’s treasure. In addition, he also found a snake containing magic power on the second floor.

The snake originally wanted to sneak up on Jerry and Voldemort when they were fighting but was easily subdued by Maw, that followed Jerry into the room and always protected him.

Originally Jerry wanted to kill it, but then temporarily changed his mind. Because he remembered that this snake was likely to be Voldemort’s last Horcrux, Nagini. But, it has not been made by Voldemort into a Horcrux.

In fact, if he remembered correctly, this snake was called Nagini. It’s one of the maledictus that are shown in the second movie of “Fantastic Beasts”. It can turn into a human; its human form is a female of Asian-oriented blood.

Maledictus are a cursed race. They were born in human form because the curse can be inherited from their parents. They can turn into an animal. But as they grow older, they will completely turn into magical animals and can’t return to human form, and their memory as a human will gradually disappear.

Jerry has changed his mind because he feels that the Maledictus may be a failed byproduct of a genetic pairing of two different creatures. Perhaps the existence of Nagini will help him later to study the formation of the wizard bloodline and how to enhance their own wizard bloodline.

So, in the end, he picked up Nagini and then threw it into his suitcase.

“Oh, amazing, it gave me a pretty good amount of red stars.” Jerry was satisfied and planned to leave the Albanian forest and go back to his hotel in Greece.

The first time he returned to the hotel, he opened his panel and began to check the growth of his red stars. Sure enough, although he did not completely kill Voldemort, but just by sealing it, he had already gained as many as 50,000 red stars.

Later, he will continue to seal the other Horcruxes and have more red stars in the panel. When he took all of Voldemort’s soul away from this world so that he no longer may scourge this world, Jerry estimated that there might be more red stars later.

After all, it is the main villain of this world. Although only in the British wizarding world, but dealing with him can definitely avoid a lot of wizards and muggle deaths.

With that, in the next month until the start of school. Jerry will focus mainly on studying the notes from Voldemort, the secret base, and writing his first book.

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Published On: July 12, 2023

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