Seeing Jerry walk into the house and then gradually emerge from the stairway on the second floor, Voldemort’s soul flew out of the snake’s body and crashed in the direction of Jerry.

Their purpose is very simple: to rely on the diary’s soul to leave a trace of contact with Jerry, go directly into Jerry’s spirit world, tear apart his soul bit by bit, and then occupy his physical body.

Jerry looked at the soul of Voldemort flying towards him. Not in the slightest panic, he calmly pulled out the suitcase and took out the matryoshka doll inscribed with sealing spells.

“Merlin’s underwear, what kind of monster is this?” He was dumbfounded when Voldemort’s soul broke into Jerry’s spirit world.

He was expecting that a thirteen-year-old young wizard, even if their magical strength is really strong, his soul strength be stronger. Voldemort himself is already strong and has a lot of experience in dark magic. Combined with his soul from the diary, he should be really strong as it’s two against one.

However, the soul in front of them now was more than three times larger than the two of them combined.

“Welcome to my spirit world, Voldemort!” In Jerry’s spirit world, Jerry slowly opened his eyes.

In the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”, he had long followed Balthazar’s method on how to improve his magic and soul absorption as he did to Morgana.

Because he was reincarnated in this world, his soul is much stronger than the normal wizard’s soul. He practiced meditation techniques which also had an effect on strengthening his soul. So, this led to his soul strength being much stronger than Voldemort’s.

This is also why he dared to let Voldemort’s soul in this spirit world directly.

“It’s two against one. We definitely have the upper hand here.”

Voldemort has split his soul multiple times and was spread across some regions. While it may not be all of his strength, they thought they had a chance against Jerry. Therefore, he did not give up and encouraged the main soul to join in the attack.

Although the main soul cursed secretly to the diary’s soul and wants to escape after seeing Jerry.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” Jerry saw the two rushing towards himself, revealing a cold smile, casually putting out a fighting stance.

If Jerry is really a thirteen-year-old child who has not fought like Harry, it may be true that he will be easily defeated by the two of them because attacking him physically is the most effective way to defeat Jerry right now in this state.

However, Jerry is not only not a child but also has some experience in fighting. Even in the past two years of leisure time, he learned pretty much fighting practices for a close-quarter combat.

In less than two minutes, Voldemort’s souls had become so weak that they couldn’t even stand up under the attack of Jerry, who had completely pushed them in terms of both strength, speed, and skill.

“Wait, wait, wait!”

Seeing Jerry’s fist attacking again, Voldemort’s main and diary soul simultaneously opened their mouths to request a truce.

Looking at Voldemort’s soul have been somewhat transparent, Jerry withdrew his fist and then closed his eyes to transfer his spirit to the outside.

Back in the real world, he just walked to the second floor. Jerry’s eyes slowly opened, and then he raised his hand to do the soul-sucking magic. This is magic that can suck the soul out of the physical body. He can suck out the evil souls that possess other people and the souls that rush into their spirit world.

When fighting with Morgana in the world of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Balthazar uses this magic to suck out the soul of Morgana in the spirit world of his lover Veronica. Under the magic, Voldemort’s soul was forcibly sucked out of Jerry’s spirit world.


Opening the innermost one in the doll, the soul was unable to resist the power and was finally put inside. Just as Voldemort was sealed, Jerry also heard a voice from his mouth.

“Damn, I didn’t think I was actually stupid when I was young.”

If the diary’s soul hadn’t brought Jerry, he would have waited for a while longer, and then he could have gone out to see if he could find a Death Eater and find a way to resurrect it with a regeneration potion.

He sealed the main soul of Voldemort. Jerry immediately cast the soul-sucking magic again to Voldemort’s diary soul to be sucked out.

“You hide it really well. You tricked everyone, and now it seems that Dumbledore does not kill the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, but you!” Looking at Jerry in front of him, he finally puzzled through the clues together.

In fact, he is not wrong. He also watched Jerry’s life at Hogwarts for a year. Jerry did not just lie to him but to everyone. No one knew that Jerry was so powerful, and most thought that Jerry was an extremely good Slytherin and a gifted Quidditch Seeker. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to drop his guard on Jerry so easily.

“Good, you figured that out. Dumbledore himself did not deal with the Basilisk, and I have taken it in for myself. Even Professor Quirrel, in the first year, was actually killed by me. I have long known that you are Voldemort’s Horcruxes, and I also know where the others are, like the diadem, locket, etc.”

Jerry ambled down to look at the young Voldemort, the corners of his mouth gradually raised. “How’s that, surprised”

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