In the Great Forest of Albania.

Jerry held the diary in his hand, controlling the quill with a writing spell to communicate with Voldemort’s soul on it while flying slowly in the forest with a flight spell. Yesterday he promised Voldemort to come to the forest. Early this morning, he Apparated at the Greek border and then went to the Albanian Forest.

“Are you sure that the Slytherin treasure is around here?”

“Yes, two hundred meters further ahead, there is a big tree. The location of that big tree is where Slytherin’s hidden treasure.” The notebook Voldemort quickly replied.

Jerry laughed and did not reveal it too much. He went to the location of the tree. However, Voldemort is now the only soul left in the forest to survive. But it’s Voldemort. It does not mean that he is not necessarily a threat.

This is the place where Voldemort used to study dark magic. It is also Voldemort’s former secret base. After graduating, he also stayed here for a short period of time. It could be said that there might be traps here.

At this time, in the sky above Jerry, twelve robot soldiers flew stealthily while the long-range machine guns and rocket launchers aimed at the possible enemies around Jerry.

In the rear, about four or five hundred meters behind Jerry, Maw, and Obsidian also trailed stealthily in the rear, ready to come up to support. These are the preparations Jerry made in advance before entering the forest.

He believed that let alone Voldemort’s soul, this lineup was enough to deal with him even if Voldemort was at its peak.

“Muggle Repelling Spell?”

After flying a distance, Jerry became aware of the traces of the spell before him and saw the big three that Voldemort said. That is really a “big” tree. Visual estimation of its diameter alone is estimated to be more than ten meters, standing on a small hill.

“Put me next to the tree.” The diary revealed a line of words.

Jerry complied and went forward to place the diary next to the tree. The sound of a snake whispering came out from the diary.

With the sound of a snake whispering, which originally looked very normal tree, its surface actually began to gradually change. The bark of the tree slowly receded, and a wooden door painted with a variety of poisonous snake patterns appeared on the surface of the tree.

Jerry saw the narrowed eyes, picked up the diary again, carefully pushed open the door, and walked in. Behind the door is a tunnel carved with snake carvings. Through the long tunnel, the space immediately opened up. Grass, trees, lakes, and houses instantly appeared.

Apparently, the center of this big tree has long been hollowed out by Voldemort with magic, and the space was expanded with the Extension Charm, making it a secret base as big as two soccer fields.

“With that boat by the lake, you can go to the house in the middle of the lake. The Slytherin treasure is in that house.”

The diary quickly revealed a line of handwriting, and Jerry looked at the handwriting on the diary and raised his eyebrows. He seems to have guessed what’s inside but did not refute it. He stepped toward the boat side.

At this time, the diary of Voldemort saw Jerry was not hesitant towards the boat. Although the diary is just Voldemort’s soul while he was young, before being handed to the Malfoys, it was in the hands of Voldemort, so of course, the power carries over.

Jerry took a step across to the boat, then cranked the oars on the boat and began to slowly float toward the house in the middle of the lake. If he expected correctly, Voldemort should be possessed by an animal hiding in the middle of the lake house to his side.

Sure enough, just when the boat was about to reach the shore, a dozen pairs of hands that were soaked miserably reached out from the lake all at once and grabbed the edge of the boat. The diary in Jerry’s hand also seemed to be summoned by something and suddenly broke away from Jerry and flew toward the house’s second floor.


Seeing those hands that firmly grasped the small boat, Jerry was not surprised in the least but got up and released a flight spell.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the flight spell had failed. Then he used Apparate, but it also failed.

Apparently, at the location of this lake, someone had carved the anti-disapparition jinx spell.

A pair of big white wings on Jerry’s back opened up, and then with a light flap, he flew ignoring the jinx spell. The spell laid out here could only target the flight spell of this world, but not Jerry’s improved flight spell that used his wings to fly.

With a wave of his hand, ten huge fire dragons appeared out of thin air and burned those Inferius that emerged from the lake below. He remembered that in the movie, Dumbledore and Harry went to look for Salazar Slytherin’s locket. It was the same kind of trap.

He did not cast Dumbledore’s Firestorm Spell, but his own Fire Dragon Spell to fend off those Inferius. Besides, he was not alone.

Jerry had just used the fire dragon spell to fend off several Inferiuses, and the twelve robot soldiers that came in right after Jerry also activated the machine guns on their shoulders and the rocket launchers on their backs at the same time.

In addition, Maw appeared to control the trees and stones in space, turning them into sharp weapons to attack back and forth the Inferius, and Obsidian stood on the shore with his weapon to sweep the Inferius that came ashore.

“You guys are really fast.” Jerry laughed and did not say anything more but went toward the house in the middle of the lake.

At this time, the diary, which had already rejoined with the main soul of Voldemort, looked at the scene happening outside the window and was stunned. Voldemort’s soul looked at his younger self in the diary and was speechless.

“This is the physical body you prepared for me?”

“Don’t be deceived by this kid, but his soul is already weak. Once we make a move, it should not be a big problem.”

Voldemort was hesitant about it at this point, but he might take the chance of combining his body, given it’s just a kid.

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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