Six weeks later. With the complete ancient Greek architecture and a marble-built hotel, Jerry is using a writing spell to control a quill pen while writing several letters.

The first letter was written to Hermione and her parents, who went to France a few days ago, using the local owl post office to send her a few magic books he had bought. Although these books are Jerry’s, he still intended to write a letter back to express his gratitude and sent back a few books of magic he bought from the Greek magic street.

He intended to send Hermione a gift. He studied Greek magic after this period of time have insights into the production of the pocket Ring of Merlin. Its appearance is a beautiful necklace, but the central stone of the necklace was engraved with a small Ring of Merlin. You need to put a small magic in it, and the effect will appear.

Of course, the production of such a necklace is not a simple thing, and the effect has been proportionally reduced. It uses the same principle of magic and technology but in a very complex way. Even it took him a whole week to make one.

Harry and the others didn’t get one because he didn’t have the time for it. Part of the reason is that he wants to verify his magic theory and conjecture before taking the time to do it out in batches.

The second letter was sent to Harry because Harry’s birthday was coming up in a few days. He knew from Ron that Harry had been locked up at home and couldn’t go anywhere.

He sent Harry a few of his hand-made magic props that can be used for some pranks. He also deliberately adds the magic that he learned from Voldemort to hide his magic fluctuations, so the Ministry of Magic will not discover it.

The third letter was sent to Ron, Ron’s father, Arthur Weasley, that had won the annual “Daily Prophet” award some time ago. The prize was a full seven hundred gold galleons. So the family took a trip to Egypt together and stopped by to see their oldest son, Bill, who works as a Curse Breaker.

He wrote to congratulate him and then sent him some special snacks from this side of Greece.

The last letter was written to Snape, telling Snape this time in the Greek side of the experience, while he collected some of the only herbs here as a gift sent over. The main thing is that he bought a lot of seeds of rare herbs at a low price and threw them in the suitcase space with his magic to produce a large number of them.

Tom recommended him the place called Mykonos Island. He also took the time to go there.

He caught a Chimaera and threw it into the suitcase. He went to some black market in Greek to buy a three-headed dog, a sphinx, etc., and put it in the suitcase where Sun Lok would take care of raising it. Jerry has returned his ring so that he use magic again in the suitcase.

The main thing is that during this period of time, the two get along. Sun Lok has been behaving very well, and the suitcase also has Maw and Obsidian, so Jerry doesn’t have to worry about anything. Having seen Jerry’s strength today, he won’t dare to do such a thing anymore.

The most important thing is the study of Greek magic after this month and a half. He has made some progress in magic and has begun to do the preparation of writing magic books.

Although he’s not as strong as Dumbledore, he will try one because he was in contact with three other magic systems, so his overall magic knowledge of his is no less than the world’s renowned magic book author.

He is now ready to combine the magic theory of this world to be written into a magic book and then get it published. These magic books will not have specific magic but will involve some new theories that are not available in this world. He would use this to enhance his reputation in this world.

Just being a talented Quidditch player was no longer enough to satisfy him, and with his current strength, he could actually go ahead and pave something for the future.

Of course, trying to write a magic book that wasn’t abrupt and echoed this world’s magic theory so that any wizard in sight could understand it wasn’t that simple. It’s like learning a high school textbook and getting a hundred percent on the test. But it doesn’t matter. He can take his time.

“What’s going on? Why haven’t you opened your diary to communicate with me for over a month and go to the Albanian Forest?” As soon as Jerry opened Voldemort’s diary, a line filled with a questioning tone was immediately revealed inside.

Jerry did not open the diary since the last time he arrived at the Leaky Cauldron.

“Don’t get too excited. I have been traveling to Greece this month. I forgot about it, but we will go to the Albanian forest tomorrow.” Jerry smiled and wrote in his diary.

Voldemort, in the diary, silent for a while, only replied, “good” and there was no further response.

Jerry obviously felt that Voldemort is angry right now. He was worried and was left in the diary for more than forty days while Jerry was outside enjoying his vacation, which made him forget about it.

He can now only secretly gnash his teeth in the diary and go to the Albanian forest tomorrow. He will find a way to take Jerry’s soul and then occupy his physical body.

After so long, he has long had a method to combine his soul to occupy Jerry’s physical body forcefully. Although Jerry has never trusted him, he always carries the diary and also brings him to learn a lot of dark magic.

As long as he learns magic with him, it is bound to produce trust for magic, and he can take the opportunity to attach his soul to Jerry’s body quietly.

When the time comes, under the fusion of the two, he will be able to force enter Jerry’s body to the fullest. He is just a thirteen-year-old wizard. How strong can his soul and spirit be?

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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