The capital of Greece, the Ministry of Magic in Athens.

“Welcome to Athens!”

The scene in Jerry’s eyes had changed dramatically, he disappeared from a room constructed of brick walls and wooden floors and then landed in a columnar room constructed entirely of marble.

“Thanks!” Looking at the young Greek witch in front of him, who was wearing a completely different style of the robe from London, Jerry nodded politely.

Because he was coming to Greece to travel, he spent some time in advance learning the Greek language. Although it is not perfect but it’s decent for normal communication.

He needed to use some red stars in order to learn Greek proficiently, unlike Dumbledore, not only proficient in the language of each country but also proficient in the language of each different magic race. He really is a genius.

The Greek wizard’s robe is different from the London wizard’s robe, which is a half-shoulderless Clematis short cape-type jacket, it looks like a typical Greek mythological robe worn by Greek Gods.

“Please go out, turn to your right, and go down to the third-floor hall for confirmation.” Under the witch’s enthusiastic guidance, Jerry left the Portkey office and came to a marble staircase that was spinning continuously.

The entire Greek Ministry of Magic did not look as big as the British Ministry of Magic or the French Ministry of Magic, and there were only five floors in total. Perhaps the number of Greek wizards today is the main reason.

Its architectural style is more on the Greek mythology architectural style. Almost all are composed of white marble, there are many carved with a variety of magical animals on the large pillars.

The floors inside the Ministry of Magic in Greece are not the kind of fixed up-and-down magic elevator used in London, but similar to the kind of escalators in shopping malls. But it uses magic that is composed of marble stairs flowing between each floor.

Jerry is now in the Portkey office on the fourth floor, so he only has to go down one floor. It may be summer vacation, and more people are visiting Greece. When Jerry arrived at the lobby registration desk, a dozen people were in line.

Looking at their clothing, there seemed to be wizards from every country.

After registering in the hall and being informed of a few rules for wizards that he had to follow in Athens, Jerry followed the guide and left the Greek Ministry of Magic. Before leaving, he bought a pair of maps about the whole of Greece from some Greek wizard who was selling maps in the hall.

It was not an ordinary map. It was a magical map with special places known only to wizards. Just like now, when he came out of the Ministry of Magic, he wanted to find a hotel to stay and stroll around the streets of Greece, he had to use this map.

His plan is to stroll around Greece, understand the magic here, wedge about some of the characteristics of the magical animals here, and then go to Albania to find the main soul of Voldemort.

As for the fate of his diary, he didn’t care much and would just leave it alone. Voldemort’s diary is only from when Voldemort was in the sixth grade, the soul sealed inside is also the sixth-grade Voldemort.

At that time, Voldemort mastered a lot of dark magic, and his strength was very good. But he could not have been stronger compared to the current Voldemort.

So, the remaining value of Voldemort’s diary is only to help him find Voldemort’s remaining soul. The moment he finds Voldemort’s soul, he will seal it in a matryoshka doll.

“I did not expect that this place is a really good place to travel, even in the wizarding world.”

Walking in the streets of Athens, looking at the ancient characteristics of the city of Athens, Jerry felt that even if he did not come over to study magic and just travel, it’s a place that’s worth visiting.

He just followed the instructions of the icons on the magic map while enjoying the scenery and walking towards the street.

Unlike many cities with modern high-rise buildings, in this city, you can see more of the many historical ancient Greek buildings that are scattered in all directions of the city. If you are a wizard, then you can also find many traces of magic left behind from these buildings.

Walking and looking around, Jerry soon followed the map to the center of Athens. The highest point of the city is the Acropolis of Athens. Although it is now in ruins, it is recorded as the highest Greek civilization architecture.

That’s why countless Muggles come here for tourism every year. The Greek magic street is also hidden underneath the Acropolis, or rather hidden in the Acropolis Hill.

Hundreds of tourists flocked to the Acropolis junction to buy tickets. According to the instructions on the magic map, Jerry walked to a path and came to a clear pond under the mountain. Jerry can obviously feel that the pond is releasing some Muggle Repelling Spell.

On the left and right side of the pond, near the mountain, stood two spartan warriors carved in marble, more than three meters tall. According to the instructions on the magic map, Jerry needs to input a wave of magic power into the pond’s water.

Stimulated by the magic, the two Spartan warriors who originally stood still woke up. They stretched out their arms, opened a tunnel, and a crack inside it was revealed.

This is the entrance to the Greek magic street. Jerry did not hesitate and immediately stepped into the tunnel.

When Jerry disappeared in the tunnel, the mountain and the pond again returned to their original state, and the two Spartan stone sculptures closed their eyes.

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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