Two days later, in New York, one in the morning.

A black van quietly arrived outside at a villa entrance. Inside the van were six men who were heavily armed.

“Remember, the target of this mission is a family of three inside. Try not to hurt them, just use a tranquilizer gun to knock and quietly take them away.” The man at the head of the group ordered.

“Yes, sir!” The remaining five men responded in unison.

They are the elite of the elite, and they have carried out countless dangerous missions. Taking out this family of three is an easy task.

“Do not be careless, once the mission is completed, evacuate immediately.”

The leading officer is not as calm as his five men because he knows that although the three people in this are ordinary people, they have a family member who is so powerful that he should be feared; it’s the Wizard.

The Wizard is not at home right now, but there is no guarantee that if they are slow, he will notice something and come over instantaneously.

In the next villa to them.

Jerry opened the panel and tapped the button to travel to the world of Harry Potter. The cooldown had long ended, and he was about to head to the world of Harry Potter.

Throughout his sister’s effort, as well as the results of his last time dealing with Killian and other soldiers. The number of red stars exceeded 200,000, enough for him to stay for a while.

The time froze, Jerry had once again returned to the Leaky Cauldron.

June 15th, 1992.

Seeing that the time was the same as when he left, and Voldemort’s diary was still on the table, he knew that time in the world didn’t change. The following day, Jerry received exit approval from the Ministry of Magic, as well as an entry permit from the Greek Ministry of Magic.

Normal wizards who want to leave their country by regular means need permission from their own country’s Ministry of Magic and the Ministry of Magic of the country they will be entering. Usually, at his age, Jerry would need his parent’s approval to get this kind of permit.

Before the vacation, Jerry sought Snape’s help, and the reason is also very simple. Because they have to write an essay about the history of magic, many young wizards choose to travel abroad this summer, just like Hermione planned to go to France.

Jerry wanted to write the content of the history of magic essay about Greek magic, so he had to apply for a trip to Greece.

However, it is easy for him to get an approval right away. He is not just a young wizard about to be a third year at Hogwarts but also a national Quidditch star player who is now a household name in the British wizarding community.

Why did he choose Greece? Because Albania was next to it.

Why not go directly to Albania instead of Greece? Because Dumbledore knows that the soul of Voldemort is hiding in the forest of Albania. Voldemort was in Albania for a long time, if Jerry directly chose to go to Albania, it would be a bit suspicious.

Voldemort told him to go to Albania about the treasure he mentioned before. But Jerry knew Voldemort was trying to lure him into a trap. He probably wants to seek a way to take his body or wants him to help to get a new body.

Jerry agreed with Voldemort to go to Albania, not to help him. He thinks that with his current strength, he can directly find the main soul of Voldemort and deal with him later.

Also, it’s a good idea to travel to Greece now. In the history of magic, there are a lot of things that happened in magic, especially notable wizards throughout history.

The invincible Andros, who has the same Patronus as Jerry, the first recorded magical animal breeder, and Hagrid’s three-headed dog, was also sold to him by a Greek wizard.

At the same time, there are also many dangerous, powerful, and mysterious magical animals. Seal Voldemort is really just a side thing for him. Jerry’s real purpose is to understand ancient Greek magic, find various powerful magical animals, and then improve his own magic.

“Mr. Carmen, are you really checking out?” Tom heard that Jerry had checked out after only one day, and his face showed a regretful expression.

This is the first time in a long time someone checked in to his inn, and he had hoped that Jerry could bring him a lot of revenue.

“I’m going on a trip to Greece, so yeah.” Jerry smiled and shrugged.

“Oh, Greece? You should try to visit Mykonos, it’s a famous tourist spot. A very beautiful island, but just a little dangerous. I remember that a famous Welsh Quidditch player, I think his name was Dai Llewellyn, was eaten by a Chimaera during his vacation there.” Tom recalled.

“Ehh….” The corners of Jerry’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Ignoring Tom, Jerry went to the fireplace of the Leaky Cauldron, grabbed a handful of Floo powder, and shouted, “Ministry of Magic.”

He certainly will not choose to take a plane which is going to be time-consuming and laborious, just to go to Greece.

Since there is official approval from the Ministry of Magic, he can directly use the Ministry of Magic Portkey and appear directly in Greece’s Ministry of Magic.

Walking out of the glorious fireplace of the Ministry of Magic and through the hall full of wizards. He took the elevator to the seventh floor of the Magic Sports Division to visit his coach and teammates.

Although he only appeared during the game, since he had come to the Ministry of Magic, it would not be right not to pay a visit. After visiting his coach and teammates, he went to the Magic Traffic Division office on the sixth floor.

“Mr. Greengrass, this is the permission visa to the Ministry of Magic in Greece.” Jerry politely handed the visa sent by the Ministry of Magic yesterday to the man in front of him.

Mr. Greengrass took the visa, scanned it, and then looked Jerry up and down with some look, “The last time I saw you was small, and now you have become an adult. Come visit our house sometimes or when you’re back from Greece, Daphne always talks about you at home.”

“I’ll think about it, Mr. Greengrass.” Jerry was a bit embarrassed.

Mr. Greengrass also did not have much to say to him; from a pile of door keys, he took out the Portkey to Greece’s Ministry of Magic.

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Published On: July 11, 2023

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