In this way, it is difficult to find any trace of him. At most, they will probably think that the door had some technical problems. He used magic to unlock the door lock; upon inspection, they will think it has some problems.

This was done because Jerry had anticipated that Fury is going to take some extra steps for security.

“Coulson did not die? No wonder they knew my identity.”

When Jerry entered the room and saw Coulson, he immediately understood that the probability of his true identity had been exposed. Based on the conversation between the two, it seemed that way. The human brain is unique. The Forgetfulness Charm could not completely remove a memory. At best, it could only seal it.

When subjected to strong stimulation, this seal will most likely be broken, thus allowing the spell to fail. When watching the video at the time, Coulson was indeed killed by Ebony Maw. Since Nick Fury saved it with some advanced technology, the spell must have failed.

“Should I just give him a spell?” Looking at the Fury in front of him, Jerry fell into deep thought.

Fury, who was leaning back in his chair at the moment with his eyes closed, suddenly shivered, “Did I catch a cold?”

After thinking about it, he decided it was better to rest in the lounge. The negotiations between him and the World Security Council made him exhausted.

“Ah, forget it.”

He wanted his identity to be kept secret. But the only way to do it, probably right now, is to kill the people that know it. Since relying on the spell would not be effective anymore in ensuring that his identity would not be exposed.

Because people who knew about his identity were probably higher-level agents that had gone through rigorous training, so using the spell against these agents would not completely remove the threat.

Since Nick Fury already knows, that means that there’s a record of the Wizard’s personal information. There is no telling how many people have read the file about him.

It’s too much for him to handle.

Jerry shook his head and Apparated from the spot. If it was before, he might do something rather than hide for as long as possible.

But given his circumstance, it would be bad to make a move now. Although his protection measures for his family have been improved, if someone is really stupid enough to plan to hold his family against him, it will definitely be a bit of trouble.

Now he knows for a fact that they already knew his identity. There’s a positive side to this. If they knew that his family was in danger and somehow magically survived because of some unexplainable things, it must be because of the Wizard’s act, like Haas’ Car and Aisha’s Magic Book.

Also, he knew that Fury was trying to trick Jerry by recruiting him. Jerry knew this now, but Fury didn’t know that Jerry had already found out about it.

Thus, all he has to do right now is prepare everything by himself.


The next morning, the two agents from S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy paid another visit. What surprised them was that Jerry decisively refused today because the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy was in Washington, D.C., and it was too far from his home.

Jerry’s parents obviously respect Jerry’s answer. They are always supportive of Jerry’s choice. In this way, they finally had to give up.

“New York University is in the local area. You can often come back when you have time.” When the two agents from S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy left, and Haas could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy is indeed very good. After the graduation package assignment, wages and benefits in all aspects are very good. But in Haas’ opinion, New York University is also very good. Because Haas also wanted to get close to his son from time to time.

Since Jerry ended up choosing NYU, they fully supported it.


After lunch, Jerry was about to continue reading when the magic mirror at his waist sent out a signal again.

“Huh, Thor wants to see me.” Seeing that Thor, who had not contacted him for some time, suddenly looked for him, Jerry also showed a surprised look.

He went back to his room to open the mirror. Jerry saw a somewhat drunk Thor in the mirror.

“Jerry, are you free to come over and drink with me?”


As the son of Odin and the future king of Asgard, Jerry felt that he could still spare a little time to spare some time with him. Apart from his intelligence, Thor had quite a few good characteristics and was very suitable as a friend.

Jerry believes that if he really clashes with S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor is definitely on his side, while the others are not guaranteed that they’ll do.

In Manhattan, Thor had drunk a lot of beer. Passerby will take out a cell phone to him to take a picture, or a child may come forward to ask for an autograph.

After the battle of New York, Thor has been famous. He no longer lives in secret, and when he is bored, he often walks around the area, and everyone is used to it.

Jerry’s figure appeared next to Thor’s.

“What happened? A bit unusual than your typical appearance.” After Jerry came to Thor through the mirror, he smiled, patted his shoulder, and sat opposite him.

Most of the time, Thor is quite happy and especially likes to show their hormones. But now he looks different.

Thor handed Jerry a beer, “Jane and I fought. I will soon return to Asgard for a while. If you want to go to Asgard, I may not be able to bring you. But if you want to go there, you can directly call out Heimdall. I’ll tell him later, and he’ll open the bridge to pick you up.”

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