Christmas is here. Jerry returned to his family villa, where Haas and the others are living together. The number of red stars he has accumulated today is already 200,000. After accompanying his family this Christmas, Jerry planned to go to the world of Harry Potter again to study and learn time magic.

“Aisha, I want to eat spicy chicken!”

Inside Aisha’s room, the dragon heard her that she was about to eat dinner and quickly circled around Aisha. Since it was born, for some reason, it likes to eat spicy food very much. Especially a spicy chicken made by Jerry.

“I know, I know. I will give you a little bit later.”

Aisha scratched her head, writing about the Christmas gift her brother gave herself two days ago, “The Great Collection of Mathematics for School Students”.

He said this book is what he used to pass the exam. All the math problems were carefully selected, and she spent a lot of effort hoping that in just two weeks, her semester would end. Since Christmas, she has not been in a very happy mood.

She was thinking about pursuing justice with her magic, but she had a math exam to be taken care of. Her brother stared at her every day to do math problems, and she had little time to sneak out to do some superhero action.

What’s more unfortunate is that none of the magic in her book can help her with math problems either, and even the dragon can’t solve math problems.

“Aisha, who are you talking to?” At this time, Jerry suddenly pushed the door and looked in with a puzzled face.

“No one. It’s just that this problem is too difficult, and I don’t know, that’s why I’m talking to myself.” Aisha hurriedly got up to block the dragon’s figure and explained to Jerry.

Jerry pretended to be so, laughed, and said, “Ah, it’s okay. Well, I won’t help you, but it’s time for you to eat now.”

“Okay, brother, I’ll clean up and go out right away.” Aisha said with a smile.

Jerry nodded and closed the door again. During this period of time, probably out of the excitement of just becoming a superhero, Aisha went out to do some action a little too often. It has seriously affected her study, and her math is getting worse and worse.

Jerry felt that this is not good, although he has gained some red stars, but Aisha’s academic performance is also very important.

Jerry gathered all the mathematical knowledge of primary and secondary schools in his previous life and present life, and then used his magic to create a magic book called “The Great Collection of Mathematics for School Students”.

This “The Great Collection of Mathematics for School Students” is actually a magic book, and its magic effect is that as long as you read the question carefully, it will help the person solve the equations more efficiently.

With this, Aisha can proficiently study math more efficiently and keep on getting red stars for Jerry.

After eating, Haas is lying on the couch with his head in the sand, Belle is cleaning up the dishes, and Jerry is watching some biologist’s online video instruction on his tablet.

“What’s Aisha doing in her room with half a plate of spicy chicken?” Haas caught sight of Aisha finishing her meal and taking half a plate of leftover spicy chicken from the fridge and couldn’t help but mutter to Jerry.

Jerry laughed at this, “Maybe she didn’t eat enough and wanted to go to her room to eat slowly.”

“Is that so? I always feel that Aisha is always secretive in recent times. I don’t even know who she is talking to lately.”

“Nah, I think it’s just that she talks more alone to get herself more focused. Not that she found someone special or anything.” He knew that Aisha was not on the phone with anyone, but she was talking to the dragon he had created.

However, parents were very much interested if their children had someone special that they always talked to because early love interests them.

As far as he knows, Haas and Aisha’s deceased mother also fell in love in junior high school, then continued to high school, and finally married just after graduating college. So both Haas and Aisha’s mother are the kind of couple who got their early love.

However, he can’t blame Haas for it. Jerry was in junior high school for only one year and saw several students had already found their partners. If Aisha really has a boyfriend in school, he might be as cautious as Haas.

“Well, she is most likely a bit rebel-ish due to her phase at this age. You’re probably someone she would talk to about something secret.”

Haas nodded, “Of course, the exception would be in your case. You’re in high school, so if you get a girlfriend, I’m not against it.”

“Alright then.”

Boys and girls are treated differently, he is actually just a year older than Aisha according to the age on his ID card, but looking at Haas, he doesn’t object to him having a girlfriend. Perhaps, in the eyes of Haas, Jerry is already mature, and he is no different than adults, especially now Jerry in height has not have too much difference from him.

If Jerry fell in love when he became an adult, Haas could have grandchildren.

“By the way, Jerry. I see that you have been reading biology-related books. Is it that you plan to be a biologist in the future?”

“Yes, I am currently interested in this field. Oh, I have finished my high school knowledge on my own, and if there is no accident, I will apply for admission to several universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, and Columbia in February.”

“All the various exams required for admission were already taken last semester, and get my transcripts. So it shouldn’t be a big problem.” Jerry nodded and told Haas about his plan.

Although most of his energy was spent on studying magic, he hadn’t missed out on his school-related classes and had even taken time to take the various required exams for college applications while getting extremely good grades.

Plus, there were letters of recommendation from the principal of Midtown High School and teachers. So as long as he applied for it, it wouldn’t be any problem where he would get accepted.

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Published On: July 7, 2023

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