At this time, Aisha saw the thief running across the street. Not only was she not afraid of it, but she also showed a look of excitement.

“Since we can’t find the remaining tiles for the time being, let’s fight crime like the Wizard!”

Ever since the Wizard appeared, Aisha immediately became her biggest fan, and even when she first started middle school and began to say goodbye to middle school, her idol has never changed.

Now that she has become the newest magical book master and can use magic. Of course, she wants to learn about her idol fighting criminals and become a superhero that everyone admires.

Backing up to a corner where no one was around, Aisha took off the key of the seal hanging on her chest and began to recite the incantation, “O’ key that hides the power of darkness, show your true power before me! Now in the name of your master, I command you to lift the seal!”

After a burst of light, the seal instantly transformed into a magnificent wand. At the same time, Jerry has been stealthy like a house elf. He can get all angles of her acts in video throughout the subway.

This is the first time she will do something like this, and this needs to be taken on camera.

“Cover your face!” Seeing that Aisha was about to rush out with her wand, the dragon hurriedly reminded.

“Oh, right, right!” Aisha then remembered that she forgot to cover her face, and hurriedly took out her long-prepared magical girl mask from her school bag and put it on her face.

In order to prevent her real identity was discovered, affecting her father, brother, and Belle, she almost forgot about it because it was her first time. Aisha has prepared a mask that can hide her face. Just now, because it was her first time, she almost forgot about it.

“Stand still. I am here to represent justice. Put the bag you grabbed on the ground, or I will take action with my own magic!”

Aisha stood in the middle of the subway exit, turned the wand in her hand, crossed it in front of her chest, and said the line she had prepared beforehand.

The thief looked at the eleven or twelve-year-old girl with a mask trying to stop him. He could not help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

“Get lost, little girl. Did you really think you’re The Wizard?”

Since the emergence of wizards, thieves like him have become more and more difficult to do their operations. In the past, they preyed on the dark roadside and remote alleys every night. They can obtain a lot of loot stolen from others at that time window.

But now, he does not dare to strike at night. Afraid that the sky suddenly shot a magic light, he was stunned in place, the police came to arrest him, and he’ll be thrown in jail for years. Several of his colleagues have gone in this way.

Therefore, he does not dare to steal at night and can only risk doing it in the daytime, like now. When there are fewer people, they will aim for someone that’s really vulnerable and an easy target.

The thief did not hesitate to push her away to the side, fled the subway entrance, and ran into the nearby alley that had been surveyed.

However, things are not as simple as he imagined.

He saw the little girl quickly pull out a small wooden block from her pocket, then bounced up like a coin. The magnificent wand in her hand flicked on the block and shouted, “Wind!”

A greenish wind instantly flew out from that wooden block, directly blowing the thief up and hitting the top of the subway ceiling hard. He was entangled in that wind and then fell hard on the ground.

Just with two hits, the thief instantly fainted.

“Look at that!” Retracting the Mahjong, Aisha couldn’t resist spinning in place and posing another pose that she thought was very much in line with her magical girl status.

This is the first time she uses magic in action. She felt that this is a really good feeling like a dream come true. It was still very different from practicing by herself in the villa.

The onlookers on the subway were attracted by the scene and pulled out their phones. The woman that lost her bag also chased over to retrieve the bag from the hands of the thief and thanked Aisha.

“Shift!” Aisha hastily pulled out another tile from her pocket, waved her wand, and her whole figure disappeared in the same place.

Jerry made twenty pieces of Mahjong. Although Clow cards and the tiles are basically similar, in the process of making, he also added some of his own magical theory.

For example, the Shift tile is not only limited to moving a person’s body but also integrates the characteristics of Apparition and can take the caster to move away from the spot instantly.

However, in order to prevent his sister from using magic indiscriminately or using magic too often, others. Jerry lets the dragon inform his sister that there will be some limitations.

“Those pose do familiar. It’s like the pose that she always uses when playing with Anne and the others.” At this time, Jerry put away the camera, a smile that could not help but appear on his face.

“I guess I’ll save this video for later. Because this is simply an unforgettable memory.”

He apparated to his villa and opened his panel. Sure enough, if he expected, his red stars gained a certain amount of growth. As for why there was a sudden increase of fifteen red stars, it was due to the fact that Aisha had just used the Carmen Book to do a good deed and catch a thief who had stolen something.

Jerry creates the Carmen Book, and its real owner is Jerry. Aisha doesn’t have magic. Jerry gave her the right to use the Carmen Book so that she could normally use them to cast the corresponding magic.

Therefore, Aisha used the Carmen Book to do good deeds. Jerry can get some red stars from it because it works as a medium that Jerry himself casts the magic to do good deeds.

This is actually one of the reasons Jerry created The Carmen Book. Not only because he wanted to help his sister fulfill her dream and let her have the ability to protect herself but also to let his sister work for him so that he could have more time to study magic.

After all, it is now somewhat uneconomical for him to devote his time to dealing with common criminals. But it’ll be worthwhile given his passive earning, getting red stars without having to do anything.

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