“Sorry, I forgot about it!” At this time, Jerry’s voice suddenly sounded behind Rhodes and Tony.

“It’s okay. I mean, that’s probably the only way you’ll get rid of the enemy quickly.” Rhodes quickly waved his hand to indicate that it was fine.

He forgot that the Wizard could also use teleportation magic. He was still high in the air and teleported unexpectedly behind them. However, why is the Wizard always teleport behind them rather than teleporting in front of them? Which always makes them startled.

It’s like someone always likes to hide behind a door, around the corner, and suddenly jump out to scare people.

“It’s okay. I’ll make you a new one once we’re back.” At this point, Tony opened his mouth to comfort him.

He made the first original design of the suit itself, so of course, he would know how to create a new one. Although the previous one has been modified by someone else, he would make a new and better one for Rhodes.

“Ah, you don’t need to do that.”

This time Jerry laughed, waved his hand at the wreckage of the ship in the sea, and recited a spell, “Accio War Machine.”

Five seconds later, a wrecked or can be called a mass of scrap metal, far from the sea, flew out and landed in front of the three.

“Reparo!” Jerry once again cast magic on the scrap of War Machine. In just a few seconds, it was restored to a brand-new appearance.

A lightning bolt struck on the brand new War Machine, and the power was instantly replenished.

“There you go!” Jerry turned his head to Rhodes.

At this time, Rhodes was stunned by his skill set of magic operations of Jerry. Although he had just seen it once on the cruise ship, now this series of magical magic still made him in awe. Even if the world’s best engineer here saw this set of magic done by the Wizard, they were willing to bow down to Jerry.

“Thank you, thank you!” Rhodes spoke excitedly.

Tony is not surprised. Jerry can repair his suit like this several times.

“It seems that the police and the army are about to come. I’ll leave it up to you guys!” Hearing the sound of sirens in the distance, as well as the appearance of ships and fighter jets in the air, Jerry disappeared.

Time went back to Washington half an hour ago.

After talking to the president, the vice president immediately mobilized the naval, land, and air forces and police near the Floridian state and launched a siege on all fronts to Killian’s lair. He himself quickly went to the White House and the President, who had already arrived in Air Force One.

Given what he just saw, Killian and his disposable army. He had some doubts that it would work that even the army itself was sent to Killian’s Base. That’s why he was worried that relying on the Wizard and Iron Man alone might not necessarily wipe out Killian and all his soldiers.

But when reporting to the president, he gave credit to the Wizard and Iron Man for all the sources of information he knew. This way, in case something goes wrong and a rogue soldier tells the truth, he can completely deny it. It is also a way for him to gain ranks in the political world.

“Have the troops arrived yet?” Inside the White House, the president and vice president, who were heavily guarded, were talking on video with the general who was on this mission.

And on the other end of the video, the general reported, “The Navy and Air Force are currently three kilometers away from their destination, and the Army is five kilometers away. They were about to arrive at the destination.”

“Good. Remember to cooperate with Iron Man, The Wizard, and Iron Patriot when you arrive to wipe out that group of terrorists.”

The terrorist attacks that have been broadcast live during this period of time have made him quite a headache. At that moment, an urgent report from a soldier suddenly came from the other end of the video.

“Reporting! There is a powerful tornado in the destination ahead. Our fleet can not continue to move forward!”

“Tornado, are you kidding?” The general revealed an unbelievable look.

“General, five fighter jets were likewise unable to approach because of the tornado. They have a video to be shown that they captured.”

Immediately after that, the president, vice president, and the general watched the live video of Jerry spreading his angel-like wings and casting out a tornado in the air, destroying the ship and all the soldiers.

That’s when the vice president finally understood why the Wizard left. In the eyes of the Wizard, Killian, and his soldiers really is nothing.


At the same time, Washington S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

“Barton, can you be sure that this is the real appearance of the wizard you saw that time in New Mexico?”

Fury took Jerry’s photo and placed it in front of Barton, who had completed his memory recovery training. Barton looked at the photo of Jerry, nodded affirmatively, and said the same experience as when Coulson reported earlier.

On the side, Coulson looked at Fury and asked, “Director, since the identity of the Wizard has been confirmed, what are you going to do?”

Fury smiled and fell into silence. Because of this question, he also did not know how to answer. Out of all the members of the Avengers, the Wizard is the one that’s very difficult to control.

Barton and Natasha are originally S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and accept his orders completely. Because Carter is the creator of S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve moved to Washington D.C., to accept his orders to complete the appropriate tasks.

Tony is powerful but weak if he doesn’t use his armor.

Hulk is uncontrollable, but Dr. Banner is a person who can be controlled and is now working with S.H.I.E.L.D. to study to see if he can find a cure for himself. After turning into the Hulk, Natasha’s job is to calm him until he transforms back to normal.

As for Thor, his identity is cleared. He’s not much of a big-brainer, but he’ll easy to be asked for cooperation.

Only the Wizard, not only powerful but shows a bit of suspicion towards S.H.I.E.L.D’s side by not giving him his full identity.

Now, they finally accidentally cracked the Wizard’s true identity. Now they need to find the right move not to provoke the Wizard’s action.

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