The figure with a pair of angel wings was no other than Jerry, who had developed a new Flight Magic to come from the villa where The Mandarin lived.

He was at the vice president’s manor. After healing Alice’s disability with the magic potion, he returned to the roof of the building where the Portkey was stored with Apparition and used the Portkey to return to the vicinity of the villa in Florida.

After returning to Florida, he immediately cast his new Flight Magic and rushed toward the location. Upon arrival, just in time to see the scene of Tony being stripped of his upper body and being toppled by Killian, he couldn’t resist making a joke.

“If you’re late by a minute, you might not have seen me again.” Tony was finally relieved to see Jerry appear.

Although his iron legion is still on the way, when the Wizard arrives, at least his and Rhodes’ safety is no longer a problem.

“If you intervene, I’ll kill both of you right now.”

The Wizard is powerful, but at this time, Killian is also bursting with self-confidence. He thinks that the Wizard could be defeated since Jerry is alone and Killian has at least fifty soldiers around him.

Jerry directly put away his wings and instantly appeared in front of Killian’s face.

“Wind!” With a wave of his hand, a greenish wind with a powerful force instantly blew Killian backward and smashed hard on the container on the cruise ship.

“Reparo!” With another wave of the hand, Tony’s suit was once again restored to its previous condition.

“Get Rhodes first!” Tony got up and said to Jerry.

Jerry nodded. His figure disappeared once again and reappeared behind Rhodes. By fusing the magic principle of the Dash card, Jerry’s Apparition is now not only much faster when activated.

These Extremis soldiers transformed by the serum, they obviously do not understand any spatial principles and can not detect spatial fluctuations. When they perceived Jerry coming behind Rhodes, Jerry had already brought Rhodes back again next to Tony.

“Take Rhodes away, I’ll take care of it here with my new magic.” Looking at Killian with fifty soldiers rushing aggressively towards this side, Jerry said to Tony, who was also holding Rhodes in the air.

“New magic?” Tony looked at him without thinking any further, dragged Rhodes, and flew to the side.

Using his newly improved Fire Dragon Spell might not be effective because those soldiers might have some immunity toward a flame.

Ascending to high altitude, Jerry closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and began to mobilize his magic power in large quantities. He stood motionless for about three seconds before violently opening his eyes.

At once, a huge tornado began to take shape below Jerry.

The powerful tornado with storm instantly descended on the ship below, and slowly swept the entire ship, as well as all the soldiers and hired soldiers. It is a card with the combination of The Windy card and the Rain card, with causes a big storm and gust of wind to be instantly summoned.

The way it is presented is like a raging tornado. Under the strong twisting of the tornado, in no time, the whole ship was completely destroyed and turned into various pieces.

The soldiers in the center of the tornado were even worse. At first, they were just swept up in mid-air by the tornado, but after a while, when the ship was destroyed into pieces, they were like meat in a meat grinder, instantly strangled into mush by the pieces.

In the end, only Killian uses his body constantly emitting hot flames to melt the approaching debris and then relies on a level of self-healing ability to barely able to hold until the tornado ends.

Jerry saw the situation once again and recited the incantation towards the air. A big thunder immediately appeared from the cloud above the tornado straight down, precisely hitting Killian, who was struggling to maintain his balance.

“Argh!” Killian, who was struck by lightning, had a look of horror in his eyes and then let out a desperate roar.

A lightning attack obviously can not kill him, but it can make him fell in a state of paralysis.

Sure enough, the defensive flame emanating from Killian’s body instantly disappeared when lightning struck him. He was also strangled into flesh paste by the countless fragments in the tornado.

High in the air, Jerry watched the entire ship and all the people on board disappear under his magic and then withdrew his magic with satisfaction. Although this kind of wide range of attack magic is a bit magic intensive, it has been proven to be very effective against enemies like these.

“That is not magic. That’s just a chaotic natural disaster.” On the shore, Rhodes watched Jerry use the Tornado to destroy the entire ship and all the soldiers. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Tornadoes are natural disasters that, even until the current technological development, we can’t stop when a tornado appears and destroys the environment. But the Wizard can use magic to invoke tornadoes like this is just terrifying.

“I don’t know why. I suddenly don’t feel anxious now.” At this time, Tony opened his suit’s mask and murmured a sentence.

Since the battle of New York, he was very anxious about the alien invasion. He was constantly making and improving his iron suit.

But now, seeing that the Wizard can easily summon a natural disaster like a tornado, the strength seems much stronger than the New York battle. He suddenly feels that the aliens aren’t that worrisome anymore.

His iron legion is still on the way, and the Wizard has solved things in less than a minute.

He believed that if there really were another alien invasion like the last one, the Wizard alone would be able to give the enemy an unimaginably heavy blow, and they would be just supporting him from a distance.

“Ah! My War Machine!” At this time, Rhodes just remembered that his suit was also in that ship. According to the current situation, it is estimated that it is also turned into scrap metal.

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Published On: July 6, 2023

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